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Accurate Tenant Screening

120 W Lutz Lake Fern Rd
Lutz, FL 33548
(813) 948-7679
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I stand by words they are good peoples over there.\r *****************************************************************************************************************************...


These horrible people don't event listen to the facts. When you present the facts with written proof they ignore them like they are above the law. I just filed formal complaints...

Capstone employees are horrible miserable people 2/18/2011

These horrible people don't event listen to the facts. When you present the facts with written proof they ignore them like they are above the law. I just filed formal complaints with the federal and state government. What they do can be proven to be criminal in some cases. If you have a complaint I suggest you file it. Links are supplied below by others. If you have documentation they have ignored please upload it to the government sites. They will listen if enough people go to them. If you look at the ""good"" ratings here you can tell they are from Capstone. Read the comments you can tell what mean spirited people they are just by their posts!!!! more

Buyers Beware 12/22/2010

Capstone Credit Services has been inactive since 09/24/2010. The owner of this company Doug Cullaro has open up an new company with a similar name (Capstone Credit & Collection LLC) I have found that they do have a pending case against them Robby Tilborg, Plantiff vs. Capstone collection & Credit, LLC Defenant. I also just noticed that the company the closed down (Capstone credit services) 09/24/2010 but his new company (Capstone Credit & Collections LLC) was active since 10/12/2009. In my opinion when a business owner need to close down one company to open another, he is probably trying to cover up something or has something to hid. If he has nothing to hide he could have easily changed to a dba or added an LLC to his corporation. I have been dealing with this unprofessional company for about a year now. I have done everything in my power to make them answer my questions. They refuse to provide info they are legally required to provide. They use unprofessional language. I am almost certain they only have between 3-5 employees. They do not carry the proper licensing to handle commercial accounts. (This requires a $50,000.00 bond to make sure your accounts places are protected) If you are a business placing commercial account I would look elsewhere. They have an F rating with the BBB and they still go by the name Capstone Credit. They havn't responded to the last 14 complaints. On their website they claim to have been in business since 1992, If you check on sunbiz this company has only been active since 2009. They prior company was opened on 08/06/1993 (Why would you lie about 1 year) If a company would lie to you about something so small, you could only imagine what else they are lying about. If you have anything to add or would like to talk with me more, feel free to email me at any time. njiolt1@yahoo Thank you for reading! more

Capston Credit & Collection, LLC ~ Lets Stop Them Now~ 6/8/2010

This company needs to be stopped. There was a new bill passed (bill s2086) ~ must read up on this~. As of Oct 1, 2010 there might be a way to stop these guys. To launch an investigation there will need to be 5 valid complaints on this company with in a 12 month period. I don't think this takes effect until Oct 1, 2010. So on Oct 2, 2010 if you had a problem with this company please call the Office Of Financial Regulations (850)453-7908. Tell them you need the Consumer Collection Practice Act Complaint Form. Capstone also changed from an Inc to an LLC this year. The companies current name is Capstone Credit & Collections, LLC address. 120 Lutz Lake Fern Rd W, Lutz FL, 33548 This company never read a mini miranda to the debtors, they use profanity, collection agencies as never to threat you or to threaten litigation on you. (If they threatened Litigation please right a letter to the Florida Bar) Look up 559.72 to know your rights!!! 559.72 Prohibited practices generally. --In collecting consumer debts, no person shall: Pros: Collections Cons: Everything more


Please if you are having problems with this company take the time to make the complaints.\r Make a complaint with the department of agg, state attorney general, federal trade commission, any local consumer protection agencies and the BBB. This company is a joke\r \r myfloridalegal\r\r bbb\r 800helpfla\r \r I pulled my credit report and to my surprise I found capstone credit saying I owed a balance of $3,000.00. I call to get info on the debt and was cursed at. I sent a letter of dispute and they send me info that didn't make any since and claimed they validated the debt. I called to get the original creditor info and they refused to provide me the info. They lady cursed at me, hung up on me several times, threated that this will stay on my credit forever. Please make to complaints so this company can be closed down. Also, this is a small company with everyone there is only 6 employees!!! Pros: Collections Cons: SCAM more

Needs to be shut down 9/20/2009

I urge everyone who is mistreated by this company to know your rights. Keep records of calls and harassment, dates times and who you are speaking with. If you can tape the calls. Do not allow them to violate the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. A federal law that supersedes Florida state law. If you don't know of it, read it and it will help. Report them to the FTC, Better Busyness Bureau, and the attorney General. That is the best way to shut this corrupt collections organization down. Personally, I received a bill from them in the mail. They claimed I messed up an apartment I had spent a week cleaning in with friends before I moved out. I even had photos so I sent a reply that something was wrong. The proof they sent me that I owed them money was a pet clause which at the time did not even possess an animal. They said it was more than enough proof that I owed them money. Then things got ugly on their side, where they said pictures aren't good evidence and it's not their job to make sure the debts are legitimate because they don't work for deadbeats who owe money. The Woman yelled in to the phone and got more harassing as it went telling me they were going to ruin my life if I didn't pay them money whether I really owed them money or not. She hung up and when I called back asking for a manager, they giggled as they put her back on and she said I was only going to get her so I need to pay or else and hung up again. So in that statement alone they admitted they were purposely collecting on people using harsh language and harassing tone even though the person might not owe. I sent complaints around but in order for government intervention there has to be more reported cases and I know there are many out there being harassed by this company. They give collections agencies a bad name, I have friends in collections when I showed them my case, but more importantly the notes I took during the conversation they were infuriated and are attempting to do what they could on their end. Pros: Hires horrible people that otherwise wouldn't have a job Cons: Breaks the FDCPA on a regular basis more

