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10 High Club

816 N Highland Ave NE (at Greenwood Avenue)
Atlanta, GA 30306
(404) 873-3607
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10 High Club - Atlanta, GA


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I recently discovered the 10High because a review here about the Metalsome events. Metalsome is karaoke with a live band. I have done karaoke before, but never like this. I don'...


OMG this place is so horrible Metalsome Monday to me is now more like Metalsome None-day. Me and my friends all came to this place and the last time we were here the ppl were com...

Im never going to MetalSome again i hate this place! 5/14/2010

OMG this place is so horrible Metalsome Monday to me is now more like Metalsome None-day. Me and my friends all came to this place and the last time we were here the ppl were complete jerks! They wouldn't let us all sing on stage at the same time, and everytime we tried to help our friends with singing the bouncer shouted at us and it made me feel very offended and angry(OMG hes such a jerk!). And he was extremly rude to my friend and made him feel like a schoolboy being scolded for jumping on the stage! The band is so rude to people, and they even made fun of my husband when he tried to sing 'Sweet Chilld of Mine.' This establishment obviously does not respect their customers @ all, because they made us (paying customers) leave, even after we threatened to call the police on them. My entire nite was a total nightmare, especially since when the police arrived, WE were the ones that got in trouble! OMG I hate this place me and all of my friends are going to tell everybody not to go here! OMG i would totally give this place zero stars if i could! Pros: The band is pretty awesome, and the music is cool Cons: Band sucks and they make fun of u and the bouncers a jerk! more

Potentially Dangerous Dive 4/25/2010

Upon entering the downstairs location I was immediately greeted with a throng of sweaty humanity and loud music. So far so good. The music itself was above par for a cover band (if somewhat loud, since you can't be more than about 10-15 feet away from the speakers without significant effort). The pop cover tunes that Metalsome were performing were well executed. Even the quality of the karaoke performers was pretty good. But then my perceptions changed. I looked for alternate routes for exit, since we were in a basement. I had trouble spotting anything resembling another way out. The crowd was dense and they were drinking. Not uncommon for a club like this, but in such a tight packed space with a small stairway to the ground floor this could be a recipe for disaster. Singers enter the stage from pretty much anywhere when they call your name. There is no organized system whereby you check in before it is your turn to sing. The MC (English Nick from Atlanta radio) just calls out a name and that person (hopefully) pushes their way through the crowd to get on stage which is slightly above floor level and has no railing or safety wall. As the evening progressed random people migrated onto the stage both the bouncer and band seemed to get more uncomfortable. Some times they pushed back when the wrong person put their foot on stage. They were making comments like "wow this is a large crowd", which slowly evolved into "you people are out of control" and a few other tyrades from Nick about only going on stage when it was your turn when he suspected someone was lying about who they were. Shouldn't that be the staff's job to determine who is supposed to go on stage? Simply letting those folks enter from the side would solve that problem. So with the yelling I felt like a school boy getting scolded for being out of my seat. Sensing that something bad might happen, with the mix of drunken crowd energy and negative banter from the MC, I called it an early evening. But this fails to mention that near our parking space one of the members of our party had their car broken in to, and the police officer who arrived on scene said "this happens all of the time here". All in all, it was a good concept, but it could be better (and more safely) executed. I have to wonder if the fire marshall has been down there on a busy evening... Pros: Good concept Cons: Bad delivery more

Beware.. 4/25/2010

It is my opinion that the employees are beyond disrespectful. What I thought was a fun idea is misleading. My night was ruined. I have never been more disappointed. Pros: I can warn others. Cons: EVERYTHING more

Want to be treated with respect? Then don't come here! 4/25/2010

The staff at 10 High is very disrespectful and unappreciative of their customers. They have disgusting, pompous attitudes and the bouncers are overly aggressive. I DO NOT recommend going here if you would like to have a fun and safe evening out. They will NEVER get business from myself, my family, or my friends again. Pros: Karaoke with a live band. Cons: Terrible attiudes and actions taken by the staff. more

Rock or Rubbish - You decide! I say pure Rubbish! 4/24/2010

In my opinion, the management of this place should reconsider the band and bouncer they've hired. The band and bouncer working on the night I attended were enough to convince me never to return. The scraggly haired, cowboy hat wearing guitarist who rolls his eyes at paying karaoke guests should take a long, hard look in the mirror. In my opinion, he appears completely self absorbed and arrogant, while looking like he just crawled out from under a bridge (or maybe the spare room at his Mommy's house). This guy gave me the creeps and the impression that he really thought he was a rock legend. Although I'll have to admit I find it difficult to forget him and his condescending attitude towards paying customers. The other compelling reason I will never return to this place is the Rambo wannabe, bully bouncer. I have never before witnessed bullying to the extent I did at this place. I strongly suggest that anyone who wants to have fun go somewhere, anywhere other than here. Pros: I know what I'll NEVER do again. Cons: Waste of time and money. more

