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Affordable Animal Emergency - 25 Reviews - 22221 S Vermont Ave, Torrance, CA - Veterinary Services Reviews - Phone (310) 781-1434

Affordable Animal Emergency

22221 S Vermont Ave
Torrance, CA 90502
(310) 781-1434
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Affordable Animal Emergency - Torrance, CA


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I have been going to Affordable for the last two years. I am always greeted with a smile. The vets and assistants are extremely compassionate with all three of my animals. I would...


Although I was not pleased with the diagnosis and cost of the examination, I am happy to report that this veterinarian offered to reimburse me half of the cost, which I feel is fa...

Lg 4/8/2013

I agree with Jenny. There is one really good doctor and the rest are test pushers. I took my elder cat in with seizures and paid too much after talking with a vet student who wanted to do a million tests and couldn't defend the costs so I didn't do half of them. No conclusion after the tests but I got to talk and see that really great vet who answered all my questions and couldn't figure out why the tests done were necessary. Love that doctor but it is hit and miss on what you get.but at least the place doesn't stink to high heaven like the place next door Jensen's Animal Hospital. more

Not to be trusted 11/27/2011

I will keep this very simple. I asked for a quote to treat my dogs serious medical condition. I needed to make a tough decision. Should I treat my dog or put him down. These were my only choices at the time. I was given two quotes. A high and low estimate. Based on these quotes, I decided to go ahead with surgery. After successful treatment of my dog and I was told that treatment went without a hitch. I picked up my dog and my bill. They exceeded my High estimate by over six hundred dollars. The on duty staff apologized for such a big difference and said that the on duty Vet should have gave me a higher quote. Low estimate was $2,100, I payed $3,500. I have used other emergency clinics in the past and I have no problem with the high bills if I'm quoted honestly. I will never use this clinic again and suggest you don't either. My advice is to look up all your emergency clinics phone numbers in your area and program those numbers in your phone before an emergency happens. I wouldn't reco more

2 vets, one good, other bad! 11/6/2011

be aware this vet clinic has many vets!! \r I gave 4 stars because of the first vet who saw my dog first!\r \r \r \r My dog was sick for 2 days not eating and weak, the vet I met first( bald and NO glasses!) told me it's possible upset stomach and intestine or some other possibilities and told me my dog needs fluids and blood work and need to stay for the night. this vet was very thorough and took the time to examine my dog and answer my questions and not pushing at all.\r I refused to do blood work and wanted to start with fluids and injections. The same doctor called me later on the day and told me my dog id better and start to eat! I was very happy and the vet said it's ok that I come next day to pick him up and some medicine. When I went next day to take my dog back, another vet (who is tall, older and has a glasses!), he told me that my dog has an infection and must stay another night< i asked him how he knew if my dog has infection specially he is eating now, I couldn't get a clear more


The person at the front desk, IRENE, offers possibly the worst customer service I have ever heard! I have never been to this animal hospital so i cant say anything about the veterinarians and their service, but I can say if IRENE is working she will HANG UP ON YOU mid -sentence like she did to me, she will rudely say she hung up because you said bye when you didn't, and she will answer your questions with extreme attitude in her voice, and act like your dumb. \r \r Considering I have worked in customer service for 5 years and never had a complaint but only the best compliments,and I myself have never ever complained about anyones service, I continue to say, IF YOU DONT WANT TO DEAL WITH A RUDE PERSON WHEN YOUR PET IS IN NEED, NEVER GO WHEN IRENE IS WORKING. more

Compassionate and Caring 11/25/2010

I have been going to Affordable for the last two years. I am always greeted with a smile. The vets and assistants are extremely compassionate with all three of my animals. I would not go anywhere else.....Thank you. more

I take back my harsh critique 11/16/2010

Although I was not pleased with the diagnosis and cost of the examination, I am happy to report that this veterinarian offered to reimburse me half of the cost, which I feel is fair.\r \r They are trying and mean well. Sometimes it is better to take your pet to your own vet, rather than pinch pennies at a place that is perhaps not as qualified. more

Rip Off! 6/14/2010

I took my two year old dog to have her ears checked because they were stinking horribly. When the vet came in the exam room and I told him why I was there he turned over my dog's ears, never even touched a scope to look inside, and told me she had ear infections and would need deep ear cleaning for both ears which would require sedation. He spent maybe 2 min. on the exam, left and sent the receptionist in to tell me it would be $400.00 and that would include a blood test, which she couldn't tell me what was for so that is optional. When I asked if there were any other options she said no, this was our only option. Now how could the vet know my dog needed a deep ear cleaning if he never even used a scope to look into the ears. I called my sister who loves her vet, Gentle Care Pet Clinic in Long Beach, and got the number. I called Friday and was able to get a Saturday morning appt. When I explained to Dr. Bang my experience he says..and I quote "service good for business, not so much fo more

