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Hamden, CT 06514

(203) 864-3371
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Admire Dental - Hamden, CT
Admire Dental - Hamden, CT
Admire Dental - Hamden, CT
Admire Dental - Hamden, CT
Admire Dental - Hamden, CT
Admire Dental - Hamden, CT
Admire Dental - Hamden, CT
Admire Dental - Hamden, CT
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I had a Saturday Appointment and the wait was minimal. Very nice office staff. My Dentist was awesome! Very friendly and explained everything! He even laughed at my using the mi...


When I went into the Aspen Dental office a couple weeks ago they told me that since I am a new patient that they would give me a FREE examination. I liked the place, all the accou...

Editorial review from BirdEye 9/26/2016

I had a Saturday Appointment and the wait was minimal. Very nice office staff. My Dentist was awesome! Very friendly and explained everything! He even laughed at my using the mirror he gave me to look at my teeth, I started fixing my hair!!! It's nice when you can laugh with your doc! Although it's expensive, I will return! A lot of options to pay for your care. Aspen Dental is Awesome!?????????????????????? more

Editorial review from BirdEye 9/14/2016

The Dentist was very personable and took time to explain the procedure and my options. The staff was friendly and very efficient. The office was pristine. more

Editorial review from BirdEye 8/25/2016

All staff extremely patient with me and my fear of going to the Dentist. Absolutely wonderful experience, Dr. Lee the best ever!!! more

Editorial review from BirdEye 6/15/2016

Very friendly staff. Prices are reasonable, and felt good after I left. I was a new patient but treated I was going there for years. Also very thorough in my exam and cleaning more

Editorial review from BirdEye 4/22/2016

All staffs were great and the office is state of the art practice..neat and clean more

Editorial review from BirdEye 3/29/2016

The woman who cleaned my teeth was excellent and very friendly more

Editorial review from BirdEye 2/9/2016

Very quick and personable staff more

Editorial review from BirdEye 1/20/2016

The staff are all pleasant and very accomodating and helpful, outstanding performance. Continue doing it, superb service and staff. more

Editorial review from BirdEye 1/13/2016

Very good and warm service more

ASPEN dental----money sucking liers 3/10/2011

Even though they got me in quickly for an appointment and they were friendly and courteous as can be...I would never tell anyone I know to go there. I had ONE painful tooth, they wanted to extract 10 of my teeth due to gum disease and fit me for partials. Total cost would be $5300. I almost went through with it but got an appointment with my regular doctor 2 days later....I have a simple gum infection and NOTHING more, I have great teeth and I have also never had a single cavity. I do believe that Aspen Dental is only in it for the $$$$ and they want all of us to be toothless and in debt...Please what ever you do, even if you have to sell jewelry to pay for a good dentist, do it. But do not get sucked in by the free anything coupons for new patients. They will get their money another way after they get you in there....They are a real scam. more

FREE EXAM??? 1/27/2011

When I went into the Aspen Dental office a couple weeks ago they told me that since I am a new patient that they would give me a FREE examination. I liked the place, all the accountants were nice and the dentists were even nicer. They told me that I might have to get a filling in the near future but that was no big dea...l too me and after what I thought was just a FREE exam I was on my way out the door and on another adventure haha. Well today I got a envelope in the mail that wrote ASPEN DENTAL on the top left hand corner. I opened this envelope with a curious look on my face, wondering what this could be for??? Now remember all I went into ASPEN DENTAL for was the FREE EXAM and nothing else, they told me it was FREE!!!. This is what the paper read, cough cough ( clearing my throat) Comprehensive Exam Fee $65.00, Full Mouth Series Fee $115.00, Summary $180.00!!!!!\r WHAT THE FU#% ?!?!?!!?!? excuse my language, ASPEN DENTAL SUCKS!!!!! more

The nightmare mouth surgery 1/27/2011

I had work done over 2 years,still have not gotten permanent upper\r dentures-my fault.Iam about to get lower dentures after extractions.\r The main problem is the changing of the personell,there is always a\r diffrent doc,and I have a cervical fusion so it's very touch and go.\r My back&neck prevent me from keeping all my appointments.\r But currently the dentist is Very good,I am waiting for the surgeon.\r I require pain meds after extractions I shall demand them first before any work is done.\r I understand the reluctance to give out pain meds,but I already have immense pain,but oral pain is much diffrent.\r After spending some $6,000.00 I expect not to have to suffer.\r I will keep you updated on the progress since it seems this place\r has come under accident was the initial cause of the\r tooth failure and need for work. more

