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A Z Air Conditioning & Heating

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A Z Air Conditioning & Heating - Reseda, CA
A Z Air Conditioning & Heating - Reseda, CA


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""Central air was always giving me problems since purchasing my home 5 years ago. After going through 4 HVAC company, I was desperate. I dreaded the summer as I know my HVAC will ...


Horrible experience. They showed up 2 hours late and rather than apologize, acted as though they are in such high demand that I should be grateful be on the schedule at all. Onc...

My Hero's 5/2/2012

""Central air was always giving me problems since purchasing my home 5 years ago. After going through 4 HVAC company, I was desperate. I dreaded the summer as I know my HVAC will again need to be refill with Freon. Not one of them found a leak any where. The last one tested the coils and said no leak and suggested it was probably the pipes (behind the wall) which link the condenser and the unit in the house. Wanted to perform other test which of course will cost more $$$. Said no and one year later?.last week, no cool air?.again. I came across AZ Air Conditioning & Heating from this website and after reading the reviews I made up my mind to call AZ Air Conditioning & Heating for help. I needed intervention here! Call them and they came over the same day. 5 mins after popping the hood off the coil and with his handy sniff-o-meter, they found the leaks in the coil. Gave me options, replace the coil or replace the entire thing which uses the new cooling gas. Tax credit in mind and one thing to worry about when it's time to sell, I went with the latter. 2 days later AZ Air Conditioning & Heating showed up with the new unit. They installed the new unit, tested the system after and even volunteered to re-fabricate parts of the intake vents, which he threw in as a freebie!!! It was like thunder clapping in my laundry room whenever the air condition switched on. Did I mention that he even took the extra step of sound proofing the new vents. New system works like a charm, noise cut by half and now I am sitting in an ice box on this hot Fourth of July. It?s hard to find a good, reliable, honest & professional contractor these days. Finding AZ Air Conditioning & Heating is like finding a pot of gold at the end of the HVAC rainbow. Thanks AZ Air Conditioning & Heating !!!! ."" more

Situation warrants it. 5/2/2012

""I rarely write reviews, but I make exceptions when the situation warrants it. I have nothing but good things to say about AZ Air Conditioning & Heating. When our central AC became less effective at generating cold air, I first called another AC repair company based on a referral. They came by, rather quickly, and informed me that our compressor was broken and needed to be replaced - no explanation, end of story, give me $2000. Decided to get a second opinion and called AZ Air Conditioning & Heating. I told him over the phone what the other guy had said and done and AZ Air Conditioning & Heating was suspicious of the conclusion. AZ Air Conditioning & Heating came over a few hours later and within 10 minutes their suspicions were confirmed when they turned on the supposedly broken compressor without difficulty. After another ten minutes they had found a leak in the coil, they showed me the leak so I was clear about the problem, and explained in detail what our options were, the costs of the options and the timing. In our particular case, due to the age of our AC system as well as recent changes in the type of coolant used, we elected to replace the entire system, which was only about twice the cost the other company had quoted me to just replace the compressor. The whole project was completed in the course of about half a day and AZ Air Conditioning & Heating even followed up on the next hot day to check the functioning of the new system as well as to top off the new coolant. Had we not called AZ Air Conditioning & Heating we would have replaced our old compressor and then, when that inevitably failed to fix the problem, would have had to replace the entire system (which by the way would have required replacing the newly installed compressor with yet another new compressor.) So while the whole exercise cost a bit of money, in the end we saved some money by going to AZ Air Conditioning & Heating. I am intentionally leaving out the name of the other AC company as one person's experience may differ from another's, but you can save yourself the trouble and go straight to AZ Air Conditioning & Heating. You may or may not like what he finds, but at least you can be satisfied that your getting an accurate assessment of the problem and your options."" Elliot more

Magic of AZ 5/2/2012

""The first plus was that AZ Air Conditioning & Heating answered the phone. It doesn't sound like a lot but the number of professionals who don't answer the phone or don't call you back is quite staggering and it can be very frustrating. I said to AZ Air Conditioning & Heating I wonder if you can help me with a problem with my furnace?. Yes that's what we do. AZ Air Conditioning & Heating came round within 2 hours of the call. They then worked methodically thru the problem and let me ask lots of questions because I'm a DIY type and I want to know what's going on. He made a few notes about some of the questionable work that had been done before - which I agreed with - and fixed things up properly as he went along. Something that I notice and really appreciate as someone who likes to do a job right. AZ Air Conditioning & Heating fitted a new Aquastat to the furnace (I have a very old hydronic system), gave the system a good flush out and lubed up the pump. The system works great now and I feel confident that I now have a dependable system (I just moved into the house) and I see no reason why it can't run for many more years."" The Great Duggo more

Quickly and efficiently 5/2/2012

AZ Air Conditioning & Heating I can?t thank you enough for responding to my problem so quickly and efficiently. I thought it would be impossible to get someone to my home on a sweltering Friday afternoon in August. I have an infant and a toddler, and the forecast was for a long hot weekend, so getting my AC repaired immediately was a must. A friend referred me to your company. Not only were you able to get someone out to my house to diagnose the problem within an hour, but you were able to replace my unit and get my AC going by the time I got home for dinner. Your crew was very professional, knowledgeable and courteous. You will certainly be receiving referrals from me in the future. Thanks again. Louis Christos more

Best of the Best 5/2/2012

I am happy I went with AZ Air Conditioning & Heating for my project. In January I had them install a new furnace w/thermostat in my 2nd story bedroom at a cost much less than the other prices I received that were over $3100. They had to run new lines because I had an older, gas heater in there previously. All winter before my new system I was getting air in the radiator and bled it every few days. I thought it was just because it was a old system and the air would work itself out. By the winter of 2010, I finally figured out it was a problem with the system. It turned out I had a very rare, very stubborn problem with air in my system. Over the year my new system was great. It running very smoothly and I have no problems with the system. . According to AZ Air Conditioning & Heating, ""We believe you should have a working system when you choose us."" They stuck to their promise and for this, because I'm not aware of any other company that would great customer service without any additional charges with the follow up they have done. They made extra follow-up phone calls and emails. AZ Air Conditioning & Heating administrative assistants, were very helpful on that end and very responsive and helpful on my questions. I did some research and it was helpful so I thought a true review was needed which is why I'd recommend them to others more

Totally Impressed 5/2/2012

I was totally impressed with the integrity, professionalism and product quality offered by AZ Air Conditioning & Heating. When their sales rep visited us the first time, he listened intently, asking pertinent questions along the way. We were looking to replace our whole system - furnace, air conditioner, and humidifier. When he made his proposal on his second visit, he actually suggested we wait a few more years before replacing everything. However, I wanted to go ahead anyway because our system was already 10 years old, and was having a few minor problems. He had recommended a highly efficient system, which was what I was looking for. Their proposal looked good, and the price was reasonable, so I had them replace everything. The installation team was very professional and friendly. However, after the installation was completed, I felt the Heater, which was maybe a little too efficient, made more noise than I was comfortable with. It was only an issue because our TV room is right next to the furnace room. The installation guys called the sales rep immediately, and he was there within 15 minutes. He agreed that the noise could be an issue, and was very accommodating. The next morning, the heater was replaced. No hassle whatsoever. The whole process was very smooth and totally customer oriented. I could tell that this is a company that is indeed very customer oriented, unlike a lot of other contractors I've worked with in the past. This is my sixth house, and I have replaced five heating and air conditioning systems in the past. AZ Air Conditioning & Heating provided the best experience I have had in this regard, and I would not hesitate to recommend them to my friends and family, as well as anyone who is reading this review. more

Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful! 5/2/2012

AZ Air Conditioning & Heating is Courteous, friendly and efficient. My technician was very friendly helping me get our furnace installed. Best of all, they made me feel like a real person and not just another number. I was asked if I had any other concerns or issues that I would like looked into and then got right to work! I also really like their annual maintenance plan. I'm always contacted with a reminder call to schedule my summer and winter inspections which has been a big help to me and saved me money as my heating and cooling system is assured of always running at peak proficiency. AZ Air Conditioning & Heating has been wonderful! more

Keeping Warm with AZ 5/2/2012

So Happy to be warm again! AZ Air Conditioning & Heating is by far the very best heating and air conditioning company around! My 18 year old furnace finally gave up on me the other day, so I called my son who had just had his furnace and air conditioning system replaced by AZ Air Conditioning & Heating a few months ago. He told me to call AZ Air Conditioning & Heating because he thought they did such a great job for him. I was so pleased by the response time as well as the friendly professional service I received. I was sure the old furnace needed to be replaced. When the service person came up stairs and told me he was going to his truck for a part and should have me up and running in a few minutes, I was floored! He made the repair and told me about their preventive maintenance program that I quickly signed up for I could not be happier. I had already figured in my mind that I was going to have to get a new furnace and was so worried about how I was going to pay for it, I was almost sick. We need more companies like this around. I will be recommending AZ Air Conditioning & Heating to all my friends! more

Taking Care of my Mother like myself 5/2/2012

My mom had her furnace replaced last Wednesday by AZ Air Conditioning & Heating and although I have no other furnace-replacing experiences to compare it to, I'd say things went great. I was not present when the salesman recommended the furnace to my mom, but she did discuss all the specifics with me and after doing some research online, the furnace she got looks to be sized correctly for her house and she got a good price. I was around for the installation (which took about 6 hours!) because my mom had to work. The installers were really nice and explained what they were going to do and didn't seem to be bothered by some of my dumb questions. The work area looked like a small bomb had exploded after removal of the old system, but after the install was done, the area was left nice and clean. My mom came home just before the installers were done and went over the operation of the new thermostat they installed. Her new furnace has been running great for the last few days and my mom has expressed her happiness that everything went so well. An installation inspector came out a couple days after the installation to follow up with my mom to make sure everything was working well and he went over the thermostat operation again with her (she doesn't get along with technology, lol). So overall, AZ Air Conditioning & Heating did a great job and I'm glad my mom can keep warm for the rest of this winter. more

Glad I Found AZ 5/2/2012

Over the last 14 years I have had maintenance agreements on my heating and air conditioning system and have used several of the top ranked/rated dealers in town. They all provided ok not wonderful service, some better than others. I have had an opportunity to observe them and their quality of work as they went through their hurried routine/checklist and were in and out in 10 minutes (a slight over exaggeration, but not by much). Without question, AZ Air Conditioning & Heating has outperformed them all. Their technician's knowledge of the unit, his methodical and thorough inspection of the system, actually taking things apart and ?fingering? the parts, and performing various diagnostic tests instilled a great deal of confidence that I was getting my money's worth?speaking of which, they also were the most reasonably priced. The irony is that my system is brand new and quite honestly, all the tech really could have done and/or needed to do was a quick walk through, but he didn't?now that's what I call a true professional and honest professional service. I fully intend to be using all of their services for the NEXT 14 YEARS more

Horrible experience! 4/17/2012

Horrible experience. They showed up 2 hours late and rather than apologize, acted as though they are in such high demand that I should be grateful be on the schedule at all. Once here, they made the biggest mess you have ever seen in about 15 minutes - then charged me over $250.00 to clean one flue. Then guy advised the cap and liner of the chimney should be replaced because in the current condition they were a fire hazard which he was obligated to report - to whom i have no idea. I had my contractor look at the chimney (house has been meticulously maintained) and guess what, not only were no repairs necessary, but the flue wasn't clean. RUN more

