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Acredale Animal Hospital: De Lorenzo Alexandra DVM - 47 Reviews - 1200 Lake James Dr, Virginia Beach, VA - Veterinary Services Reviews - Phone (757) 523-6100
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Acredale Animal Hospital: De Lorenzo Alexandra DVM

1200 Lake James Dr
Virginia Beach, VA 23464
(757) 523-6100
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I have a lot of maltese dogs, I am a breeder and I have excellent experience with Acredale Animal Hospital. I have been using them for approximately 8 years. They are excellent,...


We have been going to Acredale for nearly 15 years. They have always been spot on...until the past three years or so. \r \r It started when they missed a hyperthyroid conditio...

Horrible Service 5/22/2011

I was recommended to Acredale by someone who said they were caring and affordable. I have found them to be neither, but to their credit they are rude and unprofessional. I have had wonderful vets in the past who have taken their time to get to know our animals and treated them and us with respect. This last weekend we took two of our dogs for vaccinations. Even though there were only two other people in the waiting room, we waiting 61 minutes before we were seen by a vet. And even then, she spent less that 3 minutes on both of their ""annual exams."" When I expressed my frustration to her she said, ""Okay."" I wish this was only one experience out of many. Unfortunately, every experience has been the same. I am actively searching for a place that cares about my furry ones. WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND THIS PLACE TO ANYONE WHO EVEN REMOTELY LIKES THEIR PET. more

Very Caring Staff! Excellent Veterinarians! 5/2/2011

I have a lot of maltese dogs, I am a breeder and I have excellent experience with Acredale Animal Hospital. I have been using them for approximately 8 years. They are excellent, professional, thorough, caring, etc. Yes, you do have to pay your bill upfront and I feel horrible for the lady who left a bad review, but it is a ""service"". They do offer payment options, financing and such (The ASPCA would have probably helped her out but she must not have known that). The office staff are excellent and caring, always taking plenty of time to talk to me about all my concerns. Dr. A. Delorenzo is the primary Vet that I do see. She is an excellent vet and cares about not only what is good for the pet but what the owners expectations are, what they want, what they plan for thier pet and gives helpful advice on any situation. I think it is sad that there was a bad review because it is not deserved on Dr. Delorenzo's part. She has cared for all of our pets with absolutely no complaint from us. She is so sweet, kind and loving to our animals and she is an excellent Veterinarian in my eyes. I would highly recommend Acredale Animal Hospital on every area of practice. The prices are very good too. Getting an animal spayed/neutered there is very inexpensive! more

Mean & Uncaring 4/19/2011

I have been going to Acredale Animal Hospital or 17 years. I have had 5 dogs that I have brought to them 3 (now 2) currently, but I have now pulled my records. My 5 year old Bull Mastiff needed surgery that would save her life. They quoted me $1500.00 for the surgery but I did not have that much money available. I asked to make payments like I have in the past with out problems but they told me that they do not do that anymore and I would have to come up with the full payment. I was not able to and now my baby girl is DEAD!!!!!!!!! I asked where the loyalty is and that I have been seeing them or 17 year with many referrals to my friends. NOT ONE Doctor would talk to me while I was there or answer any of my calls. They all hide behind their office staff. Other people have giving them good ratings in the past but as you can see the last one posted was last year so they have gone downhill with their service and compassion. What has happened to customer loyalty??? more

Excellent 8/10/2010

Based on what I've read, seen and known, Acredale is an outstanding animal clinic in all areas; veterinary medicine and surgery, caring, pricing, facilities, etc. The doctors are very knowledgeable, understanding and compassionate. It is a place of business and yet the service is competetively and reasonably priced. more

Top Notch 10/9/2009

Acredale Animal Hospital is the best vet I've ever been to--and I've been to many in many different states. I have nothing but good things to say about Acredale. I would never go anywhere else with my furry babies. Pros: Facility, staff, vets more

Top Notch 10/9/2009

Dr. Alex is the best vet I've ever had--and I've had many in many different states. I have nothing but good things to say about her and her practice. I would never go anywhere else with my furry babies. Pros: knowledgable, patient, caring more

If You Love Your Pet Go to Acredale 9/25/2009

Acredale Animal Hospital is the only place I would ever take my two little Maltese. The staff and doctors there are truly exceptional in everyway. My two dogs are my ""children"" and I would never take them someplace that I felt they were not going to get both love and care.\r The doctors treat my dogs as they were their own.\r If you are looking for an excellent Vet then choose them. Pros: Best Animal Care Anyplace more