10 High-I DO NOT recommend 4/22/2010

Would have given this a NO star rating, but that was not an option. The concept is great, a live band with karaoke. However, there is definitely an arrogant, band & bouncer mentality at this place. It can turn bad in two seconds. If I had not seen it myself I would not have believed it. I will never go back and I suggest you don't either. Pros: Should be fun... may become your worst nightmare. Cons: The band and bouncers are very aggressive. more

Best Live Venue in Atlanta 9/26/2007

I recently discovered the 10High because a review here about the Metalsome events. Metalsome is karaoke with a live band. I have done karaoke before, but never like this. I don't think I will ever do jukebox karaoke again after going to the 10high. The cover was $5 like review here said (thanks for the "rock til you drop" review, because I was one of the first 50 there and was also able to sing in the first set for free). I can definately see myself becoming a 10 High regular. Also the bartendars are really cool. They sever 12oz PBR for $3.75 (I think, I had so many I can only figure it out by how much money I was able to bring home). They have a big show featuring Atlanta's hottest local bands October 18th. The club went so far out there for these bands that they made a commercial to promote the event and bands. Its called the Rockstar Panty Raid and it features: Steadlur, Program The Dead, The Warm Gunns and Rockets to Ruin. I am pretty new to Atlanta and think I have found a place I can call home! Pros: Live Band Karaoke, Affordable Drinks that get the job done Cons: The bar closes at 2am, 3 am would be great more

Rock til' You drop with the live rock karaoke band Metalsome Incorporated 9/25/2007

The 10High is the home of Metalsome Incorporated on Mondays, Wednesday and Saturdays. Metalsome Incorporated is a Live Rock Karaoke Band and been doing there famous Metalsome Monday shows for 5 years now. I believe the cover for Metalsome shows are $5 for the first $50 people and a couple more dollars after that. The first 50 also have the opportunity to sign up on the first set for free. Which is 2 hours of live music. The second live band karaoke set usually involves bribes (which were described poorly in another review). A lot of people really want to get on stage and sing. They offer large amounts of money, but the bribes are a standard and the bribe set list also fills up fast. Its a first come first serve deal with the second set. I believe Tuesdays and Thursdays at the 10High rotate from live local bands doing original music to local band doing tributes to legendary artist. Fridays are local and national artist. These bands draw large crowds and a guaranteed good show! The bartenders are super cool people and they will know your face and what you drink after awhile. The 10High is not the place to eat at. If you are hungry go upstairs to the Dark Horse. If you don't mind eating in a crowded room, The bartenders will take your order and you can eat there. The drinks are great and the beer selection is also right for the venue. If you are looking for a true rock club, this is the place for you! Pros: Live Rock Band Karaoke, Great Staff, Drinks that Deliever Cons: The amps don't go to 11 more

Not your ordinary Karaoke 9/25/2007

I have never seen anything like this. A band that plays songs and lets you be the rockstar! It is completely understandable that there is a cover and that the band accepts tips to let you sing. We're not talking about a $400 karaoke machine here people.....this is 4 musicians who play for about 5 hours.....One of their gutiars probably costs as much as your standard karaoke machine. They also have a video camera that films you, and they will sell you a DVD of your preformance if you want to buy it. That is pretty cool. I e-mailed mine to my family and told them that I quit my job to become a rock star. Check this out as there is simply nothing else like it in the world of karaoke Pros: Great fun, great drink pricing Cons: maybe not for you if you are clostrophobic more

Save Your $8 - Skip Metalsome 9/25/2007

At first, when you go to metalsome, you'll be amazed at how fun the vibe appears to be. But take time to see what's really going on there, you'll be shocked. The band takes bribes for people to sing, and you have to bribe if you want to sing in the second set. Even better, the four-eyed old gramps bass player will ridicule you or throw you out if you have an issue with that. Gimme a break. When it gets down to it, it?s just a bunch of losers running karoake who somehow think they can treat the crowd like trash -- don't fall for the ads, the karoake singers aren't the imaginary rock stars, it's the band who believes they are! Save your $8 for either live music or a karoake night without the attitude and BS. Pros: lots of abuse if you're into that kind of thing Cons: $8 for karoake? more

