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The whole staff was very helpful and not pushy. they had patience with my very large bridal party, while we tried on tons of dresses until we found the perfect one to flatter ever...


Go to Fox's website for the Shame Shame Shame show and watch the program they did on Adrienne's Bridal Thursday April 21, 2011. It explains how illegal and terrible Adrienne's is...

Watch the show Shame Shame Shame did on Fox's website 4/25/2011

Go to Fox's website for the Shame Shame Shame show and watch the program they did on Adrienne's Bridal Thursday April 21, 2011. It explains how illegal and terrible Adrienne's is. Worse than you can imagine. more

Have been forced to sue for a fake dress they made! 4/12/2011

In a nutshell what happened is that they strung me along, the dress was never ready, never ready, and finally 2 days before my wedding (I was dealing with the store in Manhattan but had moved to the Hamptons) they sent me a FAKE dress. It was NOT the Watters brand (have a letter from Watters to prove it) I paid in full for. They sowed two crappy used dresses together in their basement on the LES to make something that looked similar to the one I bought. Ruined my wedding. To this day they have not reimbursed me for the money I spent (they initially said they would when Gina admitted guilt). Evil people - Gina, Maryann and the rest of the people that work there.\r more

STAY FAR FAR AWAY!!!! 9/30/2010

I have never wrote a review until now. This is by far the worst bridal salon I have EVER experienced. My girlfriend and were pregnant and were convinced to order the dresses in a 16 back in April. They insisted we couldn't wait one more month until after we delivered to order the dressed. Now mind you were both were a 6/8 normally. Listening to their ""expertise"" we ordered those sizes and as of September, still never heard anything. After calling numerous times and leaving countless messages, the bride herself had to find out why her wedding gown and our dresses were not in and they had no answer for her. Just saying they will be here soon.... So we asked since they didn't leave the warehouse if we could order our true sizes and we were told no. Well, again after visiting the store and them being closed when they are supposed to be open we finaly pick up our dresses. THEY NEVER CALLED US TO SAY THEY WERE IN, and it's 2 weeks before the wedding!!!!! Our dresses are friggan potato sacks and they will be destroyed from taking them in bc they have pockets and they need at least 5 inches takes out!!! When we tried calling to speak to the ""owner"" she is NEVER available and we get the runaround from the girl on the phone who claims she only works a few hours a week. We are still working to rectify the issues but to put it bluntly..... THEY ARE A NIGHTMARE AND ARE EXTEMELY UNPROFESSIONAL!!!!!!! DO NOT USE THEM!!!!!!!SAVE YOURSELF A HUGE HEADACHE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! more

Same owner in both locations 9/29/2010

Purchasing my 6 bridesmaid dresses at Adrienne’s has been the only bad experience of my wedding planning. The bridesmaid dresses never arrived, despite being ordered months before the wedding. Adrienne’s promised to deliver them 6-8 weeks before the wedding and to contact me when the dresses arrived. I never heard from Adrienne’s. So, 6 weeks before the wedding, I started calling and e-mailing. One phone call was finally returned, with the message that the dresses would be in. When my sister-in-law went to pick up her dress, no one would open the door of the shop. At that point, I realized I was facing the real possibility that our dresses would either never come in or would come in so late that there would not be time to have them altered. So I ordered 6 dresses on-line from Nordstrom’s after reading a review of another Adrienne’s bride whose bridesmaid dresses never arrived. If the dresses from Adrienne’s came in, I would be able to return the 6 dresses to Nordstrom’s as they would not have been worn. The dresses from Nordstrom’s arrived within days. Then I received a voice mail message that the dresses would be in by July 30th. So my mother came in from out of state to pick them up as 4 of my bridesmaids live near her. My mother needed to bring them back home with her to hand-deliver to the bridesmaids so the dresses could be fitted and altered. Two of my bridesmaids were going out of town on vacation and had only a couple of days to get fitted. There was no time left to have the dresses shipped to the bridesmaids. When we arrived at Adrienne’s on Friday, July 30th, we were told Adrienne’s did not know if the dresses had arrived. We went with the sales associate to look through the store for the dresses, but could not find them. We were then told the dresses had not arrived. Then we were told the dresses were still at the manufacturer. Then we were told the dresses would be shipped and would be in the next week. We asked Adrienne’s to make arrangements for the dresses to be picked up directly from the manufacturer, about 30 blocks away, during regular business hours. We were told that was not possible. (Why?) We explained we needed the dresses that weekend. These discussions consumed 2 hours. By the end, when it was clear we were not getting the dresses, we asked that our bridesmaids’ deposits be refunded. The owner, MaryAnn, raised her voice and told us she would not return our deposits. She accused us of being unprofessional and unfair! She did this in earshot of at least one other customer, who left the store, saying she would not deal with the store due to the way we were treated. In contrast, my mother and I were very calm during the entire experience because we had the back-up dresses from Nordstrom, even though we would have preferred the dresses from Adrienne’s. We left the store without our dresses. I write this one week before my wedding. I have never received a call or an e-mail advising that the dresses have arrived. Had I not ordered replacement dresses from Nordstrom’s, my bridesmaids would not have had dresses to wear at my wedding. ................... I am editing my review post wedding. My dresses from Adrienne's never arrived. The store never contacted me. Further, Adrienne's does not respond to inquiries from the Better Business Bureau. 5 of my 6 bridesmaids were able to get their money back from the credit card company. 1 of my bridesmaids paid with a debit card in March 2010. She is having trouble getting her money back because she is making the request more than 30 days after the day she used her card...even though the merchandise never arrived! What a disaster. Do not waste your time on this unethical, immoral, 'business'. more

