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Advanced Laser & Anti-Aging Medical Center

960 Green St Suite 108
Pasadena, CA 91106
(626) 356-2964
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Advanced Laser & Anti-Aging Medical Center - Pasadena, CA
Advanced Laser & Anti-Aging Medical Center - Pasadena, CA
Advanced Laser & Anti-Aging Medical Center - Pasadena, CA
Advanced Laser & Anti-Aging Medical Center - Pasadena, CA
Advanced Laser & Anti-Aging Medical Center - Pasadena, CA
Advanced Laser & Anti-Aging Medical Center - Pasadena, CA


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I have been a patient, as has several of my family members, of Dr. Selzer for 20 years. Initially medically, and then as my sun worshiping caught up with me, cosmetically and medi...


Overall, visit was okay. Went in for my "free consult" they wanted me to come back to see the "doctor" for my acne. Came in to see the doctor, and charged me $160 just to look at ...


I have been a patient, as has several of my family members, of Dr. Selzer for 20 years. Initially medically, and then as my sun worshiping caught up with me, cosmetically and medically. He has always been the ultimate professional. He (rightfully) would not do any cosmetic work me until I addressed my medical needs first - again caused by severe sun damage done years ago. Only after my medical issues were addressed did he consider any cosmetic work. I have had the laser treatments done for embarrassing, blatant rosacea. And I have that photo dynamic laser done for pre-cancerous cells on my chest. All of which were needed. Although he shared an office with Dr. Miller for many of the years, I have never been a patient of Dr. Miller and was never treated by him, so I can't speak about him. Dr.Selzer has also treated other family members for skin cancer & responsible for catching and diagnosing melanoma in the early stages in 2 of my family members. Now that he alone is running the office, more

boyfriend likes my results 8/13/2009

mrs.phyllis hester, the office manager, resolved a minor billing problem for me almost immediately. more than i can say about most other businesses. i'm a regular patient of Dr. Seltzer and i'm very pleased with my results. the staff reflects the professionalism and friendly attitude of that of mrs. hester, their manager. as for my treatments, i must admit that my boyfriend thinks i look so much better than my other girl friends. and that alone is worth the minimal pain and cost. more

Happy with Dr. Seltzer's treatments 6/22/2008

I have just read some of the bad reviews about Dr. Miller. He is not longer practicing at the office. Dr. Seltzer is now running the practice. My experience has been very good. I have had four fotofacial treatments on face, neck and chest. And also the "Aurora v-beam." The results are not super dramatic but noticeable. In fact a friend who not seen me for several months said my skin looked really good! It's a bit on the expensive side -- $1000 a treatment. But I'm getting two kinds of treatments over three areas. So I would say I'm quite satisfied. Dr. Seltzer is professional. He doesn't waste time. I seldom have to wait. And the staff is quite professional. So.. for me at least, the experience has been very positive. more

Seltzer is a good doctor 1/30/2008

I've only seen Doctor Seltzer a few times now for cosmetic and medical appointments. I've found him to be highly professional and satisfactory. I have not found him to be a pushy salesman or marketer. I do think that this office keeps up with the newest in treatments. more

I Wouldn't Return Here Even If You PAID ME To Go !!! 11/5/2007

I received 2 Collagen Injections from Dr. Seltzer over 10 years ago. EVERYTHING about my experience at this Horrid place was DISGUSTING at Best !! Initially, I was astonished by the behavior of the staff at the Center which at best can be described as intentionally Snide and Demeaning. I was further disgusted by the unprofessional antics of Seltzer ! Let me explain...every word calculatingly rehearsed and uttered by this nattering-nabob of criticism was : A Blatant Attack of my Personal Appearance intended to coerce me into purchasing expensive "corrective" procedures including a Rhytidectomy i.e. Face-Lift (I was 32 years old...I don't think so !!). Please note that the first Collagen Injection in the nasal-labial fold line that I received from Seltzer was a "Visual-Nightmare" of lumpy scarlet-red welts ! Two weeks later, the red welts had only gotten worse, and I scheduled an appointment to try and remedy ?? the situation...and received additional Collagen Injections !!! more

