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overlake ob/gyn

1800 116th Ave. NE
Bellevue, WA 98004
(425) 454-3366
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I'm currently pregnant with my first child. And some of these reviews are correct, the Bellevue office is dingy looking and the front desk staff isn't all that warm. However, if y...


Please note that my low rating is not for the OBs I saw, but for the receptionists at the front desk and also the sonographer who took my ultrasound. The receptionists are very c...

Cold receptionist & rude sonographer 3/7/2017

Please note that my low rating is not for the OBs I saw, but for the receptionists at the front desk and also the sonographer who took my ultrasound. The receptionists are very cold. When I called one receptionist to make an appointment when I had symptoms of miscarriage, the receptionist was very impatient. After I described the situation, she sounded as if my call was bothering her and asked me "so what do you want?" The sonographer was even much worse. When the ultrasound was taken, I was under significant pain as I was undergoing miscarriage right then. From the time she started taking ultrasound, she was very rude and yelled at me for sitting in the wrong position. Throughout the process, she made me feel like I was an inconveniency to her at best. It was a horrible experience, especially so since I was going through a lot of pain, both mentally and physically at the same time. The OBs I saw, on the other hand, were very professional and considerate. However, I wouldn't consider going back to Overlake again based on my unpleasant experience with the receptionist(s) and the sonographer. more

Go see Dr. Lacy 10/13/2011

I'm currently pregnant with my first child. And some of these reviews are correct, the Bellevue office is dingy looking and the front desk staff isn't all that warm. However, if you make your appointments at their brand new issaquah office at the Swedish in Issaquah.... You will have a great experience. Always friendly staff and wait times aren't too bad. Plus it's gorgeous! So if you have to wait a few extra minutes, it's no big deal. Dr. Lacy is my doctor, and she has the best bedside manner I've ever seen. she's got the caring demeanor of a midwife, but the experience and skills of a doctor. I haven't left any of my appointments without laughing or smiling. Now I've dealt with a few of the doctors on call over the phone when I had some issues earlier on in the pregnancy, and their demeanor wasn't nearly as good or nice as Dr. Lacy's. One of the previous people mentioned they had to get rescheduled. Well... She's an OB/GYN and delivers babies, so if someone goes into labor, yes she has to go. I know that one day I'll need her at my birth and someone will need to e rescheduled because of that, so I don't mind if I get rescheduled. Before you comment on a doctor, have an actual appointment with them. I think it's the front desk's fault for not communicating properly to you. Did I mention I went through fertility treatment here to get pregnant? Jenny brown and Cheryl Axford helped me get pregnant when another doctor told me there was no hope. I still see them in the hall sometimes and they always check to see how I'm doing. Best service ever. Go to the issaquah office! You won't be dissapointed! more

Nurse is really bad 9/24/2010

Good: Dr Otto is really great. She is caring and shows concern for the patients by listening to them. Bad: There is a nurse in 1810 who is very tall, she is the worst we have seen. She made personal comments on us. Since we are not natively english speaking people, it took us time sometime if she is making the comment in lighter sense. But after talking to friends, they told us it is utter disrepect for patients and their concerns. more

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Dr Jim Haines OB/GYN 2/26/2010

Good: Dr Haines is very professional and great at what he does.. i had a c-section and was very confident in his skill as a surgeon and physician... Bad: I hate the long waits at this clinic. I think they are extremely in need of a thorough cleaning. The whole place looks filthy and used up..i know it's a busy clinic and hence plenty of money for remodeling and updating but they choose to keep it frankly "Disgusting." I think Dr Haines Nurse Kathy is one of the most callus and uncaring people i have run across. She is very supeficial and acts kind and caring but she is far from anything good in her character... i chose not to even have even her check me in. Improvements: during my appts at the clinic that's how strongly i felt about her and how insencere she really is.she was very rude at a phone call to me once and literally shouted at me and hung up the phone on me.. it was after hours ofcourse she knew to call when there is no one there to witness her "Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde" episodes.... Other: anyway go for Dr Haines and Lawler is an excellent surgeon too but stay away from the rest of the Physicians there as they are not as qualifies as these two.. Caring RN! good luck. more