Dr. Alex DeLorenzo is Outstanding 6/14/2009

OMG! I can’t believe that anyone has anything negative to say about Dr. Alex! I just said the same thing in my post about Acredale Animal Hospital too. I couldn’t be more shocked and wouldn’t have enough space here to write all the good things I think about Dr. Alex. She’s kind both to my animals and to me during emotionally trying situations. She’s straightforward with me at all times regarding the condition of my pet’s health even during difficult times—that’s when I appreciate it most. She always shares insight on the latest medical procedures and practices, provides care options, and never suggests over testing or over medicating—situations I’ve experienced elsewhere over the years. She’s compassionate and has a wonderful personality—priceless attributes during emotionally stressful times. If you’ve never had the opportunity to meet Dr. Alex, you are missing out indeed. Pros: Kind, compassionate, knowledgeable, straightforward Cons: Notta! more

Dr. Alex Rocks 6/14/2009

I’ll just repost my Acredale Animal Hospital post right here because all of what I said applies to Dr. Alex as well. I am so grateful I found her and the Acredale Animal Hospital. I’m new to the area. Because I didn’t know anyone to ask about vets, I got online to do some research. And although I found a few negative reviews about Acredale Animal Hospital on this city search site, I realized that often people write negative reviews for personal reasons and that those reviews don’t accurately reflect the nature of the reviewed business. Plus, because these guys were so close to my new home, I decided to give them a try. I am sooooooooooooo glad that I did! I have found none of the situations mentioned in the negative e-mails but have found a hundred times over all of the wonderful things! I love this animal hospital! As long as I am living in this area, I will bring my beloved pets to this facility. Pros: Outstanding Vet! more

So glad I tried Acredale! 6/14/2009

I’m new to the area. Because I didn’t know anyone to ask about vets, I got online to do some research. And although I found a few negative reviews about Acredale Animal Hospital on this city search site, I realized that often people write negative reviews for personal reasons and that those reviews don’t accurately reflect the nature of the reviewed business. Plus, because these guys were so close to my new home, I decided to give them a try. I am sooooooooooooo glad that I did! I have found none of the situations mentioned in the negative e-mails but have found a hundred times over all of the wonderful things! I love this animal hospital! As long as I am living in this area, I will bring my beloved pets to this facility. Pros: Close to my home, wonderful vets, terrific vet techs Cons: Haven't found any so far more

Best Vet in Tidewater Area 6/14/2009

OMG! I can’t believe that anyone has anything negative to say about Acredale Animal Hospital. These folks are absolutely top notch! What they are not, however, are miracle workers. It’s a doctor’s office—you’re going to have to wait—plan accordingly, bring a book, and get a grip. These folks don’t get behind schedule because they’re slow or lazy or otherwise can’t or don’t schedule properly, they get behind because sometimes clients have pet emergencies and regularly people take advantage of the incredibly awesome walk-in service Acredale offers. I often take advantage of the walk-in service, and I know that if someday one of my pets needs emergency attention, I will receive it without hesitation. That’s the nature of this type of business, and without question a trade-off I’m willing to make. Many vets don’t even accept walk-ins and few offer the extended hours that Acredale does. So, if you’ve had to wait while you were at Acredale Animal Hospital, my pets and I thank you for your patience and understanding. I gladly will be understanding the next time you and your pet need a walk-in appointment or emergency attention. And really, we’re talking medicine here folks—this isn’t a math equation. Two plus two doesn’t always equal four. Sometimes the only way to figure out what’s going on is through process of elimination—again, that’s the nature of the beast. If people don’t understand this reality, I only could guess that they have a limited understanding of how medicine in general works. With minimal research, one would find that doctors for humans must operate in the same manner. Unfortunately, medicine is not an exact science. I understand the pain and suffering that accommodates the illness or loss of a pet—Lord knows I’ve lost my share—it’s never easy under any condition and can be traumatic and devastating. But sometimes, I think, people need to take a look at their own behavior and recognize the contributions that they may have made to the situations in which they find themselves. I think that sometimes this perspective and understanding comes with time. I find it a shame that sometimes people write reviews before allowing themselves time to grieve and gain a healthy perspective on the situation—because really, emotional responses rarely are accurate depictions of the truth. And the truth is, you won’t find a better animal hospital than Acredale. Pros: Walk-in service, competent vets Cons: None! more


