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Winter camping at Jellystone park,my thoughts - Review by Ginzo G | Yogi bear's jellystone park camping resort

Yogi bear's jellystone park camping resort


Winter camping at Jellystone park,my thoughts 1/10/2007

It's Friday January badumpum, and I'm just about dead from the month of December,how about you?.It's always a busy time of year for me. Being an active musician, a DJ that worked a bunch of X-mas parties playing X-mas songs over and over, a daytime pest control tech., and a part-time snow removal worker, I needed some much needed rest and relax ! So, on Friday afternoon I packed the car with some winter clothes, some good food, and some great drink(12 Newcastle brown Ale, bottle of rum), and headed out to my favorite camping spot in wintry western Mass. Minus the women, children, relatives and friends for once! Jellystone camping resort!! I was determined to think about nothing back home and just let out a deep sigh, relax and enjoy the view. It's really nice out here in western Massachusetts away from the city, traffic and noise any time of year, but in the winter it's peaceