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voodoo tattoo - 47 Reviews - 3140 south valley view, Las Vegas, NV - Personal Care Reviews - Phone (702) 221-8287

voodoo tattoo

3140 south valley view
Las Vegas, NV 89103
(702) 221-8287
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voodoo tattoo - Las Vegas, NV
voodoo tattoo - Las Vegas, NV
voodoo tattoo - Las Vegas, NV
voodoo tattoo - Las Vegas, NV
voodoo tattoo - Las Vegas, NV
voodoo tattoo - Las Vegas, NV
voodoo tattoo - Las Vegas, NV
voodoo tattoo - Las Vegas, NV
voodoo tattoo - Las Vegas, NV


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I was bummed I wasn't able to take advantage of the Friday the 13th special, but Friday night while I was bartending at Buffalo Wild Wings, Justin and Holly came in to eat. After...


I received a very bad first tattoo from ""rad"" brad. While he was filling it in, I told him it was not filled in all the was and he said he was done. I got a nasty infection with...

An Angel for an Angel 12/3/2012

I am a 46 year old woman from Michigan and I got my first tattoo at Voodoo while in Vegas (9/17/09). I thought I was going to get my tattoo from Joe Cool and learned when I arrived that Andrew would be doing it. From the minute Andrew walked threw that door and seen my drawing he owned it. I left for a couple of hours for him to sketch my beautiful Angel/Fairy tattoo. When I came back I couldn't have been happier. I believe I have such a beautiful healthy tattoo. Andrew is very talented and a kind man. My sincere thanks goes out to you Andrew for giving me a beautiful art piece on my back. Pros: Fantastic work more

Great Staff! Excellent Experience! 1/16/2012

I was bummed I wasn't able to take advantage of the Friday the 13th special, but Friday night while I was bartending at Buffalo Wild Wings, Justin and Holly came in to eat. After we started talking, I told them my dilemma, and they had me come in on Saturday to get tattooed. To much my surprise, they were able to fit me in between appointments! Holly worked on my left forearm, and my piece turned out great! Thank you so much for such a great experience! more

Simply Amazing 7/13/2011

Erika is an exceptional artist who knows how to tune in to her clients on a spiritual and 'soul' level. Her work is impeccable. My piece on my arm is simply stunning. more

Andy is the best! 6/27/2011

Voodoo was a great tattoo shop but my experience was great bc of Andy. First when my car had run out of gas and I was calling to let him know I'd be late Andy helpfully gave me the number of a quick cab service. Then when I got to the shop and showed him the flower if life I wanted on the side of my wrist, he was honest about how the quality wouldn't be good bc of the size. He quickly dissected part of the design for me and created a quick solution that I was very pleased w. (instead of having the full circle w multiple 'flowers of life' he suggested I focus in on one of them). On top of that he did a phenomenal job and was extremely easy to talk to during the tattoo. Thanks Andy, I'd happily fly from Detroit to Vegas to get another tattoo from you. more

Voodoo is the Best! 4/28/2011

I was going to Vegas to celebrate my best friend's birthday. I knew I was going to get a tattoo while there but where? I researched on the web and narrowed it down to 4 shops (all of the strip) and started making my phone calls. I'm extremely picky not only do you have to be a fantastic artist I need to know you have experience tattooing people with dark skin. Two shops got nixed because every time I called no one answered, the other one got nixed because I got such attitude over the phone. I had saved Voodoo for last because I liked the work I saw on their website the best along with the great reviews. I spoke with Andrew and he was awesome! I explained my time schedule issues so I wouldn't be able to set an appointment until probably the day I landed in Vegas, he said no problem. I explained the design I was going to get, an Adinkra symbol on my ankle, had a nice chat and told him I'd call when I landed in Vegas. I get to Vegas and one of the girls on the trip decided she would come with me because she also wanted to get a tattoo. Called Andrew told him the day and time we would be arriving. The shop is clean and really calming I knew as soon as I walked in I had picked the right spot. Andrew was so nice, looked at my design then adapted it to really fit well with where I was placing in it on my body, he did my friend's tattoo as well and she was super impressed with his skill and eye to detail (btw she's a graphic designer and has a ton of tattoos). So great tattoo, cool , clean shop, fantastic tattoo artist could it get any better??? Yes it does because when he told us the price for each of our tattoos we couldn't believe it, I thought I heard wrong and needed him to repeat because I couldn't believe it. And lest you think it's because I'm used to L.A. prices, my friend is from Toronto and she couldn't believe it either. I would highly, highly, highly recommend this place and Andrew one of the best tattoo experiences I've had. more

