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Ellensburg Pet Center - Review by Bob B | Ellensburg Pet Ctr

Ellensburg Pet Ctr


Ellensburg Pet Center 2/9/2007

The Ellensburg pet center is NOT a good place. i purchased some fish from there store and all but one has died, and the last one is dieing as i am writing this. they advised me on how to care for my fish, (I'm kind of new to fish) the fish I got were 7 neon tetras and 2 Clown Loaches. all were living fine until they advised aquarium salt. since the clown loaches are delicate fish when it comes to chemicals, I asked them if I should put half dose of salt in the tank. they said no and I went ahead and put the salt in. Within 24 hours of adding the salt, all of my Neon Tetras died, the last one, the biggest one, held on for 2 hours longer then the rest. The first of the Clown Loaches died 2 days after the neons. I took water samples in and everything was fine. ammonia was good, nitrite was good, and so was the PH. I called the pet store and an instant denial was formed that the aquarium salt could do no harm to any fish, in a matter of fact they said, "You can never overdue the salt," i thought they they might be right so I looked it up on the internet. The first thing I see when I typed in "Neon Tetra Salt" was that the neon tetras will die very fast if you put any salt in the aquariums. The salt i used was non iodized and completely natural. So after reading I called them back up to tell them what i found out, they again denied that the salt could ever harm a fish. What I'm trying to say is do not get anything from the Ellensburg Pet Center, and if you do, and the thing does not work out, they will most likely turn you around and say, (not in these words exact) ' Its your problem now, you bought it, you take care of it, its not our problem.' DON'T BUY ANYTHING FROM ELLENSBURG PET!!! more
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