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Advanced Hypnosis Center NY (Hypnotherapy)

107 East 63rd St (at Park Avenue)
New York, NY 10065
(212) 585-4430
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Advanced Hypnosis Center NY (Hypnotherapy) - New York, NY
Advanced Hypnosis Center NY (Hypnotherapy) - New York, NY
Advanced Hypnosis Center NY (Hypnotherapy) - New York, NY
Advanced Hypnosis Center NY (Hypnotherapy) - New York, NY
Advanced Hypnosis Center NY (Hypnotherapy) - New York, NY
Advanced Hypnosis Center NY (Hypnotherapy) - New York, NY
Advanced Hypnosis Center NY (Hypnotherapy) - New York, NY
Advanced Hypnosis Center NY (Hypnotherapy) - New York, NY
Advanced Hypnosis Center NY (Hypnotherapy) - New York, NY
Advanced Hypnosis Center NY (Hypnotherapy) - New York, NY
Advanced Hypnosis Center NY (Hypnotherapy) - New York, NY
Advanced Hypnosis Center NY (Hypnotherapy) - New York, NY
Advanced Hypnosis Center NY (Hypnotherapy) - New York, NY
Advanced Hypnosis Center NY (Hypnotherapy) - New York, NY
Advanced Hypnosis Center NY (Hypnotherapy) - New York, NY
Advanced Hypnosis Center NY (Hypnotherapy) - New York, NY
Advanced Hypnosis Center NY (Hypnotherapy) - New York, NY
Advanced Hypnosis Center NY (Hypnotherapy) - New York, NY
Advanced Hypnosis Center NY (Hypnotherapy) - New York, NY
Advanced Hypnosis Center NY (Hypnotherapy) - New York, NY
Advanced Hypnosis Center NY (Hypnotherapy) - New York, NY



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I am not familiar with other clinical hypnotists, but I must say Jeffrey Rose helped me successfully and easily quit smoking last week as part on of my New Year's resolutions. I a...


I went to Jeffrey Rose to quit smoking. It cost me over $300 and it didn't work. Not only did it not work, but I didn't find him to be a necessarily warm person either. He seem...

I can't thank Jeffrey Rose enough 1/9/2012

I am not familiar with other clinical hypnotists, but I must say Jeffrey Rose helped me successfully and easily quit smoking last week as part on of my New Year's resolutions. I am now a non smoker and feeling great about it. I now understand why Mr. Rose is know as the guy to see in NYC to quit smoking. I am committed to leading a cigarette free life and exercising everyday more

New York's Best Hypnotist Center 12/29/2011

Having never used hypnosis to help me before, I was a little skeptical but my eating habits were out of control. On my friend's recommendation I booked an appointment with Jeffrey Rose and after just one session with him I experienced positive changes. He also send many of his published articles on health and fitness and provided me with some terrific self hypnosis audios to reinforce my progress. My results have lasted for over a year, and for that I am grateful. My eating habits our under control and I don't feel deprived. Jeffrey Rose is so devoted and has so much wisdom on nutrition and healthy. If you want to make positive changes in your life you should call the Advanced Hypnosis Center. Pros: devoted, thorough, effective, Samantha more

Jeffrey Rose is an incredible hypnotist 12/12/2011

I feel that Jeffrey Rose is the most effective hypnotist that I have ever received help from. In just a few sessions Jeffrey was able to help me overcome almost all of the pain that I had been suffering from a recent breakup. He helped me to boost my self-esteem and self confidence. Of course we all know that old adage "time heals all wounds" but he helped accelerate that healing process real fast. Pros: Devoted, Energetic, Thorough more

A truly terrific hypnotist 12/4/2010

After seeing many cold and ineffective therapists with little results I contacted the Advanced Hypnosis Center after seeing Jeffrey Rose on CBS News' Sleep Week story. The results were terrific. I went to see him about four months ago for insomnia and anxiety. My memory and focus was weak and I had trouble falling asleep. My doctor and I gave up on the medications because I was gaining weight and not experiencing any benefit. I had 3 sessions with Jeffrey, and I'm sleeping and so well and because of his nutritional counseling and holistic approach, I'm eating much better as well and I have much more stamina. He is a real healer - I highly recommend him to anyone wiling to do get help naturally! more