I have been a client of Acredale for over 15 years. Not only do I bring my own animals to them, I bring animals that I rescue there too. They have saved the lives of my babies and of many unfortunate animals that I have rescued from the pounds. There is not another veterinarian practice around that can compare to Acredale Animal Hospital. They are second to none! The Doctors are excellent. Dr. Evans is exceptional. He's an excellent vet and surgeon. Dr. Kenny & Alex DeLorenzo, Dr. Chris Emrich and Dr. Schrama are also wonderful. You can't find another practice that has such a competent veterinarian staff like Acredale does.\r I have know Betty Johnson for many years. She is a knowledgable, kind, wonderful vet tech. So is Christy Kent, Bettina and all the others. Fallon, who takes care of the pharmacy is also fantastic. \r The front desk staff have a very tough job to do and yet they always manage to greet everyone who walks through the door with a smile. They are a fantastic group of people. \r The people who are posting negative comments on this site anger me. I am at Acredale at least once a week and sometimes several times a week. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PRACTICE. I would not go to any other practice in the Tidewater Area because there is not another practice that can compare to Acredale!!!!!!!!! THEY ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pros: Fantastic vets & friendly staff. Cons: No cons what so ever. more

Rebuttle to JennaS's review 6/12/2009

I would like to take a moment to clear my name of what JennaS has stated about me. My name is Fallon Lewis and I have worked in pharmacy for Acredale for almost 5 years now. I like my job and the people I work with and was very hurt by what Jenna had to say about us. Every single person I work with cares about the animals and even though we get annoyed with each other sometimes (like any work environment does) we are all there because of our love for the animals and do everything we can to take the best care of them as possible. Jenna worked in kennels for the majority of her time at Acredale and did no assisting that I know of. I trained her in pharmacy for maybe 2 weeks if that before she stopped coming in to work and eventually quit. \r The kitten was brought into us in a condition where we thought it probably would've died in another hour or less if she had not brought it in. She was wet from lying in her urine and the towels around her were wet as well. She also could barely open her eyes, if at all. We honestly didn't think the kitten was going to make it at all. Jenna had told me that her parents wouldn't let the kitten stay at her house since she had been back from college so the kitten had been staying at her boyfriend’s house for the weekend. When she went to pick the kitten up at 2 pm that day it hadn't eaten since 8 pm the night before... this is a 6 to 7 week old kitten we're talking about. She was seriously malnourished and weighed less than a pound when we weighed her. Long story short, she had no place for the kitten to stay and going back with her boyfriend was out of the question. I spoke with Jenna myself and explained the situation and told her that Christy (one of our Technicians) has done fostering before and was willing to do everything she could to take care of the kitten and if it were to live she'd find it a good home. Jenna then stated to me that she just wanted what was best for the kitten and that she remembered Christy fostering animals before and taking good care of them. She then said goodbye to the kitten and left. \r She didn't pay Acredale anything for what we had done and she hasn’t offered to pay Christy or the Hospital anything. So I don't know how she could think all we want is money anyways. Obviously we were looking out for the kitten’s best interest even though the kitten had a pretty bad prognosis. Christy and I gave Jenna updates about the kittens improvement (we are all so happy that the kitten actually made it) and once it was doing much better Christy found the kitten a very good home. We did everything we said we were going to do. \r Once Jenna found out that the kitten was doing better and we found it a good home is when she started to claim that we ""stole"" the kitten. She had known from the second she left the hospital that if the kitten made it, which we made no guarantees, it would be given to a good home. Christy even has a text message from Jenna saying thank you for finding the kitten a good home. And then to say the least we find out that she comes on here the next day and writes nasty things about us and the hospital. I seriously have never known anyone to be less appreciative and selfish about saving their animals life. It seems as though the kitten is nothing but a possession to her and the fact that the kitten is alive and doing well means nothing. Christy saved the kittens life and this is the thanks she gets. I just wanted to clear up the accusations made against us. I hope that anyone that reads her post disregards it and doesn't hold it against the staff of Acredale Animal Hospital because what Jenna had to say is totally false.\r Pros: loving animal hospital more

