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Keith's Sporting Goods

1595 E Powell Blvd
Gresham, OR 97030
(503) 492-6999
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Keith's Sporting Goods - Gresham, OR
Keith's Sporting Goods - Gresham, OR
Keith's Sporting Goods - Gresham, OR


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I have bought there forever! Its the best gun shop anywhere near the North-West I was in there just today and they fixed me up really nice. Keith was a little bit snappy but he's ...


I have been to Keith's several times over the years. I live on the central Oregon coast so the drive is long and tiring. My first visit was met with a bunch of folks who all had a...

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/5/2013

Great service and a friendly staff. I walked in and got helped within 5 minutes. while waiting for the background check I was asked by another staff member if I was being helped. I will travel from Beaverton to Keith's from now on. Great prices and lots of stock. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 4/9/2013

Rude employees. Good prices. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/17/2013

I live locally so unfortunately Keiths is my only option I've been there many times but I will never stop in again....everytime I go in i experience the worst customer service. The employees have zero customer service skills. No respect for their customers. It compelled me enough last time I was in there to make sure people dont waste their time. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/6/2013

this place is a joke from the minute you walk in the door. bunch of old farts who think you cant shoot a deer past 300yds because it doesnt carry enough energy, what that stupid place is full of is a bunch prior soldiers, who wish they got in a fire fight. overal the employees couldnt tell kimber from a colt if they had them in there hands. Keith is a merch just like Jerry Jones. He doesnt care what he sells to people as long as his product is leaving the store. If Obama ran a gun store keiths would be it. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/13/2012

Keep up the great job see ya next time. more

Keith's Sporting Goods sets the bar for 4/6/2012

Keith's Sporting Goods sets the bar for the WORST customer service I have ever seen. They argued and fought with me the entire time I was there trying to purchase a gun. I thought at first maybe it was me being abrasive until I witnessed two, yes two, other potential customers being treated like garbage by the stores employees. I would not recommend this place to anyone. I left and spent more at another local store and was more than happy to pay the extra for good service. more

I went into Keith's wanting to purchase 4/5/2012

I went into Keith's wanting to purchase a firearm to carry with my concealed weapon permit. I browsed the cases, looking for something specific. I finally found it-I waited to be helped. I could see available employees ... surely they would be over soon. We had made eye contact, they knew I was there. The only employee that even spoke to me was the one who was helping another customer. He said someone would be with me in just a minute. I said thanks and continued to wait. One man in particular aggravated me. He was middle aged, salt and pepper hair with black rimmed glasses. He was walking back and forth behind the counter, obviously not busy. He kept glancing at me sideways-we made eye contact every single time ... and still he chose to ignore me. Sadly, I didn't get to make my purchase that day, I didn't feel right about spending money where I was treated like a second class citizen. I fully believe I was treated that way because I am a female. I'm not sure this store is as modern as wears they sell. More and more women are owners of firearms-they need to realize this or eventually they will fail. Friends and family are appalled at the way I was treated and will not be shopping there again. How long can they last when they treat half of the population like they don't matter? Everyone has a mother, sister, or daughter ... We all matter and, in my family, we all carry guns. more

They suck and LIE!!!!!!! I bought a 40 2/7/2012

They suck and LIE!!!!!!! I bought a 40 cal from them and told them my concealed had expired and they told me I would have to take the class again. WHAT A LIE I went down to pay after I went to there class and they told me I was already in the system and that I did not have to go through the class. So I went back to there and asked for my money back and they were rude and told me NO! And would not give me my money back. JUST A BUNCH OF LIARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! more

awesome they know what to do! 11/21/2011

I have bought there forever! Its the best gun shop anywhere near the North-West I was in there just today and they fixed me up really nice. Keith was a little bit snappy but he's got to keep those employes in line=) I was helped by this younger kid named Andrew he's new haven't seen him till today but for being new he knew a lot he did a great job did every thing i asked. Then I sparked a conversation with the nice young lad can't be more then 13 years old man did he know a lot! I asked him who's son he was he said ""Keiths"" , I think its funny how this kid knew more then I want to say the other old gentleman he's name is chuck I'm pretty sure thats his name sometime when guns shows are going on he there and he tells people I don't know anything I just work down stair in receving. But all and all Keith's Sporting Goods is the best choice for guns, ammo attachments, etc.... If you read these I just want you to know the great job you have been doing. For others who are not sure if you should go there cause you heard bad reviews like some one called and Keith said yes they have it, and then the don't yes be mad but you don't have to make a big deal he's only human he makes mistakes! You would make the same mistake some day if you worked for Keith no ones perfect. My advise best gun shop ever hope Keith's son will take over the shop after Keith retires he would be a great owner. more