Poor service 9/10/2007

While 10 High is in a great location and scene on Highland, the typical service received in this area is not to be expected here. Though the management is friendly, the bartenders are RUDE and INCONSIDERATE. They do not listen to the customers, and they do not respect the customers or their employer. I DO NOT RECOMMEND this establishment in the Highlands. There are far better places with higher quality customer service. Pros: Good location Cons: TERRIBLE service more

Horrible Nightmare 7/8/2007

Ok- Just read "Nirvana for the rock star wannabe" review and that will explain it all. Unless you are a middle aged, washed up, chain-wearing hair band rocker, I don't think this place is for you. I had heard about Metalsome Monday and thought that it sounded pretty fun so decided to check it out for my Bachelorette party since I LOVE karaoke. BIG MISTAKE. Every single person was rude to me from the moment I walked in. Then when you go to sign up to sing with the amazon woman (I was one of the first to sign up), she doesn't tell you that only a select few people get to sing for free and then you are not guaranteed a spot, but if you do get the "chance" it will cost you a whopping 20 dollars on top of the cover that you pay to get in to the smoky dump. Meanwhile you have to stare at women (at least I think that they were) wearing practically nothing who REALLY shouldn't be wearing anything remotely revealing. If you decide to go, come equipped with your black lipstick, chain, and guitar to sing about how hard core you are because that is cool. Horrible, horrible place. I think that I had a nightmare last night about it. Pros: um... well...nope... Cons: wasted 2 hours of my life more

nirvana for the rock star wannabe 4/28/2007

we found this place after blind willie's was not to my friend's liking. we started wandering down the street and a few doors down from BD we found this not very welcoming little place with a trashy sign above. i don't know what pulled us in and after becoming $14 poorer we proceeded to go downstairs where we found this really loud metal band playing (metal bands? are they still around?). the lead singer had stage presence (a lot of antics) but his "singing" sucked big time. the band was worth it, knew well what they were doing. then comes another lead singer who sucked more and that's when it hitme: it's a metal karaoke with a live band. and old school metal too: zeppelin, sabbath, motley, and the like. the lightest song that night was "don't stop believing" which some dude massacred. but some of the singers were actually pretty good. you could tell they were probably regulars or had practiced a few times before. i had been looking for a kakaoke bar for so long but i'm a rocker and the ones i had seen somehow weren't my thing but this one... i felt like moses when he saw the promised land. the karaoke is only on saturdays and mondays i heard. the crowd was very eclectic, some kids (and i mean kids) looked straight out of the '80s (wannabes) but i'm thinking "you weren't even BORN when KISS was playing that song kiddo... other women were wearing their spring dresses (really). a lot of spiked hair and a lot of black around... i was very preppy and my friend very "tough working class guy" but we didn't feel out of place. there's a bar but the stage drama was too interesting, didn't care about the beer and i think most people didn't care either. you pay $20 to sing (steep i think) but can get your performance on DVD (i suppose for a few bucks more). we stayed there until they kicked us out at 2am (too early). will be back again and again and again and...! Pros: metal karaoke? woo-hoo!!!!!!!!!!!! Cons: over at 2am? come on... more

ok place to see a band 9/12/2006

Because it is in a basement, it definitely has a basement feel to it. But yeah its an ok place to see a band. I went there for the live band kerioke night on Friday...$7 for cover? How much is that cover band ripping you off for? Local bands that play original material dont even charge that much. Crowd was ok....some poseurs. Nothing really outstanding. I'll go back to see live bands there but not for kerioke. Pros: black lights makes everyone look more attractive Cons: cover is too much more

Different Than Dark Horse 5/14/2002

If the typical Dark Horse crowd is not your thing, be relieved that the one downstairs at 10 High is completely different. Most of the people here are serious about the band theyve come to see. Ive noticed that with the renovations also came a much better selection of music. Pros: Intimate space, Inexpensive cover Cons: Basement feel more
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  • In Short
    At one point in time the 10 High was Atlanta's undercover spot to catch highly buzzed, on-the-verge bands. Like a secret society, celebs like Andre 3000 and Butch Walker would rub elbows with who's who of Atlanta's music biz, polishing off pints of Stella. However with the success of Metalsome Monday, (the live band, heavy metal karaoke night) the 10 High has evolved from a hipster den to a cover-happy theme bar. The Metalsome band does karaoke multiple nights a week while other themes like yatch rock or 80's night fill the room with hit-happy music lovers and those looking for a break from East Andrews. While it feels like a corporate-invaded-dive, the club has mastered the success formula--most nights are super-packed, and the bands are far-and-away the best cover acts in the city. Bring some rowdy friends, grab a drink and get ready to sing your ass off.

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