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Perfect Parasols - Review by James & Katherine H | National Cancer Prevention Fund

National Cancer Prevention Fund


Perfect Parasols 3/26/2007

We are new to this kind of inquiry but we need to get Perfect Parasols into the world wide market place. We also have our attorney gaining a renewal of our Federal Intent-To-Use Trademark for the name "Perfect Parasols". Furthermore, we have a Registered Patented Trademark for the name "Perfect Parasols", and an International Class 18 Serial Number 76/649,655, for selling around the world. You already know that the ozone layer is being depleted at an alarming rate and more of the sun's harmful rays are reaching the earth and this has caused a rise of skin cancer. Perfect Parasols would be made in different sizes, colors, be lightweight, durable, unisex, plus inexpensive. We believe they would be made out of a combination of possibly, Mylar, Nylon, and/or Plastics, and they would be able to clip onto your shoulder so you don't even have to carry them. Mylar, Nylon, and Plastics are used in the space program because of their integrity. We are sure you have seen those little balloons that say "Happy Birthday" or "Get Well Soon" (that is what Perfect Parasols would be made out of ). We need help from people like those in your group, to assist us in this process, and we hope that you can see our vision to protect the people of earth, and would help us with the developing the Prototype Product Sample, and with other things like manufacturing, advertising, and distributions, and any other process necessary to get Perfect Parasols into the markets around the world. We have obtained information about the cost to build the Prototype Product Sample, from several different company's and have found one in Kansas which would be able to build it for $3,200. Others quoted upward of $12,000. Perfect Parasols would be reaching the people of earth, at just the right time, to say the very least, and they would help stop the rise of skin cancer, and of course, save lives, and if we would save just one life, we would be a success. Imagine, every place you can purchase those little balloons, is exactly where Perfect Parasols would be sold. We know you know what an umbrella is, but we want people to think of an umbrella as something you use in the rain and Perfect Parasols as something you use in the sun. We have been in touch with Marcia Pessemier and Jim Olp, who are Business Consultants with the Denver Chamber of Commerce and their advise has been invaluable to us. They said we are doing the right things, and suggested that we contact people like those in your group to assist us financially in the process. At this time, we would need your group to assist us financially in the process of developing our vision we called Perfect Parasols. We have used all of our available funds over the past two years since we started this process, and we are unable to continue with this due to the lack of funds and that where your group would be so necessary to us. At this time, we feel developing the Prototype Product Sample is critical, and we would appreciate it if you would consider helping with our business vision. Please contact us so we can discuss how your assistance would be such a blessing to us reaching our goal of saving lives from getting skin cancer and save lives. Thank you for your response. Respectfully, Jim and Kathy Hora more
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