Gay Male seeks help from Capstone Credit Services 7/25/2009

Dear Capstone. As you know I am a single gay male who was the victim of a roommate in which was very abusive and on probation and for several months. For my safety I left the apartment. My room mate was then evicted months later and for some reason you guys are wanting me to pay the bill. Please have a heart and leave me alone. Can you picture what would have happened if my x room mate would have ended my life me? Can you picture the world with one less gay person in the world? Please, Please leave me alone. Go after my x str8 abusive room mate. Peace, Love, and Harmony. Cons: Constant Letters, Calls, ets. more

stand by my words 6/3/2009

I stand by words they are good peoples over there.\r *************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** Pros: nice more


If it is your obligation to pay, face it and work something out with them. They ARE willing to work out payment arrangements within a certain time period. The will work with people who want to help themself. Pros: there to help Cons: dont wait forever more

CAPSTONE IS A JOKE !!! The Good reviews are employees. 4/2/2009

I found a debt on my credit in Jan 09. sent 2 settelment letters and a debt validation and verfication letter. The debt validation letter pi$$ed someone off, cause after they got the certified letter I got a letter stating I need to send them more information to why the debt isn't mine. \r I called an ask what I needed to send. "" Oh I have no idea what that letter is talking about."" the women who declined to give me her name said. So I said what about the letters I sent to settle for deletion.. "" Oh we recieved them and we can't delete it off your credit unless you pay an extra 250.00 dollars, so people choose not to do that."" I said.. can you send me that in writing.. she said yes.. \r I know that is against the fair debt act... So capstone broke the law.. so I contacted the proper authorities.. I am not going to pay for a debt I do not have to shady people like that. Avoid these people... better yet.. contact the Better Business Beauru and Federal Trade commission on them.. immedately.\r \r Cons: ADD ADDITIONAL FEES TO DEBT THAT ISN'T YOURS more

A Place that needs to be Out of Buisness and on Tampa Bay News. We HAVE TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS PEOPLE. 1/20/2009

Recently I called Captone due to a disturb credit report I recieved that had a outstanding balance. First off I called to get the problem resolved and to let them know that there was some kind of misunder standing about how I even have account with you guys when the apartment complex Agreed to letting me break my lease due to mold and unfitable living. At the time i was going through a lsuit with the Apartment complex.Well my child was born Pre Mature and first before I even moved in my child was fine, my child never had a common cold before I stayed in the Apt.The apt had these file order as if there was some kind of mill due there was spiders it was unexplainable. Well I was having Doctors appointments for my child Left to right, His breathing became a problem All of a sudden, weezing all the time so the doctor gave me a Nebilizer machine and some breathing treatment still the problem didnt get better, the docrtor told me well we are going to have to have you to take your child to get a lead Testing due to the apartment where its located and how old the building is I said ok , Im going to tuffin it out but anything else goes wrong and if my child has lead in his body im filing for a Lsuit and thats that. the doctor inform me that this Isnt a good place to have you child and we would send someone out there to check out your place from Childrenanfamilies cool.Exactly 2 day after that my son had this huge Boil on his left leg First thing I thought was a spider had bit my child I was upset so I rushed to the ER they drain the area and did testing, my son no longer had broncitis it was asyma now . I had the agreement to move out I Drop the Lsuit. Now I called Capstone told the REP my situation she Called the Place, The rep said she was calling me back to let me know the sitauton she didnt I called her She told me an excuse an told me I have to pay the debt which Im in the right ,but im going through witha Lsuit against Capstone and justice will be served. Unprofess more

Thank You my Christmas Angel 12/1/2008

I have been living in a motel for months paying way more than I should and my wife and I found an apartment we could afford and liked but I had a bill come up for a past apartment. It was from 2004 I think.\r Anyway I called a month ago and spoke to Ms. Morgan she gave me a settlement and didnt rush me or push me into anything. It took my wife and I almost a month to come up with the money but Ms. Morgan understood and worked with me. I paid it off today she she gladly faxed a letter to the apartment we wanted so we can be in by Christmas. I just want to say Thank You to her and to Capstone for understanding there is a human being on the other end of the phone with hard times and sometimes all it takes is 1 person to turn your life around and put you back on track. Thanks again. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Pros: Human Cons: I had to pay a bill more

