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PROTECT YOUR KIDS! - Review by Crys F | King, Anne, Md - Eden Pediatrics

King, Anne, Md - Eden Pediatrics



I can't stress enough...If you want the best for your kids, this is the LAST PLACE you want to take them for ANY type of medical treatment. I don't recommend them for ANYTHING-no matter how small of a matter it is!!!! Other than the poor attitudes the physicians display and the lack of concern you feel from them, I have often wondered how a couple of these doctors even managed to receive a medical degree. However, if you are one of those parents that know it all and already have your child diagnosed & know what medication they need before you go to the doctor, then this would be the place for you! These doctors will hand out just about any treatment or any type of medication, plus they'll admit kids into the tiny hospital next door all because they parents wanted their child admitted. Guess some parents will go to the extreme to get a break from taking care of a sick boy or girl and they probably enjoy the attention it brings them. I know of one family that goes there ONLY BECAUSE they know their doctor will give their kids the strongest medications they can and they've even told me just how easy it is to walk into EDEN PEDIATRICS and walk out with almost ANY prescription you want (antibiotics for colds or fever & narcotics for a simple cough). I've never met a Pediatrician that will give antibiotics to a child "only" because the parents insisted. I'm talking about NO INFECTION, just one of your normal childhood that a child's body would fight off in a few days. I've heard so many complaints from others that have been there about this same type thing and one story in particular is what made me want to write this review. Basically, a small child was put through an extreme amount of medications, x rays & testing for a diagnosis completely wrong give by these doctors. There was a simple blood test that could have been done to begin with, had the docs known what to do. This test is almost routine for the symptoms being presented, but they completely missed it!. All the suffering could have easily been prevented!. It was only through "1" visit to another pediatrician for a 2nd opinion, that the parents of this child found out what was REALLY going on with their baby. This child only needed "1" medication, not several weeks of suffering by the child AND the parents. This isn't the medical treatment you would want to give your kids. Please follow your instincts and if you have a bad feeling about something or just don't feel comfortable somewhere, you probably have that feeling for a reason! more
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