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Monty's Pet Food Review: DON'T Go There if You Want Good Customer Service! - Review by Kelly A | Montys Pet Foods & Supplies

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Monty's Pet Food Review: DON'T Go There if You Want Good Customer Service! 12/11/2006

I recently had a very bad experience at a locally-owned pet shop, Monty’s Pet Foods and Supplies, Rte. 28 and 4, at the Epsom Traffic Circle. First let me say that I am a responsible dog owner. I regularly carries waste cleanup bags, I donate to the local dog park fund, I have done clicker training programs with my dog, and I walk my dog twice daily. I am a strong believer in feeding my dog healthy, holistic food and treats, which is why I give him Solid Gold products. I strongly believe in supporting local and small businesses when possible as opposed to supporting the national chain giants. However, on Saturday, December 2, 2006 a bad experience made me change my mind. My husband and I pulled up to Monty's, curbed our Chihuahua, Oliver, and took him into the store to buy his treats. Deb Tharpe, co-owner, was busy with a customer. Much to my surprise, Oliver decided he wasn’t quite finished with his outdoor session. Deb saw my dog pooping on the floor in middle of the store and immediately interrupted her customer to loudly tell me to take the dog outside to finish his business. “Are you just going to stand there?” she asked. I was so embarrassed. I told my husband to run to the car and grab a waste cleanup bag while Oliver and I waited inside, planted in the same spot. Deb again told me to take the dog outside. I didn't want to take Oliver outside yet, because first I wanted to clean up the mess before adding more mess to the rest of the store. Not to mention that Oliver was done! He is a Chihuahua, remember, and he doesn't make large messes! Accidents happen! I was mortified and outraged to be treated in such a way. In a pet store, no less! The Monty's website says, "We define customer service." I have worked in Customer Service for 15 years and this is NOT the kind of Customer Service that I am accustomed to giving! Monty's also says pets are welcome. Well, those pets that are so welcome do have accidents once in a while. I will never go back to that store ever again. In contrast, I am pleasantly surprised that my dog is warmly welcomed at the large chain pet stores, PetSmart in particular. They have cleanup stations set up strategically throughout the store! When Oliver was a puppy, he had an accident at PetSmart, and a representative was right there to clean up the mess. I would have done it myself, but the rep insisted on doing it for me. I have been to PetSmart at least twice a month since then, and I consistently get excellent customer service. I only wish I could buy Solid Gold products at PetSmart. I have now begun buying the products on-line. I have now begun buying the products on-line at JB Pet Supply, and have had a great experience. more
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