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Nightmare! Avoid it! I found out too late - monies paid - Review by S R | In Town Suites-Columbia East

In Town Suites-Columbia East


Nightmare! Avoid it! I found out too late - monies paid 9/4/2007

I wouldn't even give this a star but I had to just to get word out there! I like to consider myself reasonable. I understand that hourly "employees" can not be responsible for all the horror of the place but is it too much to ask that they at least possess basic customer service skills despite the environment. There is a LONG LIST OF INADEQUACIES but here's a few obvious and simple to resolve issues...Couldn't take a bath for 4 days. FIX THE BATH! or offer me a room with a working bath! No extra room due to remodeling... discount my stay? How's that for reasonable? NEVER OCCURRED TO MGT HERE... Not their problem... can't do a thing for me... here is a 1800#. You leave a message and no one returns your call. Imagine that? Police removing "tenants" from property. IF HIGH TRAFFIC ROOM and THEY GO IN SOBER AND COME OUT HIGH... PROBABLY DRUGS! YA THINK? Expressed my displeasure and wanted return of monies. Looks can be deceiving. So is the staff. Pleasant while they take your money but a 1800number to resolve issues when there is management staff right there. Will lie. Manager went from condescendingly "humoring me" as I spoke to outright rude and obnoxious when questioned further then to intimidating when caught in a lie. He expressed also that he did not have time for me as he had "paying" customers waiting (he had my monies... these were the unknowing fools with cash still in hand). When I put in a complaint, (days before the Police came for the individuals), I was called to task and then harassed by management for "loitering" in the lot. I had simply come out to use my cell as the coverage in my room was not reasonable. Apparently they get good reviews from "tenants" and he is not sure what exactly is my problem. Of course, management looks the other way to the obvious so the scum tenants can stay on. My family has military and government workers that have traveled at times 200-250 days a year. I was assured that this type of housing would be safe for me alone with my daughter. We checked on Fort Jackson and with Police Station Community Officer to see if safe area which we were told was okay. Should have been specific in asking about this particular place, Intown Suites. My family and extended family and friends have used extended stays / temp housing often with jobs. We knew it would also be more pleasant to my relocation budget. Despite the 6 weeks of missing my child, I never dared have my daughter follow until I bought my home as this place is a nightmare. I wish I had budgeted the move for a more moving allowance. I would gladly had paid more back later just to avoid this experience. I have filed a COMPLAINT WITH THE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU and it was expressed mine is not the first. Yet they are in business at this location? Even a change of management during my stay garnered same results. KEYWORDs: NOTHING DONE BY THEM!!!! yet when THE POLICE ARRIVE.... PAT MGT ON THE BACK BECAUSE THEY ARE GLAD THAT THE "PROBLEM" IS RESOLVED. CLUELESS. I am now going to followup with a letter to the local town military base there... why is this place not on their black list? Oh and also the Attorney General's office... Columbia tourism needs to steer people away from this. I could have rented a room for much less in the low-end hooker haven area and had the same experiences to remember my welcome to Columbia by. more
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