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Look elsewhere if you're smart. - Review by Rich K | Heron Cove

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Look elsewhere if you're smart. 2/25/2007

The homeowners association is run by power hungry crybabies with nothing else to do but make vague threats of fines and make up rules as they go along. Think your H.O.A. rules cover you? Think again! They're written in such a way that any member of the H.O.A. can interpret them any way they choose, and members can change their interpretation from one day to the next WITH NO INPUT FROM COMMUNITY MEMBERS! Have a less than perfect vehicle? A bumper sticker that someone might find offensive (like my "Vote Republican" bumper sticker). The H.O.A. has a tow company, run by a convicted felon, that cruises the property in the middle of the night. They can order your car towed away with NO WARNING WHATSOEVER to you. The price to get your car back? $165.00 minimum. Again, let me repeat NO WARNING TO YOU WHATSOEVER, NOT EVEN A COURTESY CALL, DESPITE THE FACT THAT MY PHONE NUMBER IS ON MY VEHICLE!!! How about posting warnings to every household about unleashed dogs, and pet owners not cleaning up their dogs waste, with vague threats of fines , WHILE ONE OF THE MEMBERS OF THE H.O.A. WALKS HIS/HER DOGS DAILY, ALLOWS THE DOGS TO DEPOSIT THEIR WASTE IN OTHER PEOPLE'S YARDS, AND NEVER CLEANS IT UP. Apparently, members of the H.O.A. are exempt from the rules that they arbitrarily impose on community members. If you're smart, you'll look elsewhere, and run, don't walk, away from Heron Cove. more
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