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A Mother's Nature Midwifery Cr

802 Fisher Rd
Winter Springs, FL 32708
(407) 699-7897
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My son cannot walk, talk, crawl or sit because of Kelli Johnson's botched midwifery attempt and had the paramedics not arrived so quickly he would most certainly have died. I push...

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/23/2013

This midwife, Kelli Johnson, rocks! I VBAC'd twins safely and fearlessly at home with Kelli by my side the whole way. TWINS AT HOME, and this is after a traumatic experience with my first born that led to a C-section. Not only will I never want a hospital birth again, but I am insisting on Kelli Johnson as the midwife to assist our births from now on. Having babies at home is the way to go! Kelli has won both our confidence and our hearts. Not to mention that with her support, love, and encouragement, I was able to dig deep into my soul and pull out my intrepid strength. I will never forget that moment in which I was enveloped in pain and about to give up and Kelli sternly speaks into my ear saying ""this is not bigger than you."" My kids were born within the following few minutes! I love you Kelli and thank you so very much! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/19/2013

My Wife and I are quite pleased with the SUPERB care that Kelli Johnson has given our family. Having had other midwives in the past, we can both truly say that Kelli Johnson's expertise is second-to-none. My Wife and I are both professionals with higher education degrees and we approached our decisions to have a homebirth and to hire Kelli Johnson quite scientifically. Our growing family has experienced our latest births with Kelli and those have been cherished moments and all on OUR time. Kelli respected our space and never interfered with the birthing process. And throughout the process, we were both comforted by knowing and feeling that Kelli can handle anything. As the father of one of the many families that Kelli has assisted I would like to encourage other dads who might be on the fence regarding homebirths to explore the option - coming from an initial skeptic, I can attest to the fact that this was the best birthing option and decision that we made for our children. And to be clear, Kelli Johnson's professionalism and impressive capability allows my Wife and me to recommend her with the highest degree of confidence. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/11/2013

Kelli is wonderful and amazing! I can personally share that I have had my last two children with Kelli. My first child was planned to be birthed at the Winter Park Birthing Cottage but unfortunately that birth ended in a C-Section. Once I aligned myself with Kelli for my last two pregnancies, she has been a guiding light of strength, knowledge, goodness, and capacity that bolstered my own female strength to help me peacefully bring into this world children that will forever be marked by the way they were beautifully ushered here to this life. Kelli is in a league of her own and is constantly informing herself and maintaining herself abreast of developments both medically, nutritionally, and those in the midwifery community. Her knowledge and strength are unparalleled here in Central Florida and she is truly a credit to the practice. \r \r I echo Jennifer S.'s sentiments regarding Kelli's representation of her having been an EMT first responder many years ago. This is both true and verifiable and has only been as far as Kelli has ever held herself out to have been a first responder. It is worth noting that despite the negative reviews below, Kelli Johnson is still a reputable and aptly licensed midwife. Certainly if all of these allegations were remotely true, she would have already suffered a license suspension at the very least. No such action has ever taken place against her - and a lot of us know why: It is because her care, love, dedication, ability, and capacity are without compare. Our family truly loves her and with a constant resonance of gratitude in our hearts, we thank the Universe for her presence in our lives. In her we have gained a true blessing and recommend her to any woman seeking midwifery care without hesitation. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/23/2013

I had my second child with Kelli Johnson, my first was a hospital birth, and I am about to have my third child with Kelli. I have read through the reviews here, and I feel sad for all involved.\r \r In my opinion, Kelli is extremely passionate about bringing babies into this world and very dedicated to having the family have as peaceful a birth experience as possible. I feel comfortable enough to have a baby with Kelli anywhere! I trust her judgment and experience.\r \r Kelli's office is at her home, and I am mindful that she is on call 24/7. There have been times when she was working all night, then up for an appointment with me. I appreciate that fact, and I have not minded her granddaughter, or any other visitors, coming in. I have compassion for the fact that Kelli might not have seen her family the night before, and I get that she has a life to take care of beyond her ""on call"" lifestyle. There's a reason OB/GYNs don't have one doctor guaranteed to see you from start to finish.\r \r My first son played with Kelli's granddaughter often during my visits through my second pregnancy. It was nice to have my son preoccupied while I met with Kelli. During this pregnancy, my children mostly have been at home with my husband during my visits with Kelli. The few times they have come with me, they played with Kelli's granddaughter and her toys. I've considered it a blessing.\r \r As for Kelli's credentials, never once has Kelli said she was a paramedic. During one of our many conversations, she did mention to me that she had been an EMT a long time ago. Kelli has never represented herself as anything other than a midwife to me, nor made me feel like she was currently working in the healthcare field in any capacity.\r \r As for mentioning others' birth experiences, that has never offended me either. I love that Kelli is so passionate about what she does that she wants to share the stories with other moms (moms-to-be). I hope she has shared or will share my experiences with other mothers; especially, if it has helped or will help the other mothers in some way. It's not a violation of privacy, it's information. Kelli has never told me any names with the experiences, just the experiences. It's not medical records.\r \r I have met with other midwives/students instead of Kelli, but again, that did not bother me. It is impossible to be a sole business owner and at every appointment with every patient when your business revolves around natural birth!\r \r I also don't believe that Kelli is only in midwifery for the money. It's a heck of a lot cheaper to have a baby with her than to go to the hospital.\r \r My birth experience with Kelli was amazing. I had my son Christmas night, and she was more than prepared. Kelli was actually by my house looking at Christmas lights, with all of her family, and she brought her equipment with her, just in case. I labored very quickly, and Kelli was very peaceful, but in ""take care of business"" mode. Kelli never got tense, nor made me feel nervous or stressed. My oldest child slept through the entire process, and within several hours, no one would have ever known a baby had been born in our home.\r \r I highly recommend Kelli, and I look forward to updating about my next birth!\r \r more