They Don't Care 3/25/2010

I have gone here several times and spent a lot of money. \r I called tonight and told them I'd be in with my cat. He needed antibiotics. I asked if they were busy, and was told "no."\r The cat hid under the bed. So as soon as I could nab him, I put him in the crate and drove like a maniac to get there before they closed.\r I made it just before 10PM, which is closing time.\r The office girl said they were closed and couldn't help me. I saw the vet leaving, and I said "you don't care about animals. I drove 70 miles per hour to get here, and I called before I came."\r He simply said, "I gotta go. There's an animal hospital next door."\r I drove next door, but they were gone.\r I am pretty sure he knew that.\r I will never spend another cent at this place.\r It would have taken them 10 minutes to help us. more

AAC is Professional, Caring & Provides Piece of Mind 12/19/2009

I would highly recommend Affordable Animal Clinic. I am so impressed with the level of care and services. They are very professional, kind, caring, and as soon as you walk through the doors, you definitely get the feeling that they truly care for animals - - unlike SOME clinics that are only interested in taking you for a ride. They are always available when I need them, the older veterinarian on staff is excellent and highly experienced, easy to talk to, and is a great listener. I have been visiting Affordable for several years, and although I am sorry the last posting (c.c.) had a poor experience, I believe that was an fluke...I have never had a bad experience there... no matter how busy the clinic. Also, I have met and chatted with other clients while waiting at Affordable and everyone I have spoken with is always happy and very secure knowing they are getting great care. Kudos to the staff at AAC. Thank you so much. more

Service gone downhill 6/16/2009

I used to go to Affordable A.C. a few years ago and was very happy with the service. I was made to feel very comfortable and my dogs the same. It was the first vet my dogs seemed to relax. I remember there was an assistant named Patty who was extremely caring (to myself and my dogs) and knowledgeable. The doctors I saw were Vasquez and Lynch. They were both great. My one dog had an ear hematoma. A second event was my other dog had a fish hook in her mouth. Dr. Lynch was great. Our lives were uneventful (pet issue wise) until just recently. Upon returning for care for a laceration I felt as tho I was in a different hospital. Patty was gone, the current assistant was cold and uncaring, Dr. Vasquez seemed as tho he was detached - possibly because the assistant seemed less than competent. And the receptionist, Alma, seemed overwhelmed with her duties. I felt as tho I was whirlwinded thru the visit and care and was very unsettled. The connection between staff members was uneasy. Whe more

So far they seem alright 3/2/2009

We took our 4 1/2 month Maltese puppy to Affordable on yesterday. She wasn't eating or taking any water, but she was still somewhat playful. When I told the receptionist the symptoms, she immediately came back with "it may be Parvo...there's a 50% survival rate". I thought that was an odd diagnosis to be given out by a receptionist who had not examined my puppy. It frightened my daughter and myself unnecessarily and I thought it made a terrible first impression about the clinic. On the plus side: they were open on Sunday - something that's hard to find. The first gentleman we saw told us he was not the doctor, but again was "pushing the Parvo diagnosis". But he did take the sample and put it into the little machine, which later read "negative". Of course, we were very relieved. I thought the older vet was very nice, and he took the time to question us about her symptoms, and offered a thorough explanation of what might be the problem. We left feeling extremely comfortable with the fina more

Happy Dog & Cats 2/4/2009

The two cats that I have now are cats that I bought from the a lady that brings in strays she takes in. They are the most loving cats I have ever had. We've taken them to Affordable Animal clinic for every thing and my yellow lab. They aren't scared of going there like every other pet hospital we've taken them too. My lab had her doom claws removed and she came out like nothing ever happen to her not shaken up at all. The rooms they have there are very clean and service is fast. The thing I love about this place is my animals aren't scared because animal lovers work there. more

Intentional Mis-Diagnosis 11/18/2008

I took my 8 wk old pup to this clinic and without even examining her, I was told she had Parvo, even though the pre-screen test indicated Negative results. I was told there is no cure for Parvo but that they needed to do an outpatient parvo treatment. They said they were sending the stool sample (which was just from sticking a thermometer in her butt) out to the lab for further testing. I was called the next day and told the results were positive and the doctor recommended I bring her in for two more outpatient parvo treatments.\r \r In the meantime, my puppy was back to normal a couple hours after the initial visit to this vet. When they told me the test was positive and needed more treatments at $125.00 each, I took her to another vet for a second opinion. The vet examined Nikki, took a Parvo Test, which again came out "Negative", and assured me she did NOT have Parvo!\r \r This doctor, the old white doctor, took advantage of my emotions, knowing I would do anything needed to make Nikki more