Do not use Capstone! 11/21/2008

I contracted with Capstone to work on some collections. Based on my experience, Capstone is unprofessional, unethical and failed to abide by the contact.\r \r Do not use Capstone.\r \r JRGeary, CPA Cons: Did not follow contract, did not return calls, did not respond to faxes and emails. more

Best Bill Collector I ever talked to. 11/19/2008

I had a bill with an apartment and I had to deal with the collection agency before moving into my new place.\r I spoke to a woman who was very polite and went out of her way for me so I could move in the 3 days I had to do so. I avoided this bill for about a year and it did come at me like a brick wall since its hard enough having enough money to move into a new apartment much less have come up with the money for an old one but she was very fair, she didnt agree with all the cleaning fees they tried to charge either so she had them taken off. We got the bill down to an amount we both could agree on and now Im in my new apartment and debt free. :) I just wanted to write and say these comments are crazy, I agree with the last guy, must be from the true dead beat or beats who do not pay bills and dont like what they hear. I had no problem at all. Maybe you do catch more flies with honey...hint people! Treat people like you would want to be treated. Pros: very professional people Cons: ahhh I had a bill more


Wow Mike, sounds like you have it all figured out. Send in a letter and its like it never happened right???\r Wrong! I have worked on both ends and I'll tell you from a landlord maybe you are a PIG Mike... Maybe YOU left the apartment disgusting??? Did you leave all you stuff behind all over the floor?? Did you clean anything?? I've seen it all even a guy who left feces on a chair. People have no respect for anything however what they forget is this will be on their credit when they go to rent again BAM!!! this will be waiting and they cant do anything till its paid, well unless they dont mind the Trailer Park or the Urban area but it doesnt sound like you would mind Mike, sounds like you will fit right in! \r Funny thing is a guy this Mike probably is some professional in the world like a banker. Presents himself to be a clean cut business man yet behind closed doors he is filthy. Appearance and words can both be misleading, DONT BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU READ ON HERE! more


Wow!!! What a big surprise I ran into when calling this service. Talked to someone named Paul, which was very rude. I tried calling to get my account taken care of, only to run into a brick wall with such rude staff. These people have no respect for anyone who calls here. If wasn't for my credit I would never pay these kind of people. It's sad when you can't even get Okay service while trying to pay your account. I tried calling back only to get more dissapointment.. Cons: 3 Thumbs Down All the way more

What a bunch of clowns! 10/7/2008

First of all, all of the positive reviews you know came from their ""staff"" secondly, I just received a call from Ms. Morgan where she proceeded to call me a pig, and lambaste me about my alleged debt (that I am disputing). So I just sent her a cease and desist letter in regards to her calling me at work. We'll see how far this goes... but what an experience. One of the most unprofessional people I have ever dealt with. Cons: Rude woman named Carrie Morgan more

Completely Disrespectful 8/12/2008

I had a debt sent to Capstone and when I called to set up payment arrangements, I was told to send them my IRS stimulus rebate(she even argued with me about the amount I would receive from the IRS). She then told me to ask my parents for the money(who does she think she is?) I sent them a small payment- all that I could afford and the lady called to tell me that they could not accept that payment because it was too small. She also told me it was time to find a better job and I was going to be in this position for the rest of my life.The very next day, the check that they ""could not accept"" cleared the bank. If they can't accept it, then where did my money go?? Cons: Completely unprofessional and rude staff more

Thanks for your help 8/5/2008

I hate collections,, debts etc\r \r But these guys did work with me on getting these items deleted from my credit report which was my biggest concern more

Sweet Girl 7/30/2008

Before calling this collection agency I looked on here and read the reviews, by doing so I expected the worst. However it was quite the opposite. I spoke to a woman, I believe her name was Morgan. She was very helpful and helped me settle my debt for less than what I owed. She went above and beyond for me by faxing my new apartment the paid letter and then one to me. I think people who read these comments need to understand where and who they are coming from. I called Capstone and was calm, polite and friendly. I didnt call with an excuse, I left before my lease was up and I knew I would have to pay. The longer I waited the more the bill got, thats my fault so I wasnt about to argue with someone who had my credit in their hands. Because I was nice she was nice, its called common courtesy! Thank You again Capstone and Collegiate Hall. Pros: Cleaning up my credit report Cons: So many fees for leaving 1 month early more

Tough but Fair 7/10/2008

I was unaware I still owed $ to my last apartment until I tried to apply for a new one. I was actually scared to call after reading some comments here but I did and I was told I wasnt allowed to make payments at this time but I was offered a very good settlement(I saved $1100) Within in 10 mins of paying this the woman I spoke to not only faxed me a paid in full letter but faxed the apartment Im moving to a letter as well. She also went over my lease and the charges with me and gave me some tips what to do and what not to do in my new apartment, made alot of sense. I was mad about it at 1st but to be honest this was my fault for being young and dumb and just leaving, I assure you I wont make this mistake twice! Thanks again for your help Capstone your not as bad as these reviews say! Pros: Very helpful and understanding Cons: That you cant make payments more
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