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Puh-lease--- Worst EVER clinic! - Review by barb g | Dr. Jan Furniss, Starkville Clinic for Women

Dr. Jan Furniss, Starkville Clinic for Women


Puh-lease--- Worst EVER clinic! 10/12/2007

I went to the clinic for my annual exam. Dr. Furniss seemed very nice, and interested in what I needed. However, the clinic was the worst clinic I have EVER been to! Where do I begin? First, the nurses and check-in staff were rude and short, but they were very friendly and talkative to each other. I had an 8 AM appointment, and I was the first one in the clinic when they opened. AT LEAST 12 other patients came in after me and were taken to the back before me. Once the nurse came to the lobby, she just rudely called my name and handed me a urine cup IN THE LOBBY in front of about 40 other men and women. After she handed me the cup, she turned around and walked away without saying anything. I just stood there because I didn't even know where she wanted me to do with it. She turned around, annoyed, and pointed to a bathroom down the hall and said, "in there." It gets worse... When I went into the examining room, I was handed the chinziest gown I have ever seen in my life. Honestly, it was only comparable to tissue paper. I put it on, looked in the mirror and could see myself standing there naked :) I sat on the bed, in my tissue paper for FORTY-FIVE MINUTES before anyone came into the room. The room was freezing, and my feet were blue before the doctor came in. During my forty-five minute wait, I overheard the nurses in the hallway discussing other patients’ medical problems. They were speaking very loudly about very private matters that were going on in the other exam rooms. I heard all about other women’s' breasts and vaginas. Classy. The only reason I didn't put on my clothes and walk out is because I wasn't sure if my insurance company would pay for another visit somewhere else. The doctor finally came in...Okay, so I'm in still in full stir-ups getting my exam done, and the nurse opens the door WIDE OPEN to leave!! Are you serious?!? Not to mention the nurse had a major bitchy attitude and slammed the door when she left. Really, I could go on and on and on and on and on.... I have never been to a free clinic before, but I imagine its way nicer than this place. AND my insurance was paying them. Speaking of insurance, the clinic "coaded" my insurance claim wrong, and it took me several phone calls to the clinic before anyone would return my call even though the phone message said, "I will return your call today." PLEASE save yourself the humiliation and go somewhere else!! more
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