Cat Owner 8/20/2008

I have 3 cats who have never had any health problems..luckily! I want to keep their vaccinations up to date so I really like the low-cost vaccinations. The receptionist is very knowledgeable and no unnecessary expenses are tacked on.thank you! more

Most of the time this is a good hospital. 3/11/2008

I recently started brining my cats to this clinic for different problems. I've met the young oriental vet and the two older vets. The young doctor knows what he is doing. When he is working the place is usually jam packed for people to see him. The other vets seem to have alot of experience too and I also feel comfortable seeing them too. The older vet is kind. The wait can be long sometimes but I like there late hours. They see pets till 9 at nite. One day I saw a new female doctor that I didn't really like. I was the only one there when she was working. She wasn't as nice and was slow to tell me that my cat had a cold. I like the people in the front desk and the vet assistants too. The girl working at night is good. When I have a questions, I always ask for Alme. Most of the time this is a good hospital. I wold come back to this place. more


I have been going to affordable for about 8 years now. Being young i was not able to afford to go to the normal vet hospitals. I myself have 3 dogs and my family has a total of 8 dog & 3 cats. One of my dogs is about 14yrs old (Pomeranian) has had teeth problems as long as i have had her (8 yrs). tonight i went in to get her tooth looked at again i believe it is abscessed AGAIN. (it was about 8:50, and they are supposed to close @10) they told me they were closing early and they would not see anymore pets. I got my pets records and left. I saw someone else behind me who had a healthy looking dog waiting outside to come in, so i waited to see if they were going to take them. They helped the person who came a few mins after me. Mean while my dog is still in pain and not eating. About to years ago this same dog needed to have her anal gland expressed every few weeks. I would always take her there to get that done at $20 a time the Asian vet there did it with me in the room an more

Professional, Affordable, Caring 8/3/2007

I brought my cat in to Affordable for a check up and booster shots. The staff is extremely proficient and professional, the fees are very affordable and you can tell they care very much for animals.\r \r With all the big Corporate "Banfield, VCA" type of clinics that take advantage of you and your pets both financially and emotionaly, you can feel safe with Affordable. They do not conduct themselves in such a manner.\r \r I would recommend that everyone bring their pet to Affordable. You can feel secure that your animals are getting the best, very competant care, for a very reasonable fee. more

Good vets, bad vets 4/11/2007

Overall, I was very pleased with the service here. I've heard through word of mouth and through my own experience that weekday nights has the most competent vet. I live on the Westside but brought my dog in on a Friday night. Dr. Velasquez diagnosed my dog with bladder stones and proceeded with that major surgery that night. My dog had to stay over the weekend and I had to deal with another vet. He spoke alot with me but I didn't feel comfortable with him. My dog was released on Monday and back to normal. The staff is also much betteron weekdays. With all the money I spent, ALma and Dr. Velasquez made me feel that it was worth it. Enocencio, the vet assistant also was very helpful and explained to me the medications in detail. He was also very stern in letting me know that I had to leave the special cone on my dog's head so he can't lick on his stitches. It was worth the drive coming out here but first ask who is working. more

I love this place!!! 4/10/2007

I would recommend this place. The staff is great....Vida and Alma are great receptionists. They always make me feel welcome and reassured that my pets are in good hands. On big advice.....see Dr. Vasquez. He saved my puppy's life. My puppy had diarrhea and was vomitting and I went to another animal hospital where he was diagnosed with something in his intestines. That animal hospital told me that I absolutely needed a surgery to open up his stomach. I switched hospitals to get a second opinion and went Affordable to see Dr. Vasuqez (referred by a friend). He was very quick and found out what was wrong with my dog in 5 minutes......PARVO!!! The vet started treatment right away. The other animal hospital misdiagnosed. I am very happy to say that my puppy is doing quite well and NEVER needed that big surgery that the other animal hospital insisted. I'm am now coming to this hospital from now on. more

Affordable Animal Clinic is Top Notch! 12/12/2006

The Staff is top-notch! The doctors are fabulous and so kind. There is a new doctor (Dr. O) that is wonderful. I feel so confident that my pets are in good hands at Affordable. more
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