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Is Steve Reilly honest 1/8/2007

Here is my horor story about a local relator. In August of 2006 I purchased a home under land contract through Steve Reilly a relator in this company. Steve was working for us looking for a land contract and contacted me at work about one in Blanchester, Ohio. We went and looked at the property and Steve assured us that he knew these clients personally and that this was in deed an awesome deal for the price not to mention that the home and barn including the yard were all usable. We closed on this home on August 10th and gave a down payment of 4500.00 cash moneys down. We relied on the integrity and honesty of the realator and the home owners. We got the keys August 28th and began to move in. Immediatly upon moving in our friends were finding all over there white socks fleas and massive flea bites. Then later that night when we wnt to take a shower and use the only bathroom in the house we found that the toilet did not flush without overflowing, and the shower filled up to the top of the bath because it would not drain. We found a leak in the basement right under the bath tub and a black mold all over the walls of the basement inside the closets. This was all found within 48 hours of moving in. We took pictures and got video of it all. well 14 days later it rained and my entire yard was taken over and 3 feet of water went through my barn which a property disclosure form and a realator (Steve) assured us that that creek in the middle of Blanchester never flooded and even was telling me if I extended the driveway I could park my limited edition mustang GT in that barn. (i guess so water could ruin it). The hot and cold water hook ups are all back wards in the entire home which is a mechanical problem we were never informed of either. Well that isnt the icing on the cake though here it comes.... On September 23, 2006 a whole 25 days after moving in the entire bathroom wall fell in on this house into the bathtub. the wall is full of black mold and we had to move out of the home the first of November due to the bathtub not being usable and the house having major problems. So the home was in fact marketed by this realator and sold to us with undisclosed damages. It was infested with fleas, the mold stinch made my entire family ill and caused severe nose bleeds in my children. the bathroom was faulty and so are all the water hook ups. The black mold in the basement growing up the walls is from all the moisture of the creek flooding each and everytime it rains. I have a signed petition from everyone on Fancy Street to proove you could not live there and NOT know about the creek flooding. Bottom Line.... Should liars like this get away with taking a family for 4500.00 on a house they cant live in???? I think it shows that you cant trust anyone, even so called realators with so called good reps. This guy came to the home and litterly promised us he knew these people personally, so what did he lie personally to help them have financial gain along with him???? We think so. We are now suing and in the process of gettting a attorney to sue Steve also for the miss representation on this home. BEWARE OF A HOME AT 230 WEST FANCY STREET, BLANCHESTER, OHIO OWNER- CARL AND MELISSA THOMAS (LIARS) IT IS NOT LIVABLE AND I HAVE PICTURES AND VIDEO ALONG WITH ALL NEIGHBORS, WITNESS STATEMENTS, PROPERTY DISCLOSURE STATEMENTS, ECT... TO PROVE IT. more
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