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unhappy owner - Review by Sharon L | Riverdale Village Sales

Riverdale Village Sales


unhappy owner 8/21/2013

I must cuncur with the croocked, unethical, bottom dwellers decription of the staff and I mean all the staff. You got them in one. But you may not know that some of us do stand up to them, and at times do get some results. Very small. They may have a pool, but if you have more than one grandchild you can't take them to it, one guest only. They have a spa but you must carry your insurance policy to show if you want to use it, or the pool, and they will rent you the clubhouse room but will pile boxes on the pool table so you can't use it and scream at you if you play even quietly any music while you are there. I for one have been treated with some of the worst manners I have incountered in all my travels, which are extensive. But, Bakersfield is rated second in that catagory falling only behind New York. Starting to get the picture now. Poor does not make you rude, that is an indavidual choice, nor does it make you stupid I have an IQ of 135 which qualifies me for minza and I live here. But then I am a writer and am sequestered most of the time and those neandrothol clods in there office who have risen as high as they will ever get can do whaterver because as they have experenced in the past I will bring a rain of letter writting down on them that they have never seen before if they step too far out of line with me. All I can say is we need to organize to turn this place around and when I leave after this book is published if they try to block my sale as they have done my nieghbors I will tear this place down and recycle every part leaving them with a vacant lot before I let them have it, and I hope others follow my lead. If they do it will stop this blocking of sales real fast I will bet. more
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