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Horrible Service. Wouldn't recommend it to anyone. - Review by B D | Nona's Kitchen

Nona's Kitchen


Horrible Service. Wouldn't recommend it to anyone. 7/17/2007

Yes and I wouldn't recommend it to my worst enemy. We went on Fathers Day and had the worst experience. Besides the food being served up cold and flavorless, the service and attitude of the employees was horrible. My girlfriend ordered the eggs benedict. The potatoes were cold, the hollandaise was bland and the eggs overdone. I ordered the BBQ Pork sandwich. The menu states nothing of there being cheese on the sandwich. When it arrived the frys were cold and it was covered in cheese. Some may find this to be a bonus but I have low tollerance for items that are put on an order that are not on the menu. I also have an allergy to dairy so something like this could cause a serious problem. The waitress didn't return so I flagged her down and explained my situation very politely stating that I didn't notice that cheesse was on the item and that I have an allergy to dairy. She stated it wasn't on the menu and asked what I wanted her to do about it. I said I would like one as it appears on the menu - without cheese. Here is where the story goes south. She returns to the kitchen and I hear her explain that "some guy has a problem with cheese being on his order". He head chef replies with "well then scrape it off and send it back". I couldn't believe my ears. Scrape it off? Are you serious? The waitress didn't return with my order, they sent it out with the bus boy. Before he could slip away I immediately flip open the bun to find about 1/3 of the cheese still on the order. I say "this is unacceptable". He responds with would you like something else. At that point I tell him "no, if you can't get it right the first two times I'm not going to attempt a third. Please remove it from my order". He goes back and relays my message to the chef. The chef then proceeds to storms over to the table and in a raised voice ask "Is there a problem". I state my case explaining that it is not only dumb but careless to serve up items that are not included on the menu. I wouldn't expect to find an egg on my sandwich, nor peanutbutter nor mayonaise so why should I expect to find cheese. He replies with "are you calling me stupid in my restaurant?". At that point I should have just walked out. But I wanted to explain my reasoning not only for my benefit but also for his. Serving up items without mentioning them could pose a danger to someone. He cut me off stating that "Every few months someone complains about an ingredient on the menu that isn't listed. To them I suggest if they have a problem with it that they don't eat out." He then stated that if I was finished that I leave and sarcastically stated "Have a nice day". I strongly recommend that anyone considering going there to steer clear of the place. ! more
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