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Decide for yourself 2/21/2007

I chose Severn Auto Body because they came highly recommended to me . What I should have taken into consideration was that they came recommended to me by someone who doesn't know anything about cars. Here's the somewhat condensed version: My car was originally in the shop for 8 days, which was only one day past the original quote. When I picked up my car I noticed that they never repaired my rim, put back my original (damaged) speaker back in the door , and there was a piece missing to my side scoop. Also, there were multiple scratches left on my car which I know were not there when I left it with them. I point out the rim that they never repaired to Brad. He tells me maybe its from when they rotated the tires. OH REALLY, I didn't know that they were gonna rotate my tires for free, what a nice thing to do. Maybe they changed the oil for me too! Lucky for me the manager overheard Brad . The manager informs me they will order a new rim and call me when it arrives. I wait a week. Nothing. I call Brad, and he informs me that I he actually needs to see my car to get a part order the rim. He never bothered to call me and tell me this. I drop off my car two days later. He tells me he can get it back to me the same day. Yeah right. Was he going to get the rim at Walmart? I hear nothing from them all day, About an hour before they close, I call Brad who tells me the rim isn't there (big surprise) and when I inquire about the speaker he tells me "we are still trying to figure it out." I give up on Brad and speak with the manager the next morning. He informs me that he had already "spoken" to Brad about the situation and he will take care of things personally. When I go to pick up my car that afternoon I notice that my new rim does not match the other three. I warned Brad 2 weeks before that this may be an issue for my particular rim style, and I was assured that they would order the correct rim because it all went by the VIN #. There was such a noticeable difference in the rims my 10 year old daughter pointed it out when I got home! The manager tells me he can't really see a difference in the rims and that he ordered the right part #. He did listen to my complaint though and ordered a new rim for me. The following week I return to have my rim replaced. They placed it while I waited and also fixed the scratches on the side of the car. Unfortunately, as I was inspecting the rim I notice large tears in the undercoating in the wheelwell. I pointed it out to them, and although there was no explanation for how this could have occured, they did fix that as well. Pros: Nice Paint Job, Manager seems genuinely concerned about customer satisfaction Cons: Lack of attention to detail more
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