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Terrible Service! - Review by Natasha K | Capri Nail Spa

Capri Nail Spa


Terrible Service! 7/27/2007

If I could give this place zero stars, I would. Let me start off by saying I have been there for a spa mani/pedi and I thought it was pretty good. I met all three sisters and they were all very nice. The price is reasonable. Trying to organize a party here is a different story. A friend and I wanted to throw our friend a bridal shower at Capri. I told them it'd be 10-12 girls, on a Sunday afternoon and we'd like a private party. I was told "no problem, it'll be so much fun and we look forward to it! There is a nominal clean up fee, but another sister takes care of the parties and she's not here right now, but everything should be fine! We'll put a sign outside that it's closed for a private party!" I was told I'd find out about the fee later. We booked with that place. What a MISTAKE. I fault myself for booking before knowing what this "nominal fee" is. She made it sound small. I called them a few times to find out what it was but each time I was told they had never done something like this before, and that they were checking other nail salon's policies to guide them. RED FLAG. The sister I had been talking to finally calls me and tells me they have a contract ready for me (I never heard anything about a contract until this point). The fee's turn out to be a 10% accommodation fee and a 20% gratuity fee. I was pretty livid. I didn't think the fee's were unreasonable at all, I was just mad that they told me there would only be a nominal cleaning fee, but now added a 20% gratuity. I let them know I was okay with the 10% but not with the 20%. I told them I don't want to force our guests to pay a percentage but feel that guests should pay according to quality of service. I told them I fully expected our guests to give a tip, just at their discretion. There was no mention of mandatory gratuity during our initial discussions and I was not comfortable at all with this change. She said they were already making an exception for us - they only have parties on the weekdays and they made the exception for us to be on a Sunday! I told her that they NEVER said that Sunday was an issue in our initial call. Now, she’s saying it’s a special favor! In any case, she said she'd talk to her sisters first and then let me know. She calls back later and tells me no, they won't change it. We had decided if they wouldn’t take it off, we’d just book appointments and not have the party there. In theory the times should have been free so I booked 10 appointments with them. One hour later, they call and tell me that her techs told her that they have 3 standing appts during the time I wanted the appts booked and will have to move 3 of our appts. How exactly were they going to have a private party for us if there were 3 standing appts I wondered? She said that she's trying to accommodate us, but how is it accommodating us if she's moving us? It had been over 2 weeks since I first spoke to them at this point and they had this slot saved for us for that long. She never answered my question. She just kept telling me that she had to move them. I was obviously upset at this point. Then, she proceeds to tell me how difficult I had been all this time, how I was making the party un-fun for HER and they were always trying to accommodate us and I was making ridiculous demands. She put me on hold (as in, puts the phone down to talk to a customer) and then HANGS UP on me. Maybe it hung up by itself, who knows. I didn't hang up on her. She NEVER called me back. I didn't call back because I was so mad, I didn't want to say things I would regret later. They call back almost a week later and leave me a message telling me they're canceling my appts because they can't accommodate me. That's fine. We booked with another salon that's way more organized and had ALL their terms UPFRONT. Also, they should not let the sister who doesn’t organize the parties to speak with customers who wish to book a party. Her misleading statements during our initial conversation are what started all of this. RECAP! - They never had a party there, was looking at other salon policies - not a nominal cleaning fee as initially said - said Sunday was a favor to us when didn’t say that initially - had other appts booked during our “private party” - rudely tells me I’ve been difficult and un-fun - hangs up on me and then calls a week later to cancel - claims is trying to accommodate us when they’re just accommodating themselves Don't go here, and definitely DON'T plan a party here. more
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