"A new beginning" 10/1/2010

It's been six months since I last came in for treatment. Skepttical about hypnosis at first I wasn't sure if I was doing the right thing. I was growing more and more worried each day with no hope for recovery in sight. I was suffering from social anxiety and constant worry. That's until I meet with Jeffrey Rose, he explained the process and understood my problems. After 1 session I felt an enormous change in me. I wasn't the same person, inside I felt calm and like everything was going to be alright. Truly one of the best decisions I ever made. From then I recovered and was able to enjoy more out of life, thank you again. more

Your Life Saver!!!! 8/31/2010

Wow, I must just say THANK YOU, Sincerely THANK YOU. I had some thoughts of what hypnosis was and was realistic in my expectations. Jeffrey, you had me feeling very comfortable with the process(which I thought in itself would have been an issue. You had just a good way of going about things that made it easy to talk about things and it all just kinda made sense. I would rather not go into detail, just say things are much different and I had tried many things to conclude that it was in fact seeing you Jeffrey rose that had made the difference.. Thank you very much, Sincerely Happy. Natalie NYC NY more

the best money i've spent in my 46 years! 4/13/2010

Franca Fiala earned an award for being the best at hypnosis accept, it's not just hypnosis that she does.. She makes you go under but she also has this other technique where she finds out your INDIVIDUAL story (of your life) and she uses that to literally turn your lifetime tape around that you've carried all your life and makes it a constructive one.. Therefore lets say, if your father left you when you were a child, you no longer make men leave in your life, or you can now all of a sudden handle rejection. The list really goes on as she's just given me confidence with everything I do whether it be creatively, my work life, and especially personally. I love her work and really love her as I know if I ever fall into a crisis. I'll know that in just one session as opposed to years of psychotherapy, I'll be all fixed up.. THANKS SO MUCH FOR YOUR TALENT FRANKA FIALA! Pros: changed my whole life and took it into a whole new direction Cons: no cons whatso ever! more

Jeffrey Rose is a life saver 2/4/2010

I am very grateful for the enormous and wonderful method of self transformation from a life threatening cigarette smoker to a smoke free enthusiast. I remember way back, not one of my family members were non smokers and I was a living witness of their miserable sufferings from lung cancer and emphysema. I thought I can get rid and stop the chain but oh my God! cigarettes were irresistible, so difficult to let it go and live normally. I was almost on the rim of getting emphysema when my doctor told me it is not yet too late for me to add more years to my life. I feel scared knowing the history of my family. I started to look for a means and a way of quitting smoking. Until one day a friend of mine came by to visit me at my office and she told me about her transformed life- a smoke free life as she used to say. I was really surprised making myself believe of her stories (I know her since we were in high school) but she had proven it to me. She asked me to meet a certain Jeffrey Rose who had helped her to quit smoking. At first there was a hesitation but I said to myself I want to give myself a chance to live more years so I decided to meet this hypnotist. I felt it was the end of the world for me when I first had my smoking cessation session. There was an immense part of me that said, I can’t quit and I felt scared to let this horrible habit go. But to my surprise I was able to get rid of my bad smoking habit for good. When I left the Advanced Hypnosis Center, I took the pack of cigarettes I had in my purse and put it in the dustbin saying goodbye to cigarettes and welcome to my new smoke-free life. The wisdom of tranquility that Jeffrey gives to his session is a true power. I cant recommend this hypnosis center enough. Sara Green, Great Neck NY Pros: It works and Jeffery is good at what he does Cons: none more

Finally a way to quit smoking that works 1/21/2010

After reading the positive reviews i decided to try hypnosis out. I like many people am skepitcal of this method. After a few sessions i really started to see great results. Finally i can say i do not smoke anymore and have stayed with the follow and i am living and feeling healthier. Thank you Jeffery!! Pros: Quit smoking Cons: smoking in general more

Great Center for Weight Loss 12/27/2009

I had seen your TV interview It was really nice, but why had you not though to use me or Judy in the interview, I am on target at my goal weight since late May and can only say Thank You so many times for you inspiration and motivation. I want to additionally add that when I had called the Advanced Hypnosis Center for information on their weight loss program their office manager truly went out her to way to maje sure I was prepared to make lifestyle changes. Recommending this center on Citysearch is the least I can do. I also feel that I am writing for both myself and my colleague, Judy as she is not so great on the computer. Anyone considering hypnosis for the purpose of losing weight should research the hypnotist's qualifications and reputation as they are not all created equal and choose one that has credentials and can offer both past client and professional medical referrals and lastly, to communicate a bit with the hypnotist you are considering and share a bit about your own situation first as I had, and hear what they have to say. When the office staff mentioned about sharing my feelings about Jeffrey, I felt really really happy. I am sure each persons experience will differ, but I can just say how happy I was to have used this center to lose weight. Stephanie H. Dobbs Ferry, NY Pros: Strong nutrition background Cons: Sometimes too pedantic more

