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RUN WHILE YOU CAN - Review by Hans V | California Burger Company

California Burger Company



"RUN WHILE YOU CAN" was the first thing I heard by one customer when I entered. The customer saying this was so dissatisfied that he pursed to engage in conversation about it to me. I usually don't like when I'm approached by others like this. I replied though with an "Oh?" since he seem very respectable. He told me about a lot of issues he had experienced since he got there. One would've thought this guy had been in here for an hour with the issues he had pointed out. The quality of service, food, and customer satisfaction seems to lack on this day. It'd been about 9 months or so since I'd visited this establishment. I couldn't believe how upsidedown its team was compared to the last times I've visited (about 6 time over 6 months prior). I heard a few curse words from an employee whom was about 40 something, his name is Tony. Maybe not a place to take the kids, especially if Tony is your server. I heard one of the employees say, "I'm too tired to take that table anyway" to one of the other employee who ask if the customers at table 5 had been helped. Other times it seems like the cooks were battling with the servers regarding orders. I sat and watched this parade of disorganization, and it was actually quite comical since the problems were created by the team. I don't know if the employees realized that most of the customers seemed very patient and relax in contrast to the staff. I don't know why there was so much stress from this crew. The female serving me came to me and apologized for the slow service. I told her, "No worries, it usually take 15 minutes and this is why I try to call in my orders." I was apologized to again about not getting my phone order in. "When we're this busy we just don't answer the phone," she said. Keep in mind, I understand sometimes things get tough, and actually would rather have not heard the excuse. I had to tell my server that 'it's okay, just relax." I felt compelled to with the stress in this place. She replied, "many of us are new here." I'd actually went outside to get away from the hostile environment. As for the quality of food. I've eatten here before and have experienced good eats. However, on this night the food was not worth the cost of a #1 at McDonalds. I ordered a Peanut Butter burger, usually one of the better burgers at CB. I had more peanut butter on my fries then on the burger. I also ordered a chocolate shake which had to be provided in a different cup since they ran out of the regular cups. My cup didn't seem oversized and it was only about to be a little over 3/4 of the way full. At the price you pay this cup should be full. Why have the perception of serving half full cups, right? I was presented my sloppy food with a chocolate crusted straw which I kindly pointed out. I was told it was only whip cream. She got me a new one though. I would recommend staying away from here for a while, especially if you have kids. This place may need a new day-to-day guy in order to get this team to collaberate and back on track. I'd seen both key formula pieces for successful business practice breakdown about 30 times in 15 minutes, maybe more. If you decide to go to CB take a look around before you get seated and ask yourself, "Does everything seem okay here." If you have doubts, leave. This company may be going through manager or owner changes. I hope these managers or owners realize that excellent customer service could prevent all of this by driving the team from the cook to serving the customer with one person who knows what to do. I can't even give CB a star. Wonder if judy's book has a blackhole instead. more
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