Great doctors 12/3/2009

Dr. Haines is an excellent doctor, a real professional. He was answering all my questions during pregnancy, explained all the procedures and reasons for them, and when it came to the actual birth, he did everything so calmly and professionally that I had no reasons to worry despite the complications. I highly recommend Dr. Haines. more

Dr. Otto is wonderful! 7/4/2009

Dr. Otto saw me through my first pregnancy and miscarriage in 2005, and was always caring and respectful. She talked me through all of the ups and downs, and made sure I was always aware and prepared for whatever came my way. Her nurse Emily was equally attentive, and knowledgeable. There's nothing I would change about my experience. more

Do no go: Dr Judith A Lucy 6/29/2009

Do not go there. We had an appointment today with Dr Judith A Lacy at 10.40 AM. Were gievn address at 1800 116th Ave Belleve, reached there on time and after 15-20 min wait, we were asked to 1810 building as doctor' is sitting there and then we waited there again and then at 11.45 they came and said we cannot take you today reschedule. This is absurd, non sense, rediculus. They kept us waiting for more than hour to say go back. Me and my wife had to take OOF (and my wife might not get paid for those hours) to meet the doctors. Never ever go to Dr Judith A Lucy more

They no longer take United Heath care 5/2/2009

I missed my last annule last fall because they no longer take United heath care. I can see why. United Health care does not cover preventive well women checkups!! Switched to Blue Cross Blue Shield. Have yet to call. See what happens in September. more

dr otto 4/29/2009

i had a very high risk pregnancy and dr otto and her nurse were always caring and respectful and very very helpful more

Dr Katherine Vankessel 4/23/2009

The worst experience of my life. Even though I had appointments, I had to wait for hours to see her. Because of her lack of experience and knowledge my son was born 3 months early and stayed at the hospital for more than 2 months. This all happened just because she didn't understand that I had bladder infection- - even though I visited her at least 3 times to let her know that there was something different and I wasn't feeling OK- -. She never listened to me and kept saying that I am supposed to stay at home and don't care. After a visit to the ER I gave birth. If you enjoy seeing your newborn baby attached to cables and worrying if he'll survive or die for months, then go to Dr Vankessel, because she can guarantee she won't be understanding about a problem. more

Worst ob/gyn office in the area! 2/14/2009

I went to the Overlake ob/gyn office in Issaquah - I've never been treated so terribly in my life at a physician's office. I waited nearly 2 hours for my doctor, I was rushed, and I was told I needed an invasive, risky and unnecessary procedure (as determined by another doc)! I was hardly treated like a human being - more like a cow in the chute who they simply wanted to squeeze as much money out of as possible without regard for my overall health! Horrible place!! more

Wouldn't recommend it 10/8/2008

I went once for a bad pre-conception visit to this office to see Dr. Otto. 1) I waited over an hour to get in although I had an appointment. 2) The receptionist was rude when I asked how much longer I had to wait. 3) Everytime I've called the hold times are rediculous and the people who answer the phone are rude. 3) Dr. Otto was impersonal and barely took any history (even though I have PCOS and thyroid issues) from me, her only words were get on a pre-natal vitamin... end of story. They just seem too busy! more

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Doctor Ann Kolwitz is superb! 9/13/2008

Yesterday Dr. Ann Kolwitz performed a laparoscopy on me to remove a fluid-filled enlarged fallopian tube (Hydrosalpinx) and cyst on my left ovary that had been giving me chronic pain for many months. I was very impressed with her professionalism, surgical skill, and warm personality pre and post surgery. Equally impressive was her support team at Overlake Hospital, from the pre-op and surgical nurses to the anesthesiologist. I highly recommend her--and, could not be more happy with the results of my surgery more

