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If you want to go to hell buy a cell phone from Kama Wireless Sucks - Review by butch j | Kama Wireless Inc

Kama Wireless Inc


If you want to go to hell buy a cell phone from Kama Wireless Sucks 7/5/2007

I wonder if the the Kama Wireless in Laguna is the same company that has opened up shop in the Eagle Rock Plaza at 2700 Colorado Blvd. Los Angeles. From these reviews it sure sounds like the same crew. Beware Consumers of Kama Wireless they will send you to hell and beyond. These guys, creatures I should say, are the worst lying scammers. If you are thinking of buying a cell phone from Kama Wireless shoot yourself, it will be less painful. There is no end to the dirty tricks and lies these guys will pull. They will sell sell you a cellular contract with a broken phone and refuse to allow you to return it. All that has been written here about them is true and it gets much worse. Kama Wireless violates every consumer law in the book and thinks they are above the law. They use strong arm tactics to intimidate the customer when they have a return or complaint. They will take your new phone break it in half right in front of your face, then say you broke it and tried to return it in damaged condition. I can't even begin to talk about the nightmare trauma I went through with the Kama Wireless Cell Phone Mafia. Do Not Buy From Kama Wireless They Are Criminals. I was stuck in a 2 year contract with a cellular company after Kama Wireless did a bait and switch routine and sold me a broken cell phone with the plan. When I tried to return the phone the psycho manager had a fit and accused me of breaking it. He then purposly dropped the cell phone on the floor, picked it up, the screen had cracked, he accused me of being responsible with one of his creepy salesman standing nearby nodding in agreement. My cellular company was no help because Kama is an authorized dealer but operates independently. Consumers need to be aware that these kiosk dealers are independent and not regulated. When you sign a separate contract with them, you must read every line before you sign because it is like selling your soul to the devil. Your wireless plan with Verizon, T-Mobile, etc. covers your service, the kiosk contract is for the phone and other things, like early termination, sales commission, etc., that will screw you. Go to a company store to buy your phone and plan. Kama Wireless should be shut down and their salesman put in prison for going along with this scam. In the Eagle Rock Plaza they have 3 kiosks, none of which say Kama Wireless, you'll find out when you see their name on the contract. They run a shill game with salesman moving around all the time to different kiosks. They don't take any returns but you won't find that posted or written anywhere. They tell you only a manager can take returns but the manager is never there because he is hiding in another kiosk. If you do happen to walk up to a kiosk where the manager is he will try to bully, harass and intimidate you. People I am not exaggerating, all Kama's salesmen are foreigners and it appears that the country they are from has no extortion or consumer laws. There isn't a low enough rating to give this bunch of hoodlums. Kama Wireless Sucks. I apologize to those kiosk owners who are ethical and straightforward trying to make an honest living. Kama Wireless gives kiosks a bad name and reputation. more
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