Only the BEST for my Basset Hounds 5/29/2009

We have taken our hound family to Acredale for over 26 years, we have had the best of care there and would not consider another clinic. There are times when we do wait to be seen, but I also know that emergencies DO happen, we have been the emergency and they have always stopped and helped our hounds. When we wait, we know that it is because there has been a animal in dire need. The staff has always been kind and helpful, the job they have is hard, animals can't talk, they are scared and can be very hard to handle. The staff at Acredale are all well trained to handle these cases.The abuse cases that show up thru the front door are heartbreaking, the front desk workers see and hear it all. It must be hard to smile when you know that last client can't be saved, but they do a good job. They have feelings too.\r We feel the knowledge of the vets is on the cutting edge, they have saved my Elwood, Casey, Ol Bob, and many others over the years when it appeared the end was near. Dr Evans and all the Vets, have the the experience and knowledge I expect in a Vet and I recomend them highly. The fee's they charge are very fair. \r Acredale Animal Hospital is the best. We commend them for all the times they have been there for us. Pros: Knowledge and caring Cons: wish the clinic had 24 hr care more

Our Vet 5/29/2009

We have been going to Dr. Alex De Lorenzo for more than ten years. We started taking our pups there when we moved to the area and they were just under a year old. Our animals have always received excellent care from Dr. D., as we call her, so I should have expected no less last year when we really needed her. I just had no idea how tremendously she would come through for us. \r \r Just last year we had to put one of our 'pup's down unexpectedly. It was one of the worst experiences of our lives, but was made as tolerable as possible by Dr. D. as well as her husband, Dr. Kenny DeLorezno, who happened to be the first vet we saw that horrible Monday morning. Not only were Dr. D. and her husband amazingly compassionate and knowledgeable, they were also realistic about the powers of medicine. \r \r That Monday morning I got to the office at 8 am when they opened and I couldn't get my 80 pound dog from the car. I was crying uncontrollably but the receptionist dealt with me compassionately and with understanding. They swiftly and efficiently got a stretcher to my car in a matter of moments. I still remember my ‘Bub’ on that stretcher sitting like a regal King with his head held high as they carried him into the office. \r \r I was then seen almost immediately by Dr. Kenny De Lorenzo even though I did not have an appointment. Our 'Bub' spent three days in their ‘hospital’ as they tried to treat him hoping that he'd improve. We went to visit three to four times a day and not only were Dr. D and her husband wonderful but also the vet techs, receptionists...everyone made us feel welcome. They brought us blankets to lie on the floor with our ‘Bub’ while we visited (he still couldn't walk) and they brought us tissues when we cried. \r \r When we realized that the treatment could not make him better, Dr. D helped us to make one of the most difficult decisions of our lives and was with us every step of the way. After Dr. D had put our ‘Bub’ out of his misery, we just left the office…no bill…no questions. Of course, they did eventually mail us the bill and to my surprise it was less than I would have thought for three days in their ‘hospital’ and all the treatment he received. \r \r This event is just one example of why we go to Acredale and specifically Dr. Alex and Dr. Kenny. We would go to no other vet. We’ve moved an hour away and we still drive our 12 year old grumpy lab to see her as well as my cat and new baby hound dog. Dr. D. is absolutely the best.\r Pros: excellent vet care more

absolutely the very best ever 5/28/2009

We believe that the doctors who see our animals are more important than the doctors we see ourselves. Acredale doctors and staff are warm, caring, and extremely competent. We've been going there since it opened more than 20 years ago. Acredale is more than 25 miles from our home and we would not consider going anywhere else !! Pros: doctors and staff are caring and first-rate Cons: long drive to get there - 25 miles but always worth it more

