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FOR TERESA: My advice on the school - Review by Melody R | Faith Baptist Church & Schools

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FOR TERESA: My advice on the school 8/17/2007

not sure which way to go- im gonna give you some advice you can take it or not. but i was a student at faith baptist for 9 years (k4-8). i don't regret going there because it opened my eyes as to how screwed up people can be. but on the other hand i really am ashamed. the brainwashing they inflict on kids is incredible, i mean in 2nd grade i actually thought my dad wasn't my real dad because i was told that jesus was my real father (in heaven). and that christmas was evil. long story thanks to my 3d grade teacher! my cousins went there too and when my aunt went to complain about the ridiculous things that were going on the principle was relentless and unwaivering. and as far as education goes Faith Baptist is no Blue Ribbon school the elementary english department is good but everything else is crap i went to Chaminade College Prep from there (wow what a school!) and i had to re-learn everything because my math background was so shaky. i also had a hard time with science since most of the classes the teacher talked about why she thinks evolution is wrong. oh and my 6th grade teacher spent much of class when we were supposed to be learning history, that catholics and jews were going to hell and that girls shouldnt play sports they should be cheerleaders..oh and she always made us take our scrunchies off our wrists...never understood why. anyway, they put their own religious beliefs against your child's free will, individuality, and most importantly their education and success. they're extra curricular activities are limited (ESPECIALLY for girls) and useless because most are religiously based. SO there are MUCH better schools in the area and education is really what your main concern should be. you seem like you care enough to put them in a "safe" school but no school will shelter your kids from the real world the best defense you can give them is the principles you instill in them. that's all i remember not what some preacher told me. Self respect and compassion. and believe me, there is no real compassion at this school. you're too worried about breaking another rule or sinning then what you're there to do...LEARN. Church is for Sundays, hundreds of dollars a month is supposed to give your kids the tools they need to get into the top schools and be successes. basically, PULL EM OUT. if you happen to agree with the intolerance, hatred and judgment justified by choice Bible verses then that's what Sunday school and youth programs are for. oh and if you do believe in the crap the preachers spew here...well then you're a hypocrite. to make it simpler here's a video about Bible verses i love now im not an atheist but i definitely don't believe in organized religion. more
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