Doctor Ann Kolwitz is superb! 9/13/2008

An enlarged, fluid-filled fallopian tube (hydrosalpinx) and cyst on my left ovary have given me chronic pain for months. Yesterday Doctor Ann Kolwitz performed a laparoscopic salpingectomy to remove both. I can't begin to say how impressed I am with her professionalism, surgical skills, and warm, respectful treatment of me pre-and-post surgery. Those who assisted her at Overlake Hospital were also terrific, from the pre-op and operative care nurses to the anesthesiologist. I'm very happy with the results. more

Dr. Otto 7/30/2007

I would like to ask somebody....anybody....why do the Ob/Gyns here in Seattle seem to be some of the worst Ob/Gyns I have ever seen? And I'm not the only one to believe this, I have had this conferred with Nurses, Dental Hygienists, Nursing Assistants etc. I went to see Dr. Otto to ask about my hormone levels. I was told by my previous Ob/Gyn in another state that I had funky FSH/LH levels etc. and I wanted to ask Dr. Otto about this and find out about my Husband and I's ability to potentially have children. I had my yearly exam with Dr. Otto and she seemed nice enough. She did not however do ANY sort of history and physical and I found that rather odd. But I let that go and figured I would see how she was when she called me about my blood results. Well I got my answer when she doesn't call me herself about my blood work but rather has her Nurse, Emily call me. Now I have to say Emily was just lovely. The nicest person and seemed somewhat knowledgeable BUT she was calling me to tell me I am infertile and have potential Premature Ovarian Failure! I mean.....should a Nurse be calling a patient with news like this?! As I was trying not to cry and see if I could be somewhat pulled together for the phone call, I asked Emily questions of course about POF and of course she didn't know the answers to my questions as these were questions that should be answered by a Physician. She was so kind on the phone and I want to make it clear that Emily was just so sweet and I could tell she felt awful telling me this news but at the same time the idea that Dr. Otto could not find 10 minutes of her time after charging me $400 for an office visit to tell me I cannot have children is just unfathomable to me. Emily gave me some numbers for infertility Physicians. And I appreciated that but again, it is fine to have her Nurse call me to tell me my pap smear is normal, to get a pharmacy number or to tell me I have high cholesterol BUT to have her Nurse call to tell me THIS? Dr. Otto can NOT be this busy to disregard the feelings of her patients and more seriously, disregard her moral duty as a Physician. more

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Dr Haines is the best 5/10/2007

I've been a patient of Dr Haines since 1983 and have seen other Drs and Nurse Practitioners at Overlake ObGyn over the years. Always good care, and though they are always very busy, they will tell you if they are running late -so call 1/2 hr before your appointment to find out, and avoid extra time in the waiting room. more

Dr. Otto 3/22/2007

I first had Dr. Graham and then changed to Dr. Otto at the last month of pregnancy. Dr. Graham is very knowledgeable, but has a very poor bedside manner. If bedside manner is not important to you then she is a decent choice for a dr. If you want a thorough and enjoyable pregnancy then definitely go with Dr. Otto. She is patient, sweet, kind and sincere... She will make sure that you are well taken care of and you will leave the office with a smile every time. more

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Good doctors 12/1/2006

I went to Overlake OB/GYN upon a friend's referral. It's hard to get an appointment for a normal check-up, but if you are pregnant already, they will take you in right away. My doctor is Dr. Haines. He is nice, knowledgeable and competent. He put me on ease whenever I come up with any concerns or questions. His nurse, kathy and Kim are great too. It's a busy practice. I also saw another female doctor once, she was straight and sharp too. Very good doctors. I will recommend them to my friends. more

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Good Doctors 11/9/2006

I have been a patient at Overlake OBGYN for about 3 years and I am very happy with the doctors and the nurse practitioners there. Dr. Ann Kolwitz is my regular doctor, however I have seen Peggy Kibbel and am very happy with the care they provided for me. more

Worst Office 11/6/2006

I would not refer my sworn enemy to this office! They are rude, snobby and impersonal. I switched immediately, and have been incredibly happy with Dr. Rogers in Bellevue. more
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