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Maybe I should sit your husband by a couple of "hotties"..waiter's stupid comment at Ping's! - Review by Miss Ann W | Ping's



Maybe I should sit your husband by a couple of "hotties"..waiter's stupid comment at Ping's! 1/13/2007

My husband and go to Ping's about once per month. The food is a little above average where concerning Chinese restaurants. The waiters, on the other hand, are from that overheated place down below. One of the waiters, whose will be Mr. M, made an incredibly inappropriate comment to me while I was waiting for my husband to park the car. He asked me if I wished to be seated, but I declined while explaining that my husband is rather particular about where he sits. Mr. M replied, ever so intelligently, "Maybe if I sit your husband next to a couple of hotties, he will not want to move from that table."! Oh my Gosh!!!...first of all this waiter knows us and he well aware that we are very married as we always come into Ping's together. Secondly, what an insult to me! I am a model, not just a want-to-be one either, who has had at least a dozen professional runway modeling jobs. My passion is for the arts thus I have never fervently pursued a modeling career, but I have been approached to model over and over and over. I have taken the jobs because I felt it would be good exposure and just plain ole fun. Even if I were an unattractive women, Mr. M's comment would still be very inappropriate and insulting as no woman wants anybody to make such a stupid suggestion. My husband and I have a good relationship. Neither of us have a "roving" eye as we have no need to ogle others nor do we feel it would be respectful to one's marital partner. Mr. M has made other shockingly foolish comments as well. One time he blurted out to me, "Oh, you must have been a model when you were young." Oh brother, if you do not a wrinkle on your face and you still model, well, this is quite insulting. Keep your goofy comments to yourself. No, I am not 15, but I am not an old broad either. Is anybody old at age 27? This poor fellow needs some "think before you speak" training. He is just full of awkward comments! There is another waiter at Ping's that is one of the most unpleasant fellows my husband and I have ever per chanced to meet. He is all sugar and sunshine one moment....and then one breath short of a demon the next. He knows it too as he some self-named nickname, which alludes me at this time, but certainly describes him to perfection. So, in summary, if Ping's desires to remain so-called "upscale", they need to spend their time and money to train their servers in the social graces! Finally, Ping's has a very weird little hang up about rice. They dole it out as if it were caviar. My husband rather dreads asking for a second helping of rice even though they do not give a generous first helping as in other Chinese restaurants. Rice is very inexpensive so why not be generous with it so as to create some good public relations with the customers? Even with all of these dreadful comments, Ping's has some fairly tasty entrées and it certainly is not, guess we will keep on eating at Ping's and just chuckle at the free entertainment provided by the oddball servers. more
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