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I will NEVER order from Amante again. - Review by TakeOut K | Amante Pizza & Pasta

Amante Pizza & Pasta

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I will NEVER order from Amante again. 5/8/2007

I ordered from this place almost weekly for over 2 years, no joke. Almost everything i tried on their menu I really enjoyed. Then one night about 6 months ago I ordered lasagna on a Sunday night and after an hour it arrived. I was upset at all it took an hour, I'm laid back and it didn't bother me at all. I sit down and dig into my lasagna and after a few bites I notice that theirs no pasta. I dig around in the tin it came in and sure enough there was not one single piece of pasta in the dish. It was just a pan of meat sauce and cheese! I literally laughed out loud as I was calling the store back to let them know what they'd done. Call, I tell the person on the phone what happened several times and they put me on hold without even saying a word. A woman comes on the phone ID's herself as the manager. I explain to her that they'd sent me lasagna without any pasta, and to my shock the woman/manager had an extremely rude and hostile attitude with me and questioned me as if I was lying. I explained to her that I order from there weekly and I didn't appreciate her questioning my honesty. She asked me how I wanted her to correct the situation, I told her just deliver me some lasagna with some pasta in it... She says to me several times to make sure I send the other back because she wanted to see it because she "I don't believe that we'd do something like that, SIR!!" .... I said no problem. An hour and 10 minutes after my call with the manager ended the new order still hadn't been delivered. I call back, again explain to the person that answered the phone what was going on, again slapped on hold without even a "hold on please", just slapped on hold. Now, at this point my laid back-ness has worn thin and i was really hungry. Manager comes on the phone and asks me what the problem was... Expain to her who I was and that my new order hadn't been delivered. She tells me that I never told her to send another one! I almost fell off my chair. I asked her if she remembered asking me to send the other back with her driver and she more or less yelled at this point that there was nothing she could do but refund my money. I asked her why the hell she had asked me to wait another hour if she had no plans on sending the correct order. She then said do you want your refund or not... I just hung up to keep from cursing the woman out. I was so angry that that Monday I tried to find a corp phone number for them to report her but after calling 2 other stores no one would give me any number to anyone, they said it was up to the store manager to resolve problems. Again.... I will NEVER order from Amante again. Note: This review is for the Amante in Lynnwood, WA more
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