Done with this idiots! 3/6/2012

We called AZ. We are now done with this horrible company. I called and scheduled an appointment for the following week. I went out with my young son, leaving our cleaning lady with limited English proficiency home. In my absence, someone from TB dispatch called and left a voice mail that ""Technician is on his way to my house."" What's the point of having a dispatcher that doesn't know when your appointment is, and sends someone when you're not home. My very naive cleaning lady let technician into my house...this is also very alarming, but a story for another day. Technician leaves an invoice stating that he couldn't find any problems, and for me to call if I want further follow-up. When I get home to the invoice and the voice mail, I can't believe the stupidity of this company. I call them, they ask for my name and address, and then my name again. It's funny to me that they ask for my name twice but will enter my house without asking for me at the door. They are sorry for the confusion, and ask if I want someone to come out again today. Seriously? I'm sorry I called on such a slow work day for AZ. They certainly decide when they want to show up, disregarding the scheduled appointment. I just love having an unsupervised worker in my home, too. Did I mention that they were coming to fix an outdoor hose that they ""fixed last summer"" and is still leaking, and good ole technician couldn't figure that out? Done. more

Customers Come First 2/8/2012

Valued Customers we here at AZ Air Conditioning and Heating Value our customers and we would never put up with any bad treatment to our customers.Customer with any problem to contact us at 818-782-7777 ext 120 or contact BBB so we can address any issues for and with you. We strive to make sure all our customer are happy. Our Investigation to some Internet defamation of character (Slander) since Nov 2011 is almost complete we have found info of the unethical company who is behind these postings and we are taking the proper legal action moving forward. more

Great Hands 2/2/2012

We are contacting you to let you know how extremely happy we are with the job we had done in last year. We upgraded the heating and cooling systems, with converting from oil to gas. We redirected the systems to an outside vent and ran duct work from the basement to the attic where new rooms will be made. There was also a fan replaced in the attic ceiling for ventilation. The group of workers you have working for you were ""outstanding"". AZ Air Conditioning & Heating was the first company we met that listened to all of our plans and explained the entire job in detail. They stayed in touch and even stopped the job to give us updates of what to see the production as it went on. They always welcomed our comments and any concerns and was always available to us. We had many estimates for this job and AZ Air Conditioning & Heating's professionalism and knowledge gave us the assurance this was the company for us. Foreman, and the other gentlemen on the crew were prompt every morning. They worked consistently, professionally, and they were very kind and considerate. We picked a very Hot week to have the job converted and they made sure they did not let us go a night without cold air. All of the workers were in sync with the details of the job and they all knew from start to finish what had to be done. The two who removed the old system from our basement were also extremely professional and nice. They handled all of the necessary paper work for the city and gave us instructions on the inspection. Overall, for having such a large job take place the workers were done in a matter of a few days and we had no worries about the job for we knew we were in ""great"" hands! We thank you and everyone at AZ Air Conditioning & Heating and you should be proud of the team of workers you have there! We will pass your name on to any of our family and friends should they need services done. We will look forward to working with you again in the future! more

More Then a Client could want 2/1/2012

I was home on the afternoon of January with my family and was about to leave to go to work. It was extremely cold that day. To my dismay I realized that my furnace had stopped working properly. I immediately called AZ Air Conditioning & Heating and spoke to your customer service. They told me he had a technician in the area and would dispatch him immediately. The technician arrived in less than 30 minutes and repaired the furnace on the spot by installing a new blower motor. The heat was restored and I was able to go to work later that afternoon. I did not know what it would cost to correct the problem when I called. Whatever the cost might have been I felt that I would be treated fairly and the work was needed anyway. When I received the bill I noticed a discount was given to me. I just wanted to let everyone know at your company how much I appreciated the service. I cannot imagine anything more that a client could want beyond what was provided. Please let everyone know that I am thankful for what was done for my family. more

My Knight Saved me 2/1/2012

"" AZ Air Conditioning & Heating was courteous, fair, efficient and clean. The technicians left no trace of their presence other than a wonderful job at replacing our furnace! We had been using another service for years. The original owner died and the fellows who took over were sarcastic, dishonest and very difficult to work with. Things always went wrong after their presence. AZ Air Conditioning & Heating. in their white trucks are like knights in shining Armour! Thank you! My little house is safe!"" more