Extreme Unprofessionalism 12/15/2009

\r I am a medical professional. Never in my life have I dealt with a more unprofessional and discourteous person as Maryann, the owner of Adrienne's. Myself and another bridesmaid placed orders for Badgley Mischka dresses on 6/23/09. The other bridesmaid's dress arrived 9/09. When my dress did not come, no inquiry was made by Adrienne's as to why. It took me FIVE days of calling the Manhattan store to finally reach a person, no voicemail or email was ever returned. Needless to say, one full month of phone calls, never one returned by Adrienne's. Countless messages were left for Maryann and I only received one phone call in mid-October saying not to worry, she and the head of Badgley Mischka are good friends and it would be taken care of. After a month and a half of attempting to communicate with them in every possible manner, my dress arrived less than 24 hours before the wedding (untailored) IN THE WRONG COLOR. You can imagine the embarassment and dismay of the bride when one of her maids stood out like a sore thumb. After receiving the dress, I, again, made every effort to contact Maryann to receive a refund for the incorrect merchandise. Shocker, she's never returned my calls. No apology, no refund. I even emailed photos of the dress next to the other bridesmaids. I am currently seeking legal action. \r \r more

Terrible and the WORST Experience 12/11/2009

Adrienne’s came highly recommended to me by a family friend - the only catch was that they purchased a wedding gown from there in 2007. I found a beautiful gown that I was thrilled about and loved. I ordered it in February 2009 - ample amount of time to be here for my early December wedding. The bridesmaids also ordered their dresses in May 2009, also plenty of time. Adrienne’s had down that one of the bridesmaids didn't pay the deposit, even though she did - which delayed the order even further. My mother-in-law also ordered her gown from Adrienne’s. She placed her order in early July 2009. Well, every single dress was DELAYED. I had to call numerous amounts of times, get tracking numbers, remind them, etc. to find out where all the gowns were. The owner, Maryann was nasty and made it seem like my fault. She runs her business poorly. I can't believe she is still in business. Hopefully people will read these reviews before purchasing (I didn't know about these reviews until after I ordered). I often wonder what would have happened if I never called and called. Would I have had my gowns all in time? One more thing I have to mention. I got my veil from them on the Thursday before my wedding day. Talk about STRESS. Please do not buy your wedding gowns or dress's from here. There are plenty of other wonderful and highly recommended shops to go to. Thank you for taking the time to read my review. Pros: NOTHING Cons: EVERYTHING more

What a Nightmare 10/27/2009

I am amazed this place is in business! I was in the wedding party very recently and we had to get our dresses here, I happened to come across all these bad reviews beforehand and thought to myself it couldnt be that was and worse.....not only did I have my own problems with the dress coming in, the fittings, the waiting, etc...I witnessed (on my many trips back) brides to be, mothers of the brides and other bridesmaids fighting with the owner. The ""Owner"" even took a personal phone call right in front of me after I had been waiting for an hour for them to go upstairs and get my dress for a fitting, she then passed me off to another employee who made me wait another 45 mins.....I mean really. Once they get your deposit, they know they have you and thats when the nightmare begins......BEWARE!!!! Cons: everything more

So bad, we had to call the cops! 9/25/2009

Avoid this place. After getting the runaround on the phone for a few weeks, we decided to just go there. Over two hours of mind blowing arguments, a police report, and the owner saying she's going to drive the neighborhood looking for the FedEx truck, and we finally got out dresses. Turns out they just didnt have the money to pay the COD due on delivery. Run from this place... They'll use your deposit money to keep their doors open, and you'll never see your dress... Pros: none! Cons: They're sure to be out of business soon... more