Omigoodness! (part II) 5/24/2009

Again, let me note from my review on Dr. A. DeLorenzo, I am not going to attempt to dispute what others have previously noted unless I know something to be blatantly untrue. Get out of this review what you feel is important. Let me say up front, that we have had issues with the pharmacy, and the waiting area up front is too small (those new benches need to go). The expansion should resolve that problem. We have on occasion had to deal with someone at the front desk who may have been a little too ""curt"". And through the years, there have been some doctors I wasn't too keen on, that's why I chose not to go back to them! Like your family physician, I stay with the ones I now know and trust (that would be the two DeLorenzos). But when was the last time every single person you dealt with was nice? Get real. Make your feelings known and move on or move out. That being said, we have been taking our dogs to Acredale since they first opened, (the place used to be a bank), and all of our dogs have received the best of care (we're up to 5 now). Two have since died of cancer, and as painful as it was, the staff and Dr. Alex took good care of us. None of them have ever been mis-diagnosed, and many of the ailments that others have mentioned concerning ears, glands, organs or whatever we've had to deal with, and all have been treated correctly. When we walk in we are always greeted. If we come in as a ""walk-in"" we are clearly told to ""expect a wait"" and sometimes it's a long one and sometimes it's not. The desk staff is not there to entertain or talk to me, they have work to do. If the treatment is for something serious, and I don't like what I hear, I offer feedback, ask questions, or I get a second opinion (from them or from someplace else). When one of the dogs gets surgery, things don't always go as planned. Stitches pop out, and infection can set in, but it gets taken care of. I have never had anyone be rude or ""talk down"" to me, and if they did, I wouldn't tolerate it unless I was rude to them. Then it's my fault. I have never (and let me emphasize never) had a ""vet"" do the initial temperature check on one of the dogs. It is always a ""tech"", and no it's not semantics, and yes there is a huge difference. As far as those ""long waits"" go. For those of you that don't know, the reason for the waits has always been the lack of exam rooms. Not number of doctors, or number of clients. That is one of the reasons why they are expanding, in order to help alleviate that very problem. How do I know these things? Because I check things, I ask questions. Remember this if nothing else. This is medicine. Do your own research! Be an educated pet owner! That's what having a pet means. So much of this is simple ""Common Sense."" For those of you who feel that you have received less than adquate care, I hope you are getting it now. For me, I would recommend this place without hesitation. The ""actual care"" my dogs receive has always been excellent. Pros: Friendly, knowledgable, caring Cons: Pharmacy issues, small check in area more

Omigoodness! 5/24/2009

I have a habit of defending those that have no way of defending themselves. This section was supposed to be for individuals to leave specific feedback concerning Dr. Alex DeLorenzo. By my count, maybe 3 of the 6 did just that. I understand you might have issues with the way an organization is run (and rightfully so), but be careful on how, or who you take out your frustrations on. I find it interesting that people who often offer ""negatives"" usually seem to have other issues that they don't want to take responsibility for. Whereas people who offer ""positives"" usually just have an honest opinion. Alex does a fine job, as does her husband. I can offer no better complement than to say they treat my dogs as if they were their own. I'm not here to debate anyone on the level of treatment that you or your pet may have received. I wasn't there, so I can't vouch for it. But Nick said it very well when he noted that regardless of how much emotion we put into our pets, when we separate all that out it's still a business. Please take the time to read my review submitted under ""Acredale Animal Hospital."" Pros: Knowledgable, friendly, compassionate more


if you really care about your animals,, do not ever take them here. i worked there for 3 years in the kennels, pharmacy& assisting. This place for one, just stole my kitten that i have raised since she was 6 days old [she's now 7 weeks] [saying that I had agreed to this, and that they have witnesses that heard me say this, when the only people that I saw were the receptionists, Fallon Lewis, and Christy Kent.] ..but they do not treat your animals kindly. Like many of the reviews say, they only want your money. One senior tech.. Betty Johnson.. has had multiple write ups for abusing the animals.. i've seen her first hand throw animals into cages, try to shove a pill down a pugs throat [there is an appropriate way to do this, and that's not it, plus she didn't get it down and i hand fed it to him and it ate it, i mean come on he's a pug] and beat animals, yet still works there. One kitten came in to get declawed, and ended up passing away due to neglect of the staff.. one they never ran her bloodwork which is mandatory to see if she could even be put under anesthesia [which, if they had ran it would have seen that she couldnt and would still be alive today]. One dog that had a minor surgery.. was supposed to be monitored the entire time he was coming out of the anesthesia.. DIED because a TECH neglected to see that the dogs gums were turning white until it was too late. ALL OF THESE SHOULD HAVE EASILY BEEN PREVENTED AND ARE NOT SIMPLE MISTAKES so do yourself, and your pets a favor and take them somewhere they are going to be treated kindly Cons: Neglect animals, responsible for death of pets more

DR. A. DeLorenzo 4/23/2009

My family and I have been going to AAH, for over 17 years. I have had the pleasure to have them take care of our family members in good health and bad and none of us would go to any other vet. Our family has been lucky enough to get to know Dr D. She has taken the BEST care of our family members .She has always been very caring and professional to all of us. I have seen her with other people's animals and she is wonderful with them as well. We think that the staff is also wonderful. THANKS FOR EVERYTHING THAT YOU DO FOR ALL THE ANIMALS THAT YOU CARE FOR.TRUELY QUALITY WITHOUT QUESTION Pros: BEST AT THE BEACH more
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