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Boch Dodge: Impersonal and Incompetent - Review by Ann B | Boch Dodge

Boch Dodge


Boch Dodge: Impersonal and Incompetent 8/12/2007

Saturday, February 3, 2006 I negotiated the purchase of a 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan at the Boch Dodge dealership located in Norwood, MA. I traded in my 2002 base-model Caravan and it was agreed that Boch Dodge would pay-off the balance owed to the lien-holder of my vehicle. I gave the salesman contact information for the lien-holder, assuming that he would contact them to obtain the pay-off balance. Financial documents were signed and I drove away with my new vehicle. I was told that I could pick up my registration, and inspection sticker the following Monday. I called on Monday and was told that the registration was not yet ready. On Tuesday, February 7th I contacted the lien-holder of my former car to ensure that everything was settled in terms of the pay-off agreement. The lien-holder informed me that they had not had any communication with the dealer. I also discovered that the payoff balance was higher than the amount the Boch Dodge representative indicated in the contract. I immediately called the finance officer at Boch Dodge informing him of the discrepancy. He indicated he would call me back, but never did. Later, I arrived at the dealership to pick up the registration and inspection sticker for my new car. I was asked to have a seat. After waiting 30-45 minutes I informed them I could not wait any longer for I had to return to work. At that point I was approached by the finance officer and told that the “actual” pay-off balance would be included in the contract and that the finance terms had changed from 72 months to 60 months and that the interest rate increased from 17% to 21%. The salesman took no responsibility for the incorrect pay-off balance and actually insinuated that I had given him the inaccurate figure. I was surprised to hear that the terms of the loan had changed because I had completed the paperwork on Saturday and informed that the paperwork would be approved on Monday. Yet, it was Tuesday afternoon when I arrived to pick up the registration and inspection sticker that I was informed of the term change for the loan. This brought my monthly payment from $498 to $686. I informed the finance officer that this was not acceptable and the deal was null and void. When I voiced my complaint to the manager, he simply replied that he had no reason not to believe his employee. He went on to say that the mistake was contributed to me (although I never gave them the figure listed on the contract and they never called to get the pay-off balance from the lien-holder). After waiting an additional 30-45 minutes for my old car I approached the salesman and he indicated that my car was not on the lot. I informed him that the car was on the lot and took him to where it was parked only to discover that it had a flat tire. The service person claimed that it came in with the flat tire. I asked him to produce the diagram that was completed when they took possession of my vehicle illustrating any damage; he could not locate it. They eventually agreed to remove the tire and replace it with the spare; which took an additional 30-45 minutes. Not only did I miss a half a days work from my full-time job; I missed the four hours I was scheduled to work at my 2nd part-time job. Throughout the entire process the salesman was impersonal and incompetent. The finance officer and manager were indifferent, cocky, and arrogant. All three exhibited business practices that can be described as shifty, deceitful, and cunning. They illustrated no respect for me as a customer or the value of my time. more
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