Shock! 10/5/2007

I can not beleave some of things I have read. my personal experience was overall good. I won't lie and say that I did not wait longer then expected, but in regards to my medical care, I was treated very well, the Doctor took his time to explain my diagnosis and his Medical Assistant went over with me the medication that where given to me and how to use them and the side effect they can cause. I have a follow up visit in 1 month, I am going back, and I would reccoment this facility to friends and family. more

horrible stay away 10/3/2007

I went in to see dr miller for a blemish which turned out to be a bug bite on my cheek. I have very good clear skin no breakouts or scars and so i became a little vain over this blemish and went to see him. he injected me with cortisone which helps the healing process of the blemish. 2 weeks later i was left with the biggest scar right in the middle of my face. it turns out that its a huge side affect from the cortisone shot if its not injected correctly or if its not diluted enough. its not even a scar its just a depression like that part of my face just caved in. i have seen 5 dermatologists since then and they have suggested fillers like restaylne. i decided to go back to dr miller to let him kno what he did and gave me some cream samples and told me to come back in 2 weeks to discuss what my options were. then 3 days after my appointment i received a bill for 50$ for i dont even know what.. free samples maybe?? anyway i suggest to everyone to stay away from this place.. they more

Went in for acne and acne scars. 9/5/2007

Overall, visit was okay. Went in for my "free consult" they wanted me to come back to see the "doctor" for my acne. Came in to see the doctor, and charged me $160 just to look at my acne, and gave me samples of the acne medication and face wash. The whole visit was about 15 mins. Then he pointed out my moles and told me that I needed to have them taken off, thought they could be cancerous. I never went back for the mole removal or the acne treatment and laser treatments because I got pregnant. Quote for the fraxel laser treatment was $600.00 per treatment. I called back a year later indication that I wanted to do these treatments, and they said I can't have the same price they had quoted me a year ago, and that the prices went up. It was $1000.00 for te treatment. They raised the prices $400.00!!!!! more

Dr. Miller said my husband and I had Rosacea--the appt was for mole check 5/29/2007

I am very glad to find this website to let everyone know about our terrible experience with Dr. Miller and the "Advanced Laser and Anti-Aging Medical Center on Green Street in Pasadena. Dr. Miller is listed as an 'in-network' Dr. on Pacificare PPO.\r \r In December 2006, I made an appointment with Dr. Miller for my husband to have several moles on his back reviewed. I went with him on the visit in case the Dr. needed information about the moles on my husband's back that I had seen change slightly. \r \r Dr. Miller immediatley surgically removed 3 moles and said he would need to do the rest on additional appointments. Now my husband has terrible looking scars where the moles were taken off on his back--it looks like the Dr. went very deep and there is alot of skin overgrowth where the surgery was done. The scarring is about 3/4" to 1" Diameter' for each mole removed.\r \r During the visit, Dr. Miller asked what our insurance was and then looked at my husband's face with concern and state more

Much Happier Somewhere Else! ! ! 5/15/2007

It's been quite a while since I have been to Dr. Miller's office, but thought I'd chime in with my own personal story of despair. I had a couple of places on my body that I thought should be looked into, which is what led me to the this office. To make a long story short, Dr. Miller diagnosed the areas as requiring surgical removal of the surrounding tissue. I went in for the procedure. Later, I went to Huntington Dermatology (excellent office), and one of the doctors reviewed my records from his office and my family history and could not ascertain why he felt the need to cut into this area deeper given the bioposy report. Needless to say, I've been going to Huntington Dermatology for the last 12 years or so and have long since forgotten about Miller's scam office. I also agree with the other reviewers, I remember waiting a ridiculously long time to be seen even when there was hardly anyone in the waiting room. I wouldn't recommend his office to anyone. more

scam artists!!!!! 4/20/2007

i saw Dr. miller the first time in january for a rash on my body. his diagnosis was good and i was happy for the first time. i thought i found myself a great dermatologist. i decided to go back to him for an entire body screening for any possible cancerous growths (moles). i asked the receptionist how much the charges would be for such visit. she explained it would be $65 since i was a returning customer. i made an appointment for the month of April. i decided to double check the price since it was just too good to be true. therefore, i called the office i spoke to another receptionist who confirmed that my treatment will only cost me $65. if there would be any further treatments it would cost more. when i went to my appointment, i asked the receptionist if i could pay for the visit. she said to wait until after the visit since she did not know how much it is. i was confused. i confirmed with 2 receptionist it is only $65. now that i am ready to be seen all of a sudden the story change more