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/5/2013

I used this midwife and felt cheated by her. I was assured over and over again about her being a paramedic. She never was, she was an EMT with lapsed credentials (HUGE difference in training). Countless stories about other mothers during my visits, which made me question what she was saying about me to other moms. Big privacy violation. She always had students, which I didn't mind, but it was a little disconcerting that she was constantly dealing with other distractions instead of paying attention to my visits. Her office is in her home, which I thought was cute at first...until her grandchild would be at nearly every appointment I had. I'm sorry, but if I am paying you to care for me, I don't need a toddler having a temper tantrum in the room. Her daughter (the child's mother) would also wander in and out of my visits. It was more then uncomfortable talking over the parent-child screaming matches while I was trying to have my questions answered. At first it felt like family in a good way, but it turned into the family situations that I want no part in. Each visit became more and more stressful and I saw Kelli less and less as my pregnancy went on. Several visits happened where she wasn't even in the room, but would pop in here and there to make sure the student midwife was doing things with me. I began to loose faith in Kelli...she simply wasn't a part of my pregnancy any more and my confidence in her was shaken. How could she make it a goal to know me and what I needed (her words) if she was not spending that time with me? She asked the basic questions about me, but more and more I was subjected to stories about the people of Peru and how she is treated like a goddess there because she is a midwife and so amazing. With all due respect, me and my baby should have been her #1 concern during our visits. Not her grandchild, not her kids, not the children of Peru that drew her with a halo of sunshine. If she couldn't be bothered to hear my concerns while pregnant, how attentive would she have been with my birth? I left Kelli's practice and have no regrets. I learned what midwifery care SHOULD be with a 100% focus on mama and baby. Please don't let your care be a lesser priority. Find a midwife that puts you first. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/2/2013

Please, for the sake of your child, choose someone else to handle your care and labor. She pretends to care but is only concerned about money. She also pretends to know a lot of things that she doesn't. My baby was delivered under rare, normally fatal conditions (NOT with Kelli thank God, but I had been seeing her and she was supposed to assist in the delivery) and when I told her what it was (after the birth), she said it was a whole bunch of stuff that it's absolutely not, rather than humbly saying ""hmm, I'm not sure what that is"" or even reading about it online before she tried to lie to me. This is just one example of her continuous pattern of self-aggrandizing. She talks a big game about the energy and love of birth and how she cares for her clients, but she let a few things slip that CLEARLY showed she only wants the money. She even went so far as to backtrack and lie to my husband about what she said to me regarding this. \r \r She is good at playing her target audience and has delivered healthy babies because most babies are born healthy without labor problems. In the thick of a serious issue, though, this is NOT the person you want your baby dependent upon. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/4/2013

I do not recommend this midwife. Personally I would completely avoid this provider! There are many OTHER provider's available to you that would truly ""Take Care of YOU"" more

My baby almost died and is left severely disabled because of Kelli Johnson 12/20/2008

My son cannot walk, talk, crawl or sit because of Kelli Johnson's botched midwifery attempt and had the paramedics not arrived so quickly he would most certainly have died. I pushed for 5 hours and she failed to identify that there was a problem, a serious problem, the cord was wrapped tightly round my son's neck twice. He came out blue, lifeless and silent with his head lolling backwards - Kelli Johnson unraveled the cord, scooped him up and handed him to me. My husband and I (who have no medical training) yelled at her immediately that he was dead. After gently rubbing him and calling out his name several times, which took a long and wasted minute - he had no heart-rate and wasn't breathing so her technique had absolutely no chance of working - she then began CPR. Her only resuscitation equipment was an oxygen cannister with a tube attached which she waved in front of my son's face (the paramedics made a point of citing her dismal equipment in their written report.) We watched with growing horror as the realization dawned on us that she was never going to be able to revive him with her inadequate equipment. Mercifully the paramedics arrived in time to save our son but he has been left with catastrophic disabilities. Kelli Johnson then purposely and deliberately choose to alter her records, make false statements and handed over 5 forms that she claimed I signed - my signature was forged on every form. She blames everyone except herself (including the paramedics) for my son's injuries and clearly believes that her deceit is a necessary and worthwhile sacrifice to try and eliminate any chance of my son receiving an insurance settlement. Thankfully she was as good at that as she is at midwifery and ultimately the truth did prevail however it has left me devastated that someone in a caring profession could be so disingenuous. We could have eventually come to terms with the horrific injuries she caused, but not her concerted and deliberate efforts to get out of trouble. more
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