Do your research! 8/19/2011

I have shopped at Keith's for over ten years. They have always treated me well and Keith remembers me even though he only sees me every year or so. Every time I purchase from Keith I do my homework first and know exactly what I want when I walk in the door. I'll give you an example: I'm a lefty and I'm looking for a Savage Arms FLHSS in .243 Win. I live 50+ miles from the store and I will call and see if what I want is in stock. I see a nasty corrolation between 5 star and 1 star ratings (either very good or very bad) on reviews. Since the store is almost always busy as hell I think some folks get put off if they don't know exactly what they want. To Keith, if you read these reviews, you should talk to your staff and turn this love/hate relationship into love/love. From a loyal customer more

Regular customers opinion 8/9/2011

I live about 2 miles from Keith's so I go there all the time. After today I am just about done going there except to pick up my transfers. To be clear the incident described bellow happened on a Tuesday morning when they were not busy. They have a nice selection and walking in you are blown away with the quantity but when you start to look at them it just is all show if you are a collector. Especially if you are a collector of foreign guns. One time I called to see if they had any AK 74's and the lady on the phone tried to correct me because she had no idea in 1974 it was updated. In fact the only selection of AK's they have is of the lowest quality rebuild company and only the cheapest models without any features. Not my point...My point is they are jerks and ignorant of product. Every time I go in there I get treated very poorly. They have some hand signal or something that when one of them doesn't like you they all start to ignore you. I go in to ask about a transfer. I spoke on the phone directly with the gun manufacturer about a special build just for me. They have a regular distributor about an hour from my house but I can go to Keith's just around the corner in minutes. So I ask them about it and they never heard of the manufacturer. They scoff at me like I am the idiot. I researched a while and this company is probably the second best import rebuilder out there with very highly rated weapons. Completely redone in KG Gun cote with all the extras. In any case they wont do the transfer for me. I ask to see the ones they do have. Like I said bottom of the line garbage with no muzzle brake or any features, bare bones and from the nations worst rebuild company. So I lay it down and ask about a holster for my hand gun. The guy passed me off to another guy who ""knows his holsters"". I tell him what I have and not only does he not know what it should go in (a standard common holster by the way) but he goes on to insult my gun joking about it being plastic. It is a common misconception if you read about it on the internet but the fact is the plastic grip is on a fully metal frame. When I try to explain to the guy that in fact it is a fully metal gun with all the same internal parts as the older version he scoffs and ignores me and refuses to grab for me the holster I ask for. From across the room someone asks for another one and he proceeds to help them...I never got to see the holster. I then go over to the ammo wall to get some ammo. 4 different employees tell me they will help me in a moment but each time they finish with a customer they either ignore me and find something else to do or help someone else who just walked in. I am clearly looking at the ammo leaning over the gun case ignoring the weapons staring at the ammo so it would take seconds to help me but no one will. I wait there at least 20 minutes because I aint leaving without my ammo and I just want to test to see how long it will take this time. Finally the lady who was sitting not 3 feet from me running a background check for at least 10 minutes not once asking me what I want finishes, hands off the sale and helps me. She purposefully sat there staring at the computer doing nothing while I looked at the ammo right behind her and said nothing to me the whole time. She told me before she started to help that customer she would help me. I literally had to wait out their arrogance in order to buy my ammo. I don't think I have ever been in a place of business more smug and rude period...but they have a lot of guns and it is cool to see. I just walk out pissed every time. Oh and one more thing...they have not so good pricing. It isn't ""bad"" but you can find any gun there at a better price including shipping and transfer fee from somewhere else if you look. The POS AK 47 I looked at was $700 and I can get that online for $400 new (plus transfer) and free shipping... more

Special Order LWRC M6 - My Experience 7/24/2011

I was in the process of buying a LWRC carbine but wanted to purchase locally rather than through mail order. A call to LWRC based in Cambridge, MD produced the only authorized dealer in Oregon: Keith more

Very Slow with a snobby attitude 7/7/2011

I have been to Keith's several times over the years. I live on the central Oregon coast so the drive is long and tiring. My first visit was met with a bunch of folks who all had attitudes and some that were just plain a**holes. They also treated me as if I was some idiot who had no clue what I wanted eventhough I specifically stated what I wanted and what I was buying for. My second visit was about the same. As have all my visits. I find Keiths to be sorta like some of the groups I ran across in Montana. Low IQ's with ""little man"" mentality. I wouldn't doubt that Keith himself and most his employees drive big trucks. I now only go to Keiths to ""observe"" and then move on to other shops to wheel 'n' deal. Cheap shop, cheap service and cheap people. more

Unprofessional. 5/19/2011

Rude from the beginning and impatient with customers. I have experience with both the M-4 and M-9 pistol and some revolver and shotgun shooting in Civilian life. I headed over to Keith's to buy my first weapon for HD (got 2 little girls coming). I made the mistake of asking about what they recommended... that's all I needed to say to have the lady behind the counter get defensive & condescending. I was told to wait (which I did, 20 minutes) and she immediately started working with someone else. When she finally got done with the client, she moved to someone else who'd just walked in. I waited again, but this time I reminded her I was still waiting...she lashed out at me (just a minute!). Waited ten more, then left without being attended. Shame, they have nice merchandise but loose people like me because their poor employee training. I am surprised they still are in business. Drove to another shop and bought a Ruger SP-101, a Saiga 12 and S&W M&P on recommendation; the owner himself spent at least 20 minutes making sure I had the right tools for the job. The prices were about the same as in Keith's. more