FML 1/21/2011

So im out of work and i needed my wisdom teeth taken out because of the pain. and well my gf kept pushing me so i went to aspen dental because the would use a dental discount plan i got for veterans. which it still cost me well over 2000 dollars to do the procedure. well its almost been a week and i am still in pain. i have talked to othwer dentists and other peoiple i am not suppost to be in this much pain. so i called to see wheat i could do about the pain. they said i have to wait a month unitl my follow up appoitment... i am in soooooooo much pain!!!!!!!!! more

Worst experience ever!!! 1/6/2011

Aspen convinced me that I needed 3 old fillings redone. They were all done incorrectly leading to an infection and root canal, missed work and tons of pain!!!! more

Garbage 1/5/2011

The appointment I made on the web was a waste of time, they told me it wasn't a real appointment, and that they would squeeze me in. The on-line form was no good, had to fill in another at the office.\r The coupon for a free xray was no good. They wanted $100 to examine me so that they could tell me how much between $120 and $300 on top of the $100 for the exam..... more

Hurting from Aspen Dental 9/14/2010

I think Aspen Dental might have broken my jaw. I had a tooth pulled there last Thursday and I am in terrible pain still on Tuesday. I can barely open my mouth. I am going to my doctor tomorrow for x-rays. \r \r It took two dentists and they just kept breaking and digging my tooth. I called the emergency number on Sunday and was told to come in om Monday. They said on Monday that I am fine and do not have any infection. Then why write a prescription for antibiotics. They wanted to charge me over $1200 after insurance to do a deep cleaning (that is not going to happen). They refused to do a regular cleaning.\r \r My sister was going to go to them and I told her not to do it. I wouldn't let them treat my dogs teeth. more

Dont go through what I had to 9/11/2010

I agree that this place is only after the $$$. I urge anyone that has gone or is still going here to seek out a private dentist practice and have your xrays compared. I had gone there several time in the course of a few weeks to have many fillings and cleanings done. I was also one of the many told that I had periodontal disease. I didn't have any reason to not believe them so I had their cleanings and they did the filling they said I needed. Within a years time my fillings all started to fall out and i had a lot of pain in several places. I had never had trouble like this in my life before. I went to a new doctor in a private family practice and he told me that a lot of the work was done incorrectly and that a lot of decay was left under the new fillings causing them to rot further. I was also informed that i had very healthy gums and there is no gum disease at all. As a result I have lost 5 teeth in less than a year. To the supposed person with dental knowledge let me just clarify a more

dental 8/26/2010

my wife and i recently went to aspen dental, i need upper dentures, and my wife need dreplacement dentures. the service we received was was very good. i had 9 teeth pulled dentures put in. i had no pain except after wards but thats normal. so far we have had no issues. if we do, we well let you know. more

Please Don't Waste Your Time or Money! 6/3/2010

worst experience ever! I never minded going to the dentist. now on the other hand, after all I've been through with Aspen Dental. It's a long story, gonna make it short.\r I've been to Aspen Dental 7 times now, for the same simple filling. and you know what, they are wanting a number 8.\r My first apt. the dentist was going to fix a filling on the top left and start the process of 2 crowns on the bottom. starting with the filling, he says "Oops!". I'm like hummmm....that doesn't sound so good. after having pain several times, going back and being checked and having this and that done 3x's, (on the same filled tooth) I suggested looking at the before and after x rays. (still wondering if the Oops had something to do with my pain)\r Sure enough, the oops was a chipped tooth. I even asked the office manager, Cindy, if the dentist accidentally chipped my tooth, would he say anything. "OOHHH sure he would".\r the next visit, #4 visit was for the filling the first dentist filled and didn't remov more
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  • Admire Dental is a state-of-the-art facility. We provide the highest quality dental care available. Your care, comfort, health and well-being are our top priority. Our offices meet & exceed all OHSA & CDC standards. As a comprehensive dental care facility, Admire Dental can provide for all your dental needs regardless of age. We treat adults, children & families. The dental services you need today for you and/or your family differ from the services you have required in the past and your needs will be different in the future. Our experienced dentists can provide you with the services you need when you want them. Our services include Fillings & Restorations, Root Canal Treatment, Crowns & Bridges, Tooth Extractions, Dentures, Dental Implants, Teeth Whitening, Invisalign and much more. We accept most insurance plans & have flexible payment plans.. General Dentistry,Family Dentistry,Fillings & Restorations,Root Canal Therapy,Crowns & Bridges,Tooth Extractions,Dentures,Dental Implants,Teeth Whitening,Invisalign and much more.

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