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New Year's Eve at Lo Fi - Review by Jonah D | Lo Fi Performance Gallery

Lo Fi Performance Gallery


New Year's Eve at Lo Fi 1/4/2007

I attended a 2-room event for New Year's Eve. At 2 AM, one room was closing so the DJ turned on ear-piercing feedback. He began to give the finger to the audience. I put my fingers in my ears. He then splashed a full glass of beer in my face. (Apparently he was trying to hit other audience members who had given him the finger back). Since this was completely unprovoked, I became angry and demanded to see the manager. There were multiple employees of Lo_Fi who told me no, I could not talk to the manager. Then they changed their story - 2 guys said that they were the manager, within 10 seconds of each other. I told them that he splashed beer in my face but they said it was water. They were all in agreement, 'covering each others back' about this. (There were at least 2 workers of Lo_Fi plus friends of the DJ involved in the dispute now). The argument escalated and the DJ attacked me. He hit me in the nose (bruising the bridge of my nose) and also in the shoulder. He tackled me to the ground and tore my sweatshirt. As soon as he attacked me, I began shouting "non violence" over and over and putting my hands above my head. The security pulled him off of me. My girlfriend, who was next to me, was also punched in the face (accidentally, I think). I did not throw a single punch, nor did I do anything to directly provoke the attack. (I was arguing with security, not even talking directly to the DJ when I was attacked). I said I wanted to call 911 but an employee of Lo_Fi said that the DJ was "crowd surfing" and that I happened to be in the way. In other words, they were covering up for him and would lie to the police, so there was no point in me dialing 911. Since it's my word against theirs, and it was not technically an emergency, I decided not to call 911. The security kicked me out "for starting a fight" but let the DJ stay inside. A minute later, when I was outside, a friend of the DJ and obvious friend of Lo_Fi employees came out and tried to start a fight, telling me I should leave immediately "or else." Security came and dragged him back inside. A few minutes later, when my partner and I were about to leave, the same person drove up in a car and told me to come close to the window. We walked up to the car and he spit in me and my girlfriend's faces. more
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