Miller Scam? 4/9/2007

Wow...I'm glad I checked this site. I went to Dr Miller for Rosacea treatment in 2004. I went through the series of light treatments that helped greatly, but from the beginning I smelled a rat as far as how he conducts business is concerned. He seemed VERY aggressive with marketing both in the press and in his office. I had Blue Cross at the time and all my bills were taken care of promptly. Last time I was there I made sure I had no outstanding balance. Then, like someone else who has posted here, I just got a $500 bill from a collection agency for Miller services they claim I received and didn't pay for back in 2004; three years after the fact. I have NEVER been billed for this previously. I suspect that Miller figures that no one will challenge anything that far back and pay it, but I will not, at least not without a fight. Perhaps not coincidentally, I also just received an investigative questionnaire from Blue Cross- three years after the fact- asking me about Dr. Miller. The serv more

Wish I could post a minus! 4/5/2007

What a scam! I just received a notice from a collection agent regarding an unpaid bill from 2004 for "rosacea" treatment. Like an idiot, I assumed I must have had it because a Dr. wouldn't lie. I paid my bill every time as my insurance company wouldn't cover so I am sure I never let anything go unpaid. Now I question the expensive series of laser treatments and the overdue bill I was never notified about. I just called to office of Dr. Miller and asked to speak to accting dept. She immediately asked if this was regarding a collection so they must be getting numerous phone calls. I will NEVER go back and wouldn't recommend to anyone. more


Like several other reviewers, I was diagnosed with rosacea too. An incredibly expensive laser procedure was recommended. I sought a second opinion and found that, not only did I not have rosacea, but this "medical center" is well known for pulling this stunt and is under investigation by several insurance companies that are tired of being ripped off. (If you don't believe me, call your insurance company before going here and ask them; or just read the other reviews.) \r \r This happened in 2005, so why report it now? Because, like other reviewers on this site, I just received a call from a collection agency saying I never paid a $225 co-payment back then. My wife, who is compulsive about bill paying, assures me we never received one bill, let alone three - as Dorothy in billing asserts. It's bad enough to try to scam people out of thousands of dollars, but have the decency to not ding their credit records!\r \r Steer clear of these jerks at all cost. It's too bad there isn't a lo more

maybe i will go back 1/23/2007

I usually waited at least an hour for office visits. I was seen by both Dr. Miller and Dr. Seltzer. Dr. Miler was very thorough with my body check, wanting to remove any bad moles and also very good at identifying and treating my skin problems. Dr. Seltzer was nice. I must say the best care I received was from a delightful man who was the physician assistant. I also loved one nurse named Camille who was fabulous and really took time when doing laser treatments on me. If you are going I recommend that you ask for one of them. \r \r I went to this place last year. They removed many moles from my body - some removals leaving very bad scars. i am not sure they did the best job they could have done with my mole removal - but what do i know about mole removal i am not a doctor. I was also advised to have laser treatment done. \r \r I was sent to a collection agency for a bill I never received. I called my insurance company and found they had actually cashed the check 7 months prior t more

Hard Sell 7/17/2006

I saw Dr. Miller for cancer screening and general dermatological needs. He diagnosed me with roseacia and prescribed expensive lotions and he was really pushing a series of very expensive laser treatments. (They need to recoup for all their advertising expenses I guess) I later went to a reputable cosmetic surgeon who told me I did not have roseacia and he knowingly smiled when I told him who the Dr. was. Also, I met a facialist who used to work at this office and she told me that everyone gets diagnosed with roseacia! I also did not like the huge scar left by his removal of a mole on my back. Dr. Miller needs to back off the hard sell of his laser treatments and be more patient-focused. I won't be going back and would not recommend to friends. PROS: lots of laser treatments CONS: expensive, hard sell and not patient-orientated more

Excellent Laser treatments 4/13/2006

I am shocked at the negative comments about this facility. It is very busy but extremely well planned and I have NEVER been kept waiting. I am very impressed with Dr. Seltzer who, as a polio survivor, has dedicated himself to kind, considerate and prompt treatment of patients. I have had three photo laser treatments and was treated very well. I have also had precancerous growths and a wart removed. The general dermatology was very good. I am quite impressed with the staff. Things move quickly here but I find that good since I have no time to get anxious. PROS: Well trained staff and excellent laser equipment. CONS: Expensive more