Being A Better ME 5/11/2009

Thanks to Jeff I no longer need cigarettes. I wanted to quit, but could not for the life of me stay off those nasty sticks. I went to see him a month ago and haven't smoked a cigarette since! It's truly amazing to kick a nasty habit I have had for soo long!! If you can honestly say "Yuck, I hate smoking and I wish I could stop" then you are ready to see Jeff. Don't wait another moment, let that bad behavior GO! You will be amazed at how strong you are and how happy life is without being addicted. Give yourself that chance you deserve. Be healthy Be happy!! Pros: Jeff gave me that extra push to succeed! Cons: No Cons more

Thank You Jeffrey Rose 5/3/2009

Hello all, for ANYONE seeking help with hypnosis, the short version is Jeff Rose is the guy in the tri-state area and made a huge difference in my life. Emotional eating, and the need to calmly lose weight was my issue and I can say this is exactly how it has been. It as almost as if all the things that where fleeting thoughts of how I wanted to lose weight and hoped to had just started to happen, A bit confusing, but the short of it ... THANK YOU.... I am sure results vary( I sound like a commercial) but is hard for me to imagine an open minded person not gaining from their time with Jeffrey. Time well spent is an understatement. Jeff is a caring person, humble in his approach yet truly knowledgeable with so many factors that applied to my weight loss needs. He had brought up sooooo many thoughts I had not considered in years. again just thank you.. Further, to give advice to anyone seeking a hypnotist. My advice personally is to take your time. This does not mean procrastinate, but do not go for that flashy website, or quick talking salesy person. Biggest suggestion... Referrals, get them and use them. if you are not sure if you are a good judge of a person, have a friend call and speak with Jeff, and a few doctor or his past clients. You will hear things that have you just easily comparing to the other hypnotists. Let your intuition and gut feeling guide you from this point. It is easy to understand how Jeff is so readily referred by so many doctors. In addition to the weight just coming off, I cannot tell you how relaxed I feel. My further suggestion, if you are coming for smoking, ask Jeff to work with relaxation and stress reduction, the same with weight and probably other issues. I should further add that it seemed like a major inconvenience to be writing this review which was posed to me from his office staff(very nice). I, a person HATING to write reviews, testimonials and such am writing this in front of a mirror(I have 7 in my home) and the joy I have with my new body fuels this writing and makes it soooooo easy and enjoyable. Jeff, if there is ANYTHING I can do for you, please let me know as you know what I do for a living and you are a man of your word, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Jean Pros: Jeff made things seem just very realistic about change Cons: stupid on my part, but I wasted a dozen plus years more

So Far So Good!!! 2/19/2009

Thank you for the incredible abundance of fantastic reading material which I just finished printing out last night. I am sure all of it will supplement my session and help to keep me a non-smoker. Thank you again, all very much appreciated. Best regards, Joanna more

Jeffrey Rose is FANTASTIC!!! 2/19/2009

So this is my experience 5 days after my session with Jeffrey Rose for weight loss- last night I opened the freezer and saw my weight loss nemesis- Ben & Jerry, but amazingly I did not feel the need for it- in fact I realized I was thirsty- had a glass of water, with lime that Mr. Rose suggested, and I didn?t need the ice cream!!!! Starting the first morning after my session, I ate breakfast, lunch, and a healthy dinner, and a small snack and that?s it- no binging in the evening like I used to do!!! I even did have ice cream once- but only a ? cup not the whole pint!!!! I feel I can keep this up and am motivated to go to the gym tomorrow morning again ( I?ve gone twice already!) The office was clean and nice, there is a waiting room with a nice secretary and I liked that I was not walking into a 20th floor cold cookie cutter office! Everyone was very professional and kind. Being new to hypnosis (I was referred by a friend who quit smoking with Mr. Rose) I was a bit apprehensive but soon after meeting Mr. Rose I felt comfortable during the whole experience. I plan to go back for a reinforcement in a few weeks cause I think it makes sense to- I did not feel pressured and that this is a great method to lose and worth every penny (ok- a lot of pennies). Previously, I did try dieting, jenny craig but the weight stayed- I have suffered most of my life from over-indulging- I feel I am finally on the right path!!! I give Jeffrey Rose an A+++++++. more

