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THE WORST CONSIGNMENT SHOP IN NY!!!! - Review by JRR R | Fisch For The Hip

Fisch For The Hip



If your looking too consign clothing steer else where, because Fisch for the Hip will take your clothing & leave you feeling like you've been scammed. I don't know how this place can even call itself a business when you enter this tiny narrow scattered store with heaps of clothing piled everywhere in boxes looking like a yard sale. If you come here looking to dispose your unwanted goods for an extra buck or two you will meet the shrew of an owner of this sad little establishment who sits in the back of her store behind her desk. She will look at your clothing in a snotty manner either telling you it's not trendy enough to have in her store or rave about how "hot" & "thats soo in" or "everyone in london is wearing that" as if to say she has any inclination of style when she looks like a haggard witch herself. She will take your clothing on the terms of it being season sellable clothing & that all checks are issued on the 16th of every month. I soon find out that the owner is far from being professional, she does not issue checks out after the 16th of every month like it says in the contract after trying to find the status of your merchandise they will either tell you they will call you back & never will, or some lame excuse will be brought up so she won't have to issue the money & avoid giving you your profits. Markdowns are set here at 20% after 45 days from the start of your contract but from what we found out they'll put some of your clothing in storage 45 days pass, your merchandise still is not on the selling floor. The owner scams you by pushing it to the lowest price & then pays you off for the littlest amount possible takes your clothing & re-sells it again in her shop & marks up the price. While most consignment stores have contracts only lasting 90 days if inventory doesn't sell they give it back to you, here it's a 3 year contract the owner stretch's it out so consigning clients will hopefully forget their belongings & she keeps the profits & mercha more
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