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Practicing Medicine - Not Insurance 12/23/2007

I am tired of seeing spoiled People twist and manipulate the Truth. Tell some People the simple word "No" and they'll break their neck to hurt you in any way they can...writing crap on the internet, or any other way possible. I know better about this one highly ethical and competent doctor today; you can't beat the treatment or the experience anywhere. And I can't believe the position so many take today on the issue of simply having to pay for their own healthcare. No, it's not "cheap"! You don't want "cheap" in everything, really. Grow up America! Nothing is FREE in this life ...except lies, mud and slander. For that, we have "M.F." [see complaint about "Powell Minor ER" by this person] to produce for us - in quantity. I have been to see this doctor many times. He has a very interesting take on today's screwed up U.S. medical system (of insurance) - in which he has taken the very difficult stance of "not participating" in these scams today. Through this 8 year process, Dr. Smith has been a Pioneer in bringing the true Art of Medicine back to where it had always been before - in the hands of the Doctor (i.e. the only Person licensed and capable to make your professional medical decisions today). Many Doctors would like to do what Dr. Smith is doing today, and he has been a leader in this free market medicine field for a very long time, as well. The CBS National News broadcasted Dr. Smith's story - as a "solution to the problems in medicine" some years ago. But the unfortunate thing is that only a few Doctors have chosen to follow the path of Dr. Smith's unique Old-Fashioned Professional Care example today...because it is tough due the malice of guys like "M.F."* and due the fact that only those Doctors who can stand the pressures of the insurance companies working against them (which is no small pressure) seem to be able to do this for very long or at all. *The pressures coming to these brave "non-participating" Doctors, I am told, through malicious and hateful false comments and accusations - like the one "M.F." (appropriate initials, huh?) did place in this same section against Dr. Smith - are challenges most Doctors are not willing to endure, much like a higher quality of Presidential Candidate might opt out of running for that office due the slander and poison they would most certainly face, in their run. Understand this is common practice for a certain malicious breed in our present society; they use "third party" complaining systems to fraudulently harm those trying to go against today's illegitimate system, to do good. Not only do these Persons refuse to understand what good doctors like Dr. Smith are attempting to do - for us all - but they want to harm these same Doctors with their lies and twists of the truth...because they can! After 8 years of enduring such comments, on occasion, Dr. Smith believes these poisonous types thoroughly enjoy the harm they cause. Judy's Book ought to be ashamed to place such tripe on their website without first making certain such garbage is true. Dr. Smith's office confirms Judy's Book has never tried to corroborate this material with Dr. Smith's office, and in fact, they could not do so because such things are not true at all - the things "M.F." now claims as fact, etc. "Fraud" is therefore being committed by both Judy's Book and "M.F." (who ever this unnamed person is - hiding under assumed names on complaint websites on the internet - how brave!) Dr. Smith notes this garbage comes from some in his unusual type practice, post payment, when these cowards fail to receive something they demand or expect, illegitimately, at his office. Go figure. They either can't handle the word "no" (sometimes given by the office, when necessary, because they are able to stand up against certain illegitimacies their business just seems to attract, etc.) OR whenever Persons "wish it to be free" (care), and so either way go and proceed to host a fire storm of lies and innuendo against anyone refusing to cow to their (third party levied) threats and demands. Dr. Smith just has the fortitude and proper office protocols NOT to cave in to such accusatory fraud today. He asks this Snipe to produce not only his real name but any proof he believes he has that might properly support his manipulation and lies told about the doctor - at any time. Hint: He cannot. According to the many experiences I have now had at Dr. Smith's office, it is quite obvious to anyone with 1/2 a brain that whenever asked to punch in one's own PIN number (see "M.F." complaint), after giving your card to anyone while making a purchase - at any location anywhere, mind you - you are never simply "verifying [your] debit card pin" (whatever that stupid statement means, per "M.F." - which sounds like an idiot's rant, quite frankly), but rather, you are clearly authorizing a real purchase to be made to the location you are presently standing, for a specific item or service, which is set clearly as the amount shown right there in front of your face - displayed on that same PIN pad you are now holding and punching in your personal private PIN number, to accept. If you are stupid, you may not understand what you are doing, but truly, that is no fault of the guy standing there selling you his services. Then, claiming you were somehow duped or have become the victim of "fraud" after making such an obvious transaction, supposedly knowing nothing about it, is simply a bold face lie! Who was that guy standing there conversing all about this transaction before and during that episode? Who punched in you PRIVATE PIN NUMBER that day? No, the only "fraud" committed around this guy (i.e. "M.F.") is that which he himself is attempting to commit - onto Dr. Smith! Twisting the facts may seem to make your position look better, but there is One who knows the Truth and will make it right, in the end, beware. Even ole' Abe Lincoln said it best when he said, "You can say it, but that doesn't make it so"l! In today's times, scams like these harm others without those others being able to