TERRIBLE!!!!!!!!! 7/17/2009

This place is horrific. In fact, I have never had a worse experience at any store in my entire life. Around the time my dress was supposed to come in I called and the owner told me that they had ""lost my dress in the store."" A month later when they ""found"" it I went in for alterations and the dress had many problems. I was told ""not to worry"" it would be fixed by the next visit. When I went back 4 weeks later they had not altered anything. This nonsense continued on for my next 3 visits. When I told them I was fed up and I would like to take my dress elsewhere to be altered they told me to come back one more time. When I went back the dress was in total disarray and their seamstress said, ""Sorry but I think whoever made these alterations fundamentally damaged your dress and it isn't fixable."" This was 10 days before my wedding. I started to cry and their worker said, ""stop crying its just a dress anyway."" Their owner then had the nerve to tell me that the dress would look better if I lost some weight (I am 115 pounds at 5'4-give me a break!). Long story short I had to take the dress to a different seamstress the week before my wedding to have it almost completely remade and Addrienes had the nerve to charge me full price for alterations. THIS PLACE IS HORRIFIC-DO NOT GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cons: EVERYTHING more

Not worth the trip. 7/3/2009

I went to Adrienne's yesterday with one of my bridesmaids and my mother to look for a wedding gown for me, as well as a MOB dress for my mom and bridesmaids dresses. We stood in the main room for about 10 minutes before anyone came to help us, and we were greeted with, ""so, first fitting, second fitting, what do you need?"" I was a bit taken back by the less than warm greeting, but was determinde to enjoy the experience. I showed the woman a picture of a dress I wanted to dry on. She said she did not have it, but had something very similar. We went to a back room where the bridal gowns are, only to find about 2 dozen dresses to choose from. Additionally, HALF of the dresses there were ""as is"" and could not be special ordered or altered. What the heck is the point?? Pros: not much. Cons: expensive, small selection, rude. more

Disgusting 7/2/2009

DO NOT GO HERE TO BUY YOUR WEDDING DRESS. Adrienne's is the most disgusting bridal shop I have ever been in. The people who work there are horrible. My friend ordered a dress and when it arrived... the top of it was not laying right at all and looked lumpy. Instead of telling her that the dress was messed up and ordering her another one, they lied and said they could fix it. Each time she went for a fitting they said they would get it right next time... well now her wedding is out of town next weekend and she had to leave today with the dress even though it was FAR from perfect, AND they had the nerve to charge her for alterations. The owner was so rude that she told my friend she had to lose weight for the dress to fit. First of all my friend is already very skinny and second of all regardless... that is the rudest thing i have ever heard. The other lady who worked there looked like she was on valium and couldn't care less that my friend was hysterical crying. And on top of it we saw another girl there crying saying they ordered the wrong dress... and the owner and other lady denied it and said it was what she ordered. DO NOT GO HERE!!!!!!!!! This place should be shut down for bad business practices. I only gave it 1 star because no stars is not an option. It should have negative stars. Cons: Your Wedding Dress will not be what you ordered/wanted more

BEWARE! 5/20/2009

Beware of Adriennes Bridal Salon. I am a size 2 and they ordered me a size 10 wedding dress. She wouldn't even eat the alteration charges and went crazy when I said I was going to alter it else where. NUTS! One month til my wedding, left with no dress and minus $1500 non refundable deposit. Cons: Once they have your money you are doomed! more

AWFUL 5/19/2009

My experience with Adriennes was awful. I ordered 6 Vera Wang bridesmaid dresses from there and the Owner, Maryann Greco, messed up the alterations on 4 of them. Not only did we have to go back 5 different times for her to fix them 4 days before the wedding, but she was not going to honor the cap on the alterations per our contract. After arguing with her and telling her I was going to take them some where else, then she said she would honor it. Maryann Greco's (the owner) customer service skills are unprofessional to say the least and I will never go there again. more

great selection and good customer service! 9/15/2008

The whole staff was very helpful and not pushy. they had patience with my very large bridal party, while we tried on tons of dresses until we found the perfect one to flatter everyone. we worked one on one with the bridesmaids manager, who had numerous tips on dresses that would flatter the numerous body types of my bridesmaids. she was honest and not at all pushy! they didnt care that we ran 45 minutes over our appointment time, and were very educated on their dresses. they also were able to help us out by doing custom straps for one of my bustier bridesmaids! i bought my bridal gown, bridesmaids gowns, and flower girl dresses through them. my mother and fiance's mother both bought their dresses there as well. i had a great experience with adriennes and am going back next month to shop for my sisters wedding! Pros: not pushy, helpful and friendly staff more

