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Just Don't Bother!!! - Review by K M | Quality Inn Jacksonville

Quality Inn Jacksonville


Just Don't Bother!!! 7/20/2007

I only give it one star because it has a bed, microwave and refrigerator, sleep at your own risk! Now, I see why they had available rooms!! I recently started to stay at the Quality Inn in Jacksonville, NC because my son had just returned home from 7 months in Iraq for a short stay for the arrival of his son. I was trying to give them some time alone. It was the only hotel available because his flight had been moved up at the last minute. This was the second most despicable place I've ever been in! The carpet had sticky residue, but I believe this was from too much shampoo (I hope.) I wore my shoes at all times. When we checked in, I didn't have the opportunity to check out the room because it was not "cleaned" yet. Well, I don't know what they consider CLEAN because only the sink, tub, and counter looked clean and the bed was made. I did not realize this until I went to take a shower. After I took a quick shower, I reached for a towel and of the two towels in the bathroom, the first one had black stains all over it, I threw it on the floor, the second one had a few black stains, so I just dabbed myself dry with a washcloth and air-dried. I dressed and went to sit on the bed to watch TV. When I pulled back the sheets, they looked clean, then I noticed there was sand at the bottom half of the bed INSIDE the sheets! I was just getting ready to call the front desk to complain, when my daughter called to say she had gone into labor and she couldn't wake her husband because he was suffering from jet lag. I asked her if she wanted me to come over and she said "Please!" I packed all my belongings and went to the front desk. In the lobby there were many drunk people walking around and one young woman was standing behind me screaming, the clerk asked her to stop three times and finally had to come out from behind the desk and get in front of her and tell her if she wanted to scream to go outside. I told him I wanted a refund because I had only been at the hotel for 2 hours and it was not the quality of room I would stay in! He said he had to charge me and I could talk to the manager the next morning! When I walked out the front door a man was flat on the ground! Several people were standing around him as he was coming to asking if he still had his phone because someone mugged him. I ran to my car w/my alarm ready to sound. The next morning I went back to the hotel and the "management" only gave me HALF of a refund. He said they had to clean the room, I told him "Don't bother, it wasn't clean when I arrived, so you might as well leave it the way it was! I didn't sleep in that filthy bed, I only sat on it for about 10 minutes!" Then he had the nerve to ask me to file a grievance re: the lounge because they were in the middle of a lawsuit with the people who leased it! I said "You won't give me a full refund, but you want me to file a grievance? Why should I? I don't do business this way and word of mouth can either be your best or worst form of advertisement!" I would have slept in my car in front of my daughter's condo before staying there! more
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