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Customer Service - Review by Concerned C | McDonalds



Customer Service 11/15/2006

Store #13113 Adress: 511 South 1st. Street Madill, OK. 73446 Phone Number: 580-795-2600 Office Number: 580-2262001 Date: Novemer 15, 2006 Time: (Wed)13:15pm This afternoon I went to store #13113 to order a coffee. I went through the drive-thru window to order. When I pulled up the person over the speaker begins with can I take your order. I explain that I would like to order a coffee and that I was looking at the prices so I could determine what size I wanted, however before I could get this out of my mouth completely the attendant start asking me if I would like hot apple pies with my order. I said " No." Then I told her that I didn't hear her clearly. The wind is blowing hard and her voice was not clear over the speaker. So I asked her to repeat herself by saying "I sorry I didn't understand that". She proceeds in screaming into the speaker very rudely again would I like hot pies with my order. I told her no. Then she told me to drive to the window so someone else could finish my order. As I pulled around to the first window the young lady said to me that she was sorry. However, it was not her place to apologize for the other persons behavior. I told her that I would like a medium coffee and paid for the product. I then pulled up to the second window and waited 3 to 5 minutes for 1 medium cup of coffee. I realized that when I arrived at the window that the lady that had taken my order was also the person that was waiting on me to give me my coffee. I was quite upset for one that I had been treated rudely and two that I had to wait almost 5 minutes for coffee but, what topped it off for me was the person that actually was rude to me never apologized. This is not only poor customer service bad behavior in any business. This person should not take orders if she can not handle the drive- thru positon. She clearly does not listen to the customers and presents a rude behavior. If she was rude to me, how many other customers do you think she has been rude to? Upset Customer, more
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