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A Horrible experience - DO NOT GO HERE!!!! - Review by Carla L | Trends Salon

Trends Salon


A Horrible experience - DO NOT GO HERE!!!! 7/27/2007

I went to Trends to get my hair colored, highlighted and cut, standard stuff. The stylist Kathleen did not do what I asked, even though I spent a great deal of time trying to explain, and pointed out the obvious of my hair color (all she had to do was look. I asked for champagne base color and a few lowlights (again, look at the hair and see. I specifically asked several times not to use ASH, She had some sort of an ego problem and just blew me off saying SHE KNEW what color to use and for me not to worry. Well, my hair was 4 shades darker with a LOT of ash when she was done. I was told when I had the audacity to question the color to go home and wash it a few times in the next week and stand out in the sun and look at it and the color would be fine?????? Arn't we supposed to like it when we walk out of the salon, isn't that the point????? I paid a lot of $ to get my hair done, and was made to feel intimidated and quite frankly stupid for requesting her to please add some highlights as it was way, way darker and very unflattering then I asked for. I came in the next day, feeling even more intimidated and viewed as "bad customer" because I was upset about the outcome. I've been getting my hair done for 30 years, I know by now what color and style I like and would expect a so called "professional" to do her job. I understand suggestions from the stylist and welcome the input, but when you ask specifically not to use a certain color and yet it is applied and you are told it's fine, well, not really professional nor very considerent. Worse, when I went back in the next day under very uncomfortable circumstances and tried once again to explain what I wanted, I was told to leave! I was also told that they are called "Trends" because they do the latest trends, and I guess we as the public are supposed to sit down, shut up and be at the mercy of what THEY decide is the right color, cut, etc. Apparently, "they cannot work under those circumstances" this was a direct quote from Kathleen and I am appalled that the ego and intimidating atmosphere is supposed to be tolerated. Kathleen is not near as good as she would like you to believe and needs to go back to Beauty college to learn the difference between Ash, champagne and o'h by the way, listen to your clients and try and be of help, not a "Beverly Hills Wannabe". I am telling everyone not to go there, the owner should be ashamed to allow clients to be talked to with such condensation. Kathleen and Trends are a bit to big for their britches and I got my hair fixed by my previous and now permanent hair dresser that knows how to listen, help and get return clients. The first words out of my old hairdresser when she saw Kathleen's fiasco was "What happened to your hair!". That validated that Katleen and Trends made a big mistake and were not honest, nor friendly enough to fix the problem. All hair dressers make mistakes, we're all human, but are you so above the rest of the world's stylists that you cannot admit it???? You are a disgrace to the hair stylists who work hard, accept suggestions and do great work without all the ego and intimidation. This is a business that has a lot to learn about the treatment of human beings and their feelings. I am also reporting them to state bureau of cosmetology for their harassment and intimidation techniques. DO NOT GO HERE!!!!! EVER!!!!!! more
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