Can't Beat Voodoo 3/1/2011

I decided to get my first tattoo for my 40th birthday while I was in Vegas. Being a little more cautious than your average 20 year old, I researched a number of places online. I looked at the quality of work, health records and reviews written by previous customers. Voodoo Tattoo had the best of all three. As soon as I got to Vegas, I went to talk to Joe Cool about the design because he seemed to have the best technique for what I was looking for. We discussed the design and he even suggested I compare places and prices (but I already did my homework!). more

Best experiance ever! 10/17/2010

I went to Voodoo Tattoo for my 3rd tattoo. I was recommended by a friend to the artist Brad. Brad met with me, talked over what I wanted and then called me once he had my drawing ready. The Tattoo took only a couple hours and ended up exactly what I wanted. The entire process was easy and comfortable. Once we were done, he was willing to show me how to care for it and answer any questions that I had. The shop was very clean and the artists/staff were nice to be around. I have had this tattoo for less then 1 day now and i have gotten so many compliments on the details. I would highly recommend anyone to go here and I will definitely back to for next! more

Best Piercing and Piercer Ever! 10/11/2010

Always had a thought of getting a Jacobs Ladder. Was in town from Wisconsin. I had asked around and Voodoo was recommended. I found the address and went on my adventure! Yes, I was nervous. I talked with Tony about how many piercings of the ladder he would recommend safely. We decided on 5. Tony was very understanding about me and my feelings. I had him do the 5 piercings. Was over before I knew it. HE AND THE SHOP were very clean and sterile. He informed me of how to care for the piercings and what to do if I should ever have a problem. I Would not hesitate to go back. Thanks Tony! I'm very pleased. more

Don't pay for a tattoo on the strip! Come to Voodoo! 9/30/2010

I get a little nervous when I walk into tattoo shops. Not because of the needles or idea of marking myself for life, but because of the ridiculous attitudes that sometimes come along with the tattoo artist. I felt that same apprehension walking into Voodoo. It quickly disappeared when I met Brad. He was kind, helpful and easy to talk to. I wasn't exactly sure what I was going to do and he was willing to work with me. I ended up choosing a feather tattoo on my shoulder. I gave him a general idea and he came back with a drawing that I LOVED. It's exactly what was stuck in my brain, he was just the artist to make it come to life. Even though I've only got 5 tattoos now, I've learned to put trust into the artist about size, placement, etc. If they are good, they are going to know how to make your tattoo look good. After the tattoo, which took about an hour, Brad made sure I knew how to care for my tattoo. He also told me that anytime we make it back to Vegas and my tattoo needed care that he did touch-ups for free. He guarantees his work for life. Don't get a tattoo on the strip at one of the in-hotel shops (they are way overpriced!), drive over to VooDoo. It's reasonably priced, it's clean, and the service is great. Oh, and I love my tattoo! more

BEST PIERCER IN TOWN!!!! 9/16/2010

For about 14 years, I've wanted to pierce my tragus (the little triangle fold of your ear). Well, I've never trusted anyone to stick a needle in my ear before until I met Tony Snow from Voodoo Tattoo. He is AWESOME. Very reassuring about the amount of pressure you will feel from the needle, the healing process, random tips on how to take care of it, and just making sure you are relaxed before he pierces you. I trusted him soooo much with the tragus piercing, I asked him to pierce both my daith's (right and left side). Same thing, explained the amount of pressure I'd feel, how to take care of it, etc. All 3 of my piercings have healed just fine, no problems with any of them AND Tony has checked on them at random times if I've stopped in the shop to see him just to make sure everything is still okay. I recommend all of my friends who are interested in piercings and body modifications to see Tony Snow. more

voodoo tattooed 6/12/2010

my wife and i flew into vegas for he supercross race in may. i had a fairly decent sized tattoo i wanted done while i was there and was turned onto voodoo tattoo by some locals. joe cool drew up and began what i wanted done while justin tattooed my wife. our artwork turned out so good that we actually flew back three weeks later for some more. ive been tattooed in seattle...portland...medford...maui...and las vegas a few times, and for some reason tattoo artists in general have a pretty big chip on their shoulders. not the case at voodoo! super friendly artists, and a very clean workplace on top of that. definately a top shelf tattoo and piercing shop, and very highly recommended ny my wife and i! Pros: clean, vibrant artwork, and friendly artists!!! more