A Factory 2/1/2006

I have had fotofacials and spider vein removal performed at the Center, and I have always waited for at least an hour for my appointments, with no apologies. Yet they have a sign in their waiting room that says late patients will pay a fee! Dr. Seltzer and Dr. Miller both treated me like just another dollar sign. The staff is nice but unbelievably harried. The environment is chaotic and bleak, the kind you can't wait to leave. You will be doing yourself a HUGE favor by passing on this office. more

Extremely good and Extremely bad at the same time. 8/11/2005

I have mixed feelings about my several visits to this center. I no longer go there for general dermatology. When I first say Dr. Miller, he gave good diagnosis to my skin conditions on three occasions, but only average treament for them - I had to follow up with my physician and then a new dermatologist (who I'm very happy with - Dr. Denenholz in the same medical building but different office) to receive effective treatment. I also was misdiagnosed by a physicians assistant on staff during a follow up appointment and given another appointment with him when I had expressly asked to see the doctor (because I suspected the diagnosis was totally off). Each visit I had to wait between 40 minutes and 1 hour and 20 minutes to see a doctor! It was absolutely ridiculous. Very poor customer service. One time, they took 8 months to bill me! They wouldn't let me pay until they sent it. I do, however, think their offering of laser treatments and other non-surgical costmetic treatements is exten more

Hurried and does not listen or seem to care 5/3/2005

I gave this office two stars because, Dr. Selzer is decent. However, Dr. Miller is always in a hurry and does not listen to what a patient's problem is. I felt he was rushing to push cosmetic procedures on me when I had an actual dermalogical problem, and my friend described a similar experience. Also, my condition was related to my hypothyroidism, and he prescribed me medication that stated very clearly on the label "Do not take if hypothyroid." I asked Dr. Miller about this and he asked "Oh, are you hypothyroid? I did not know that." Odd, since I had told him that several times, it was related to my dermalogical condition, and it was in my chart. PROS: Dr. Selzer is friendly and considerate CONS: Dr. Miller is arrogant and treats patients like checkbooks more
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  • Advanced Laser and Anti-aging Medical Center is one of the Los Angeles area’s most experienced provider of non-surgical skin rejuvenation treatments. Our doctors operate a full-service medical facility that utilizes the most advanced technology for skin care, wrinkle treatment, laser hair removal and skin rejuvenation, including: * Fraxel Treatment - Repair damaged skin with minimal downtime by promoting fast and natural healing. * Nonsurgical Body and Face Lifting - Lift, Tighten and Contour without surgery. * PhotofacialMAX - Dramatically repair the appearance of aging and sun-damaged skin. * Instant Makeovers - Look up to ten years younger without surgery or painful and lengthy recovery times. * Rosacea Reversal - Treat redness, visible blood vessels and bumps on the face. * Laser Hair Removal - Eliminate unwanted hair safely, easily and conveniently, even on large areas. * Fillers and Botox Treatments - Correct moderate to severe facial wrinkles and faults. * Acne and Scar Reduction - Repair acne scars with no surgery or downtime. * Skin Rejuvenation Treatment - Tighten and firm skin with non-surgical, non-invasive skin rejuvenation technology and treatment. * Scar Repair - Eliminate scarring due to sun damage, accidents and minor surgery. * Stretch Mark Smoothing - Eliminate stretch marks due to pregnancy, significant weight loss, steroid use, sudden growth and extreme weight training. * Sun Damage Treatment - Repair the negative affects of sun exposure. * Wrinkle Reduction - Reveal a more youthful, smooth appearance. * Brown Spots Elimination - Erase unsightly brown spots on the face, arms and legs. * Tattoo Removal - Remove unwanted tattoos from the skin. * Dark Circles Lightening - Lighten dark circles underneath the eyes. * Trinity Rejuvenation roll back the clock while saving a lot of time * VelaShape for Cellulite * Scar Reduction Scars are now effectively reduced using Fraxel. * Aging Hands Aging hands can be rejuvenated with Fraxel and fillers. * Vitiligo Xtrac system can treat vilitilgo skin patches quickly * Psoriasis Xtrac Excimer Laser system can treat psoriasis lesions quickly and effectively * Body Reshaping We offer the latest treatments, including Zerona, Thermage, Fraxel and VelaShape for the best results * Mask of Pregnancy Reduce Chloasma/ Melasma / Mask of Pregnancy. We use with a number of treatments, according to the patient's individual condition

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