Rude and lied 5/17/2011

I called the shop and asked if they had an FNP-45 tactical in stock. The salesman replied quickly saying yes they did. I told them I would be right over to have a look. After driving 30 minutes to get to Keith’s it turned out they didn’t have one in stock, the salesman never checked. They tried to convince me I should buy an FN 5.7 instead. DO NOT believe what they tell you on the phone. The owner Keith was snappy with two customers prior to seeing me and on several occasions turned his back and walking away from me whilst I was trying to have a conversion with him. Very unprofessional. My advice is to go Keith’s to try out the fit and feel of your next firearm as they do have a large inventor. Note the price and go over to NW Armory. They will beat Keith’s price as they did with my FNP. more

Keith's service 5/4/2011

I went to Keith's after buying a Glock 17 from my buddy. The gun originally came from California, and law prohibits magazines larger than 10 rounds. So I came by Keith's on leave (I'm active duty U.S. Army) for a couple 17 round magazines. Immediately I felt disrespected, cause when I asked to see the magazine's I would be purchasing the employee looked at me like I was an idiot and said ""It's just like any other magazine."" I'm the type of person who likes to inspect merchandise that I'm putting money in to, much like most buyers. So I took his gesture and had him bring me 2. Then I asked for 9mm rounds, I told him I wanted 150. He responded even more impatiently with ""What kind of rounds?"" I said ""Regular"" (Insinuating any brand, not hollow point or unjacketed, etc). He looked at me like I was a complete jackass, then turned around and grabbed Remington rounds walked back to the register and rung me up for $100 which was a decent price, though I expected the magazines to be cheaper coming from ""The best deals in the Northwest"". I paid and left, extremely disappointed with their staff and with a feeling of regret because I left my money with them. On the way out my wife said ""Are you sure you want this from them? They just treated you like complete s**t"". Overall they had a good selection, but they treat their customers like s**t. Basically the employee I dealt with felt like I was a ""newbie"" of sorts when it comes to weapons, which I am far from, but he didn't 2nd guess me in any way because all I got from him was 3 sentences and all were in a rude manner. I'll just wait for another gun show to come around when I take leave cause these guys are a**holes. On top of that they don't do military discount, so if you want another reason to dislike them, there you go. You might pay $5-10 extra for different parts of your weapon with other dealers who aren't complete shitheads, it would be worth the trip. more

Quit whining...the best prices you will find anywhere! 3/27/2011

I see several reviews that discuss ""unprofessional"" and ""apathy"" that Keith's seems to display. I have had only 2 experiences with Keith, as they were recommended by a good friend. My friend warned me ahead of time that Keith's is VERY busy and it may take quite a bit of time for them to get to you after you first walk in. When you offer the best selection and prices in the Northwest, it is safe to say you will be very busy. Once I had the one on one attention of their staff, they were absolutely outstanding. I had a 10 year old gun, that was in good shape, that they gave me a very fair price on trade in for a new gun. Not to mention, their new gun price was $250 less than anyone else...anywhere!! What a great deal they offered. It was well worth putting up with a bit of slow service to get that kind of deal. I would highly recommend them. more

Unprofessional Customer Service 3/20/2011

You can just about feel a vibe of contempt for the customer at this place. The best experience I had here was when they were apathetic to my existence in the store, openly ingnoring me. After interaction with the shopkeepers started, it was all downhill. I honestly can't believe they can stay open with service this poor. more

You have to Understand 3/15/2011

Keiths Sporting Goods has an excellent selection of weapons and thats it. These types of shops deal with retarded people all the time looking for the next black gun or uzi. These people have no idea what they want, nor do they plan to buy. Then there are people waiting in line at a very busy place to actually buy what they need. Day after day Keiths people deal with this, and what do you think your attitude would be. Its simple, shop them for there price and then go to a place like NW Armory and tell them the price and get customer service to. more

PHHH NEVER AGAIN!!! 3/11/2011

When I went in to buy my first gun I was so impressed with the selection and prices. I bought a nice gun. However the range never had ammo for it so it was never even shot. \r I decided to trade it in and was told that because it had left the store it had to be treated like a used gun and said that they could give me x amount for it. The price was several hundred dollars less than I had paid. They said if you would like to walk around a little and think about it that's ok. So I did. I decided that I didn't want to take that little for it and asked for my gun back. I was told that it was to late they had already entered it into their inventory and if I wanted it back I would have to buy it from them at more than they had quoted me to sell it to them. I ended up buying another gun. I felt like I was held hostage and will NEVER go there again. Bad customer service practice!!! more
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  • If you're looking to get the best deal on a new firearm, Keith's Sporting Goods is the place to go. With over 30 years in business, and over 5,000 guns in stock, we are Oregon's and Washington's largest gun dealer. We carry every major gun manufacturer...

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