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At this salon, apparently the customer is always wrong! - Review by Lisa H | Corbin Inc

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At this salon, apparently the customer is always wrong! 2/14/2007

I went to Corbin salon with dark blonde hair, looking for an auburn color change (the color of the actress, Julianne Moore, reddish brown). I called to make my appt and requested someone with years of experience. They told me the person they are scheduling me with came from Broccato's and was in her thirties, with 7years of experience. The receptionist did say she had been there less than 6 months, which should have caused me to run the other way, but stated that owner, Corbin tests new stylists rigorously and that this person was really good. I believed her as Corbin salon is touted as the best in Baltimore. The girl, Melissa was very nice, but could not be more than 24 yrs old and definitely not in her thirties. How you get 7 years of experience I can't understand, unless you count her hairdresser school time. She had a magazine that she provided me with the picture of the actress and the exact color on the front and said she could definitely do that color, so we were on the same page. She put a permanent color on my hair and it turned an orange/rust color and I was horrified. It didn't remotely look like the picture and I have a professional job and cannot go to work with orange looking hair. Also, as the color was placed on my hair, the stylist did not spend any time watching it. She left and came back and was nowhere to be found for 15 mins, so maybe that was part of the problem. She knew from the look on my face that I was very unhappy with the bright orangey color and said she could make it darker or more muted by adding brown toner. I have never had toner, so I assumed she knew what she was talking about. After she put it on, my hair was so dark brown, it had a plum colored hue to it and I almost started to cry. Another stylist in the salon saw how unhappy I was and proceeded to intervene, while the stylist working with me seemed pretty happy to have someone else take over. The second stylist saw the picture of what I was looking for (auburn) and said that the first stylist used a blue red toner and she should have used a copper red. She said she would fix it for me, so I am now on my third trip back to hair washing area for my third color of the day. Both she and the first stylist went in the back and brought me swatches of color to see what I wanted my hair to look like. Why would you bring out swatches at the end instead of the beginning of the process? When I came in we had agreed on a color based on a photo and I would think that she should have verified with a swatch a that point. Anyway, the second stylist threw on another toner on top of the first one, on top of the permanent orange color. Now my hair is the same very dark brown/black color with a pinkish/red hue instead of the plum hue. It looks just as awful. I also have hair color all over my face that they did not wipe off, the first stylist told me to use alcohol when I get home to remove it. My scalp is pinkish/red and it's very very noticeable in the part. The bottom is very dark and near my scalp is the pinkish/red color. I am absolutely speechless at what they have done to my hair. There were 2 men walking around all day and looking at me as I made my 3 trips back to the washing area, come to find out, one was the owner. He made NO attempt to inquire if there was an issue or if he could help or anything, how bizarre is that? The first stylist said she could try to do highlights to bring it back to a lighter color if I wanted to come back. As you can imagine, I was quite ready to go home and cry at this point. I walked out with everyone just kind of staring at me, like I was the difficult one. Good grief, it's my hair and if you see a before and after photo you will be shocked. Please email me as I took photos with my digital camera when I got home and would love to show what I they did. My hair color ended up blackish brown with a copper penny color to the top part, it was horrible. I was not told that I didn't have to pay since I wasn't happy, they charged me the full 120.00 price and I even tipped the girl 20.00 because I was so upset and uncomfortable with them staring at me that I really didn't know what to do. On Monday, I washed my hair and had purple dye in mt tub, it was awful. I then went to a salon in Rockville by my office, because I would not go to work the way I looked. The lady said it would take 4 hrs to fix and it did, so I had to waste another half day in a hair salon. She had to use a special shampoo to pull as much of the toner as she could get out, but it was still very very dark. She said she had to use bleach to get all the toner out and get it back to the base orangey color to see what she could work with. She said the person that did this to my hair was very inexperienced and you NEVER EVER put toner on top of toner! She asked why they didn't at least try to wash out the first toner before trying another? Also, toner washes out and it would have turned back to the orange color, so they should have used a permanent light brown to mute the orange and not a toner at all. Anyway, she bleached it and luckily my hair didn't break off or fall out and she got it back to the bright orange ugly base color that the stylist at Corbin's created and then put permanent brown on to mute it. This color correction cost me 200.00. I called Corbin, the owner to tell him what I had gone through at his salon and he honestly could have cared less. He said he saw me come and and all the processes I went through. I asked him why he didn't walk over and try to help or see if I wa ok and he said he doesn't get involved unless the stylist asks him to. How ridiculous is that, it's his salon and his paying customer? He refused to refund more than half of my cost (60.00). I told him that another stylist charged me 200.00 to fix and he really didn't care, he said I could have called back and told him and he would have had someone at his salon fix it. Now, after 2 stylists from his salon screwed it up, who in their right mind would allow a third to touch their hair? Hmmm, now wasn't I supposed to be getting some great experienced stylist to begin with from his salon? I asked why his people would put toner on top of toner when that is not a normal practice per the lady who fixed my hair. He said in the rudest most condescending way that he's not going to tell me how to do my job and I'm not going to tell him how to do his when his people have gone to school for years and know what they're doing. All I can say is, I was shocked at not only my hair color being completely screwed up and now damaged, but at the owners cavalier attitude about the whole thing! more
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