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Illegal unlicensed sedation - Review by patti d | Gregory J Daniels DDS

Gregory J Daniels DDS


Illegal unlicensed sedation 11/25/2007

Unlicensed to have control substances my DDS illegally sedated me thru my gum w/o my knowledge or consent. A 20 min appt for final impressions for a free replacement crown, he drilled for 2 hrs till my mouth filled with blood. I asked for my file to see another DDS & found he drilled thru the sole of my molar destroying it… Saving himself a cheap crown replacement, chair time & forfeiting most of all.. his integrity. He bobbed laughing, making fun of my “doped” reactions. My molar had 4 necrotic root canals & no antibiotics saying I'd be susceptible to a plague. I ended up on life support hemorrhaging internally with septicemia, renal & respiratory failure. All my internal organs relocated outside my body w/ileus, renal failure & intra abdominal abscess. I'd die if not repaired. No surgeon could make such a huge repair till 2 years later & DR. Nathaniel Soper, Chgo's Northwestern Memorial Hosp. B/C my abdominal repair is so huge I live my life in pain. But I'm grateful to be put back together. My oral reconstruction cost me well over $20,000.00. My veneers broke at 1 a month. I also live with TMD from that improperly positioned reconstruction. Medical bills are over $200,000.00. My DDS's response, “My intentions were to repair the molar.” He suggests this was done by another DDS or myself. If you find these incidents “contrived” google DR. David H. Moore, Pediatric DDS No. Carolina, soon to get his license reinstated. Or DR. Hicham Riba, Pediatric DDS Chgo., his response to temporary suspension for ignorantly killing a little girl, “I have a right to earn a living!” His asst's didn't even know the name or use of a stethoscope or blood pressure monitor. On the witness stand one replied, “I was on my cell phone the whole time.” A repairman was asked to help hold the five year old down while more sedation was administered. Imagine her horror. WHAT DDS's patient profile asks, “WHAT IS YOUR MOST UPSETTING DDS EXPERIENCE…PLEASE DESCRIBE?" My DDS's criminal mind fulfilled that moment. Now DDS's ask to be licensed to administer Botox & flu shots. Rogue DDS's may not be common but they are not real DR's. All bark, no bite, courts & the Dept of Prof Regs could care less. Unfortunately these incidents are not conjured but take place all too often. Sometimes DDS office employees are afraid for their income or even their lives as in the case of DR. David H. Moore. I'm disappointed to hear other DDS's use immoral tactics to line their pockets…It is not comforting to know I'm not alone… We are out here but no one wants to hear upsetting DDS experiences except for my DDS… DR. Daniels. Once I awoke in his chair. I realized my DDS was drugging me & I told him, “Never do that again!” He later had the audacity to say, “You were wasting costly chair time.” He was leaving me to drive home under the influence. The day DR. Daniels destroyed my molar & my life he was verbally & physically abusive. I know I'm not his first to illegally sedate & I won't be his last. What DDS refers to dentistry as "INFATUATION?" But I thank God for “real” DR's, they still tell me, “You are so lucky to be alive…” more
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