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4 1/2 star - Delicious and Entertaining Mt Fuji Japanese Steak House & Sushi Bar - Review by joe j | Mt Fuji Japanese Steak House & Sushi Bar

Mt Fuji Japanese Steak House & Sushi Bar


4 1/2 star - Delicious and Entertaining Mt Fuji Japanese Steak House & Sushi Bar 5/30/2007

High Praise for Don and Jennifer. WE LOVE MT FUJI I hope they are still making volcanoes erupt, fire dance across the grill, sushi and sashimi tease your appetite with sweet, busy waitresses taking orders and pouring refills while friendly chefs beat rhythms of the grill and cook up delectable mouth magic many many years from now! My husband and I are serious Japanese Hibachi and Sushi-Sashimi lovers. (fanatics actually)! We have eaten this food everywhere (Foreign Countries as well as Japan included) and Mt. Fuji's is the best. The fried rice is SOoooo good! The seafood sauce is so good they actually bottle it and sell it. It is the best I have ever eaten anywhere. The portions are very generous. Their filets are premium, the preparation is wonderful. The scallops my husband says are the best he's ever eaten. I like the Filet and Salmon dinner. Of course the prep is fun to watch. The food is absolutely fresh, superb quality, obiously clean and prepared to order. Like anything else you will like certain chefs a bit more than others and thankfully everyone has different preferences. Some days it is very packed and waiting for a table will take is going to take a while. However, we try patience, have a drink, and remember once seated we will be given enough time to truly enjoy our meal. They don't rush people in or out like some places. I've noticed some people are very impatient to the point of rude. Sure, no one likes waiting but the restaurant only has so many tables... The people that wait have been there before and know it's worth waiting for...! This is not a fast food restaurant where everything is pre-made and ready to go. The time spent on those before you will also be spent on you. Reservations help but they won't kick people out who are lingering over their meal or desert so come with someone you enjoy talking to and take the time waiting to catch up. Good things are worth waiting for my Mother used to say... Their cheesecake while not traditional, is really creamy, fresh and yummy. Their coffee jello (I know, it sounds awful but isn't) is a shock of major deliciousness. I had to be dared to try it and I am hooked. Of course they have sherbet for those who are real full and just want to refresh their mouth and satisfy a desire to have a little something cool and refreshing. Mt. Fuji is a Marietta tradition. Prom dates come here, Anniversary parties, and birthday parties. Photos they take and give you of special occasions are tucked into special places in our home and remind us of so many happy times with chefs and wait staff that we have come to think of as friends. Don and Jennifer should take a bow. I'm hungry -think I will go to Mt. Fuji tonight. I'm thinking Chicken and Shrimp tonight! more
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