Outstanding 2/1/2012

In all my years, I have not met anyone with as much knowledge as AZ Air Conditioning & Heating when it comes to new installations and repairs for all my HVAC needs. For the longest time my wife & I could not find a reliable HVAC company, either their customer service or response time was lacking. Then one of the doctors that I do business with highly recommended AZ Air Conditioning & Heating because of their great service. I have since come to appreciate their timely service, cleanliness on the job site and customer interaction. Being a business owner, I understand the importance of offering quality work and I am proud to say that AZ Air Conditioning & Heating has the same high standards that my own company has. I would confidently refer AZ Air Conditioning & Heating to anyone looking for a HVAC contractor and tell them they are making the right choice. Ralph Caliendo more

OH MY GOD !!! LOL they are Great 2/1/2012

I was referred to AZ Air Conditioning & Heating by a friend and had a very positive experience. Making the appointment was a breeze (unlike some other companies), I even got a call to remind me the night before they we?re coming. On the day of the appointment AZ Air Conditioning & Heating showed up at my house, not only time, but actually a few minutes early and got right to work. The problem was quickly fixed and my heat was restored, but he let me know that since my unit was over 20 years old that it was only a matter of time before it needed to be replaced. And sure enough, four months later they were back to replace the entire furnace. I was extremely surprised when he gave me a discount for the part that he previously installed, which he didn?t have to do. I almost can?t wait until my air conditioning unit goes so I can have AZ Air Conditioning & Heating. I just wish all contractors were as honest, as courteous and as reasonably priced as AZ Air Conditioning & Heating. more

Thank you 2/1/2012

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you. We were very pleased with AZ Air Conditioning & Heating as well with your crew handled the installation of our central air conditioning system. They were always polite and willing to answer my questions, as you always have. They worked very cleanly, but we really didn?t expect everything to go as smoothly as it did! There was no major cleanup to do, just a bit of dusting! We believe you have to pay for quality of service and reputation. We have not been disappointed with our choice of your firm. more

Slam Dunk Well done, Great Job !!!!!!!!! 2/1/2012

My daughter became a client of AZ Air Conditioning & Heating because she was looking for a dependable company that saw a project to successful conclusion, regardless of what it took. She recently purchased a house in Simi Valley that unfortunately had many hidden flaws that did not show up during the inspection and therefore needed more work than expected after the closing. Being a single mom, she turned to me, her father for help. Being brand new to the area, I didn't know who to call, until I found AZ Air Conditioning & Heating on the Internet. I liked the fact that AZ Air Conditioning & Heating had the expertise to do all the work that was need without calling in separate technicians. The other day my daughter called to say that the air conditoner power had tripped and would not reset. As a result several rooms were getting hot in her home, including my granddaughter's bedroom. I drove over to her house to see if I could be of help, but realized the problem was beyond what I could do and I called AZ Air Conditioning & Heating. This was on the Saturday after 4th of July when most people were enjoying the holiday with their families and I feared we would not be able to fix the problem until the following week. After making the call to AZ Air Conditioning & Heating, I was told they could have someone come over that day. I was very pleased to learn this. The person who they sent was great. He immediately went to work to locate the problem. He was very pleasant and the consummate professional. The problem was somewhere in the electrical system and he set out to find and fix the problem, regardless of how difficult it was. It was obvious to me that he is a top notch and very dedicated to what he does and AZ Air Conditioning & Heating should be proud to have him on their staff. A company's reputation is based on two factors, customer service and the people they employ. To a large extent, the AZ Air Conditioning & Heating technician is an extension of the company since that is the person who most interacts with the customer. I could not have been more pleased with the customer service I received on this and former calls to the company. All the AZ Air Conditioning & Heating technicians who have worked in my daughter's home were professional and courteous. Needless to say he eventually found the problem and left my daughter's home is very good shape and I was very grateful. Thanks for a terrific job.Harold Collins more
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