This was a remarkeable experience. I have gone to hypnosis before in New York and had a good experience, however was recomended to go to Mr. Rose and got an new higher level of appreciation. 10/5/2008

I don't usually bother with reviews however when I came across someone who genuinely cares and has the talent to achieve changes I was compelled to come back and write this note. I was a smoker for nearly 25 years, tried to stop a dozen times, and finally after 2 hrs and $400 I have not had a cigarette in 6 weeks nor do I want one. I can't say for sure but at this moment it seems I will never want to smoke again. Mr. Rose did not try to get me to come back and pay for another visit and called me and sent emails to follow up to ensure and support my changes are permanent. He has a great deal of knowledge on health and well being as well. It worked for me. Highly recommend. All the Best, Izzy Rollins Pros: Effective, nice place, quality environment Cons: Had to wait 2 weeks for an appointment. more

He is the absolute best 8/26/2008

When I went to Jeff., I was a frail skinny human walking around. I felt I lacked in nutrition and exercise even though I am a raw foodist and thought I was healthy. I was really missing vitamins and really didn't have a sense of what was right for my body. DrJeff is like a life coach. I've never felt more at ease. I will recommend him to anyone that will listen. I now feel great and have just completed my first triathlon! Pros: Very knowledgable Cons: often busy w/appointments more

His Therapy really works! 8/26/2008

A couple of weeks back I scheduled an appointment because of extreme anxiety and stress so therefore it caused me to eat especially late at night. When you first walk in, there is already a sense of calmness. His staff is patient and friendly. Once I had my consultation with the doctor, I felt like a new person. He is extremely knowledgeable and actually listens to me without interruption. We went over everything as far as my new diet plan and how to handle the most stressful events without overeating. I'm now back on track and at the gym and I feel great. Thanks doc! Pros: Patient and listens Cons: none more

Very pleased with the outcome 5/16/2007

I have tried many programs before, some which appeared almost cult like, What I love about Jeffrey was his genuine nature and he really seemed to be grounded in his knowledge. I left the office feeling like a different person and from that very moment on, I have never felt more at ease with sticking to my diet. It has been about 7 weeks so far and almost 25lbs lost so far. I am so 100% sure I will reach my goal. Writing this testemonial for Jeffrey is my truest pleasure. Thank You Jeff Pros: He made it so that my current diet does not feel like dieting Cons: I wish I could have done this earlier more

For losing weight, he is extremely knowledgeable and very inspiring 5/15/2007

I have been overweight since college and have been very uncomfortable with my body. I tried every diet imaginable and have always lost less that 10 pounds and then gained it right back. I knew that my eating habits had to change but I lacked the drive and commitment to do by myself. I also have been plagued with depression. I felt stuck, and I couldn't get out. My sister suggested I see Jeffrey Rose to help me lose weight afer she had successfully quit smoking at the beginning of the year with his smoking cessation program. I immediately adopted healthy eating, sleeping and exercise habits and have maintained them since February. His holistic health counseling and hypnosis totally inspired my to radically change my lifestyle. I stopped eating sugar and most processed foods and have drastically cut back on my coffee drinking. I drinking alot of water instead. I am now eating fruits for breakfast, having a salad at least once a day and exercising everyday. The best thing about this is that I do not feel deprived. For the first time in a long time I am completely respecting my body. I am also in a much better mood now and I plan on getting off the antidepressent that I was taking for many years. I have lost 18 pounds and I expect to lose another 10 pounds by the summer. Between the three sessions I have had with him, the self-hypnosis cd and the affirmations that I use regularly, I feel that I can continue on this path forever. I have also learned so much about health and nutrition from all of his published articles that he emailed me after our initial session. He really cares about health and really practices what he preaches. I would never be able to lead this healthier and happier life without him. He's awesome. more

1 year later- the results 2/18/2007

Wanted to let others know & let you know that I am soon approaching my 1 yr anniversary of being a non-smoker. Never smoked, never wanted to, no side effects and still amazed as to how easy it was to quit. This has been one of, if not, the most significant things I have ever done in my life and I want to "Thank You" so much for helping me make this happen. Thank you more than words can say, Pros: it worked, nice office, passionate to help practitioner, evening / weekend hours more
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