defend their own honest actions. Dr. Smith's office only noticed this posting nearly a year after the (false) fact being posted by "M.F.". So, this action by "M.F." ought to carry with it at the very least the burden of proof to support it...which it does not. "Judy's Book" ought to be ashamed to have ever allowed that false complaint, which is libel, on their site (and we shall see if they allow this rebuttal to be posted, in full, as well...too). For the record: I have been through this exact same "payment process" at Dr. Smith's office, now, not less than a dozen times, to date... and I will continue to support both myself (via receiving excellent care) and Dr. Smith through the use of his unique and highly competent services, and facility, later, too. I do know the good doctor's good operations procedures quite well, and for those who want it only their way (i.e. "free") it can make these Cheap's very angry, I do guess, as does having to pay for anything of value may elsewhere, as well. The doctor does require that you pay for the services you receive - in a "fee for service" clearly displayed manner, prior to receiving his care, and from the vast number of ways the general public has cheated him over payment in the past, who could blame him for "getting his money upfront"?!! You're going to have to pay for it in a few short minutes anyway, aren't you? Everything about his system of "informed consent" reveals all costs prior to receiving same and allows you to choose to "take it or leave it" without any pressure from Dr. Smith, whatsoever. Such is the only method, in addition, this type of business has to use to recoup its' costs since there are no "third party payors" involved in this "non-participating" (with insurance) business today...thank goodness! Compare this to the insurance company's (and their Plan "Doctor's" or Company "Boys") methods of never informing anyone about how much anything costs prior to treatment (much less giving anyone a personal choice over their own care received)...treating everyone like a number ...after long long waits to be seen and only "allowed" care being offered. Given this, this one doctor now has to have the most "informed consent" process available to any Patient receiving care - on the entire planet! To claim this process is somehow unfair, post (grown up?) acceptance of any service presented to you, in person, by the doctor himself at times (yes, and this must be the biggest crime of the century to some - to be waited on by the doctor, himself - how horrid)! Such a complaint is no different than claiming you should not have to pay for all those items you yourself chose to place in your Walmart buggy while strolling through the store, once arriving at the register. Hey, they don't let you out of their store without paying, as well, do they? The audacity of a Person - to go ahead and receive their urgent care (i.e. plan to take home their Walmart goodies), freely paying as they must for each service (and item), post explanation and acceptance over each, claiming they were somehow dupped into making their own clear the cardinal sign of one of today's most hideous animals: The Spoiled Consumer! Such a complainer thinks everything ought to either be "on sale" or "free" or "just their way" (including "reversed") - once they complain about it loud enough. No rational or legitimate reasoning necessary...just complaints that raise suspicion, especially elsewhere. Guess what? The Customer is NOT always right...and complaint websites don't change that in the least with their false-shaming postings, either. Bravo to this one doctor for giving only excellent, more available and detailed care, to all those who wish to pay for this brand of old-fashioned medicine today. There is nothing wrong with this Doctor, and in fact, everything right with his method and his care. Don't listen to scum like "M.F." who wish to libel and slander the good doctor's name all over the internet. Taking a stance against the scam of Insurance is what "Fee for Service" Free Market Medicine is all about today. Healthcare, after all, is NOT produce nor to obtain...nor should it be, as matter what this guy or your greasy Politicians tell you about another person's hard-earned profession and actual care. It costs much to be able to produce a "door open to the public" (for you) today, in either Medicine or in any other fair market business, and "free care" enthusiasts OR such "Customer's always right" immature brats are living not in reality but in Socialistic Bliss - if they think such good care grows on trees or is to be given away free. "M.F." would have you believe this doctor cheats People. If you could expect to be treated as well as "M.F." was at Dr. Smith's office, in truth and actuality, as all People have been actually treated at Dr. Smith's office these past 8 years, then you would be treated like a king and "like family" and nothing truth! Dr. Smith has never had a complaint about the excellent care he gives, it should be noted here. So go enjoy the differences Dr. Smith now offers - cuz with jerks like "M.F." swarming around, Dr. Smith might well choose to go do something else that brings him and his family a lot less hassle or wear and tear, not to mention a lot more pay, someday soon, too! Oh, and we should note - Guys like "M.F." never receive their "money back" at Dr. Smith's office. This is due the fact they don't deserve it but even more so because their own "bad behaviors" are so atrocious they need to be taught a lesson: "Lies don't buy you a Refund!" It's about the principle of it all, you understand...not at all unlike having to deal with a world full of 2 y/o's...and the 2y/o can never win...if we're ever going to have maturity come out of these children's inappropriate bad and selfish behaviors...right? John - Witness to the spoiled malicious actions of guys like "M.F." on a medical practice that did nothing wrong...other than be "different". Satisfied Patient of the unfortunately rare "Fee for (Excellent) Service" Old-Fashioned System of (Real Professional) Care. more
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