Horrible customer service 8/25/2008

I went to Adrienne's years ago when I got married and had an awful experience, but we just went back for my sister, thinking they had become more friendly. We were wrong. They were so cold and mean to my sister, cutting her off when she was talking, disappearing to another room frequently. I also felt they were trying to be sneaky, cutting the labels out of the dresses. more


I had an awful experience at Adrienne's. The owner and staff are nothing but liars and are only there to rip you off. The owner is rude and obnoxious. She treats her staff and clients like garbabge. Mid conversation she will walk away from you and not come back. She makes rude comments, and makes you feel like an idiot. No one cares that this is a once in a lifetime experience that you are suppossed to enjoy. I had dreams of the perfect wedding dress and new exactly what I wanted. They tell you anything can be done just to get you to buy. When you first go in the staff is so helpful, but once they get your money its all down from there. Extras that I ordered for my dress were sold and could not be found. I had to go shopping on my own to find the items I wanted for my dress. They try to give of samples as new items. My mom's dress was never ordered they tried to pack up the sample that was on the floor. Could you imagine spending all this money and getting samples! They do it to brides too. Some of my bridemaids were measured wrong, the entire dress had to be taken apart. I got no answers to my questions. 3 weeks before my wedding I was running around trying to find my mom her dress. I do not wish this experience on anyone. Shopping for your wedding gown should be a fun and amazing experince it should not be stressful. Do yourself a favor and stay away from this place! Pros: nothing Cons: horrible service once they have your money, owner is obnoxious, lies, lies, lies! more

Don't get Bride's Maid dresses there! 6/11/2008

Both my bridal dress and the bridesmaid dresses were purchased at Adrienne's. The only positive comment I have is that I was given great service every time I went for my fittings, unfortunately I can not say the same for the experience with the bridesmaid dresses. Five out of six were wrong, one too small and the others too big. The maid of honors dress was ordered four sizes too big. They were not even sure if they were going to be able to fix it in time for the wedding. The whole dress was taken apart and when it finally was finished it did not look like the dress which we had ordered. We took it knowing it was too close to the wedding and another could not be ordered and delivered in time. They were rude and not concerned with accommodating us and rectifying the problem. There were no appologies or refunds of any kind for the inconvenience. All of the girls were charged too much for the stores mistake, they did not measure them properly. I would never recommend this bridal salon for bridesmaid dresses. I found that the treatment & attention that I was given was not the same for my girls and that is very disappointing considering we spent a lot of money there. more

DO NOT ENTER THE HOUSE OF LIES!!!!!!!!!!!! 4/20/2008

Do not go here unless you want to be treated like dirt and lied to. The help is better at a fast food place then this so-called establishment. The help is rude and obnoxious, and deceitful. One of my bridesmaid had a personal issue and they were uncooperative and made nasty remarks. In our country you have 3 days when you buy anything to cancel without paying a cancellation fee. Apparently the owner of Adriennes does not abide by the law. They are overpriced and all they care about is making their money and not the feelings of their customers. I was told one thing one day then told the opposite the next day regarding the sizes of the bridesmaid dresses. I cancelled the order and was told I would get my full refunds that day. Instead 2 days later the so-called manager called me and told me I was being charged a cancellation fee for each dress. This is not a way to run a business. I wouldn't recommend this place to my worst enemy. A bride has enough stress to deal with before her wedding ADRIENNES just adds to it!!! Pros: NOTHING Cons: CUSTOMER SERVICE,PARKING,OVER-PRICED more

STAY FAR, FAR AWAY!!!.... 2/13/2008

This is NOT the place you want to be when picking out such an important thing. The sales associates as well as the owner are only concerned with making commision, not making the bride happy and secure with their purchase. They were not helpful or skilled in customer service at all. The selection is very minimal and the pricing.....lets just say they are not competitive enough. Furthermore, you can get better quality service and attention as well as a better deal price wise at Bridal Reflections! Trust me, save your money!!!! more

Adrienne's is terrible!! 7/12/2006

Adrianne's completely messed up my sister's bridal gown and the bridesmaid's dresses. Due entirely to their mess up, they kept telling us that the bridesmaid's dresses would come on this week, no next week, no on Saturday - something different very time. We finally received the bridesmaid's dresses two days before the wedding and still had to get them fitted! They expected us to re-arrange our days to accommodate their mistakes. At first, they told my sister to pick up her dress at noon the day before the wedding, but then changed it to 3, obviously oblivious to a rehearsal dinner, and forcing her to re-schedule her manicure/pedicure. They also said something about sewing on beads, even though the dress does not has beads. Do NOT go here! Brides have enough stress before a wedding. You certainly do not need Adrianne's making it worse! more
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