They boys at Voodoo Rock!! 10/21/2009

Me and my girls were in vegas and THEY decided to get tattoos (they already have several).. I have none but always wanted one!! After watching Brad draw what my friends wanted from scratch and get them done.. I decided to have my tattoo cherry popped... Even though I only got an intial on my foot, They guys were friendly, fun to talk to and Brad was very patient even though he wanted me to have more artwork! I will FOR SURE let him tat me again when we go back in March!! Pros: Very Friendly, Creative more

Brad is the sheet 9/30/2009

Went in for my first tat, spoke with Brad and had him draw up a custom design based on a sketch I brought in with me. He had two designs to choose from, both sick work and I decided on the more elaborate piece. It took about 50 minutes to finish my tat which was a little bit larger than the size of my palm with small details all around and wasn't as painful as my friends had told me it would be, in fact I enjoyed it! 4 days later my tat is healing perfectly without any issues and I'm sketching up another piece for Brad to do this fall. Awesomely talented artist, friendly and best of all he does fantastic work QUICKLY without compromising the quality of the artwork. Prices are reasonable as well, I was quoted $60 more for a smaller simpler version of what I got from Brad from other artists who said it would take 1 1/2-2hrs.. Can't wait for my next!! Pros: Clean, Friendly, Talented and Quick artist more

First but not the last from Wyoming 7/31/2009

Greg and Andrew were wonderful. They took our ideas and turned them into art on our bodies. My daughter and I had a great time and would recommend these two artists to anyone getting a tattoo. They are down to earth easy to talk to and fantastic artists. I am bringing my husband back in the fall for his first tatto! Thanks so much guys! Pros: Great artists Cons: no one else to answer the phones LOL more


My friend and I get tattoos on every trip we take. We where very excited to go to Voodoo as we had heard great things about them. It was the best experience we have had. Joe Cool did both our tats and they turned out better than we could have imagined. Joe was friendly, professional and very fast. The prices are very reasonable and 1/2 of what shops on the strip cost. We are even talking about a 24 hour trip back just for another tattoo! Pros: Easy to find Cons: not in Seattle! more

The best***** 1/18/2009

I spoke with the owner over the phone. He was very nice. This was my first tattoo. He gave me an exact idea of how much it would cost along with the time required. I made an appointment. He was there. He did a fabulous job! I am very happy with the result. He gave me a copy of the instructions and went over them in detail. I followed them to the letter. I had this done 10 days ago and I am VERY happy with this!! THEY ARE AWESOME! BETTER THEN EXPECTED!!!! Pros: Sterile, professional, through, caring, and they cover every detail! THE BEST more

Would highly recommend this tattoo shop 1/9/2009

I got a tattoo by Joe Cool, from Voodoo Tattoo this past summer. I love this place! I had wanted to get a tattoo for a long time, and knowing how permenant the procedure was, really did alot of investigation into who I wanted to do it. Voodoo Tattoo had alot of great reviews and I personally got in touch with Joe through e-mails. He was very prompt and professional and made me feel comfortable about my decision to use him. I was on a girls trip in August and he worked around our schedules and had me in and out within an hour. He was very genlte and instantly put me at ease. The shop was clean and everyone in it was very professional and nice. Joe charged me fairly and I can guarantee that no other reputable tattoo shop can beat his price! The tattoo (on my foot) has healed beautifully and I constantly receive compliments on it. Thanks so much Joe for such a beautiful piece. I'll be back! Pros: Close to the strip, cleanliness, price more

Rad Brad 11/20/2008

i went to Rad Brad to get my tattoos on my calves and he did an absolute AMAZING job!! definitely recommend his work! I will go back to him for sure!!! Pros: got amazingly awesome tattoos more

best shop in town 11/19/2008

i highly suggest voodoo tattoo. clean shop, awesome and friendly artists, cool environment. so good ive gotten a few tattoos from brad. i would definitely recommend them. more

brad is rad! 11/18/2008

i went to voodoo tattoo after being reffered to brad by two very close friends. the shop was very clean and brad was down to earth and friendly. I decided to get my foot tattood that day an experience that brad warned me ahead of time would not be very pleasant. IT WASNT BAD AT ALL! way worse things have happened. he was very gentile and let me know that if i needed to stop for a break just to let him know. my tattoo didnt have any trouble healing at all. i just kept it clean and moisturized and 3 weeks later it looks great. the color is fluid throughout and the entire tattoo and the outline isnt too bulky or leaking or anything :) i love my tattoo and ill definitley be back to see brad in december :) more
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Find super talented professional tattoo artists at this popular tattoo shop located just off the Las Vegas strip.


  • Find super talented professional tattoo artists at this popular tattoo shop located just off the Las Vegas strip.

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