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My worst doctor's experience - Review by Thays B | Hom, Joanne A, Md - Pacific Women's Ob-Gyn Medical

Hom, Joanne A, Md - Pacific Women's Ob-Gyn Medical


My worst doctor's experience 6/25/2007

I would like to let other women know of my terrible experience at Dr. Bonni Massa's office. The first time I went there for a visit (about a year ago) I was 10 minutes late and was not seen by her because of my delay. I was told I only had a 15-minute visit with her, thus 10 minutes late was too long of a delay. I re-scheduled. On my second time at the office, despite the fact that I was on time, I waited for about 45-50 minutes then I spent at most 8 or 10 minutes with the doctor herself. Today, approximately a year later, I had an appointment with Dr. Massa at 9:15am (scheduled since end of March or beginning of April this year.) I arrived in the office at 9:10am. For my surprise I was told I did not have an appointment, and that somebody tried to re-schedule the visit with me in April 27, but both my cell phone and home number were "disconnected." That is just impossible since my cell is on most of the time, and when it's off the phone calls go to my voice mail (as it is in most of the cell phones.) Besides, my home number is current and active for many years. So, this morning I explained I had made plans according to this appointment (postponed a trip, lost hours from work) and waited for Dr Massa to come from surgery at 9:30am. She refused to see me since she had other patients to be seen because they had appointment (I didn't!) The final answer though on whether or not she, or other doctor in the group, would see me, came around 10:40am (after 1 and 1/2 hour wait time.) Part of my work is with costumer service and I know how hard it is to meet everyone’s needs. But this treatment I got today at Dr Massa's office was outrageous. She totally disregarded me as her patient that HAD an appointment and was there on time. It does not make any sense to me that the first time I was there I was not seen because of a 10-minute delay (where my total time with her would not be more than 15 minutes,) and today, when she could have solved her own team's problem (the mess up on calling me, for what ever reason there was, to re-schedule the appointment) squishing me in, which would take at most 15 minutes of her time (or, as my experience says, only 8 or 10 minutes.) What difference 8-15 minutes would make for her to make up a mistake that was not mine? I’m planning to get pregnant, and today I realized that I need to find another OB/GYN because the stress I suffered this morning in that office was terrible, and I can imagine how worse that would be if I was pregnant since the anger and disappointment I felt is extremely stressful. I keep trying to understand why she refused to see me today. That would take such a little time from her work-day, and for me the stress for other reasons/plans I had today’s appointment scheduled since 3 months ago, in addition to the stress for being so late back to work this morning was really a big deal. more
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