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Unprofessional, Overly Expensive, Misleading... - Review by Kelley M | GYFT Clinic

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Unprofessional, Overly Expensive, Misleading... 1/27/2008

Dr. McLees is NOT a reproductive endochronoligist. He likes to think that because he's been guessing at what will knock women up for 20 years that he's a specialist but he isn't. He is very unprofessional (his exam room is full of dusty, nasty, old stuffed turkey stuffed animals and collectables), he makes unprofessional comments about the fertility process, he makes guesses in the dark at what will "work", he does not share test results in a timely matter (I had been tested for something that would DIRECTLY impact my fertility and even though I asked for results and told I was "fine", I found out 3 cycles later that the results were FAR from fine and was put on a new medication). He follows the same protocol for most of his clients (seemingly like it's the only thing he knows about). He never will refer you out even if he doesn't feel like you can't be helped by him. He is quick to "recommend" surgery to "explore" your insides to see if anything is wrong (this is semi-major surgery and NOT cheap. Furthermore, it's only exploritive and even if he found anything - you'd need yet another surgery to "fix" anything). I had to ask for all of the proceedures, medications, tests, etc. that eventually got me pregnant and was actually told, "Wow, you really want to get pregnant huh? You're awefully proactive!". Well, YES! I'm paying thousands of dollars each month for nothing! I was semi-shunned for actually wanting them to do their job! This clinic MAY get you pregnant but they will take their sweet time doing it to hose as much money out of you (or your insurance) as humanly possible. The nurses are okay - some are better than others. You meet the actual doctor once or twice through the entrie process (even if it takes years) and then deal exclusively with the nurses who, honestly, know more about the entire fertility process than the doctors. They DO call you back in a timely manner and never dropped the ball on calling in meds for me. They are available 7 days a week for appointments which is nice. A particular nurse is horrible at drawing blood and she's usually the one who is in charge of blood draws and leaves you looking like a beating victim (bruises) that last for weeks! All in all, if you KNOW what's wrong with you and are willing to stand up for your medical rights and process - you could get what you want out of this clinic but I'd never recommend this clinic to someone who has no idea what's wrong with them and looking for answers in a timely fashion. You'll be waiting around for ages with these jokes of DR's. Good luck to you in your process - it isn't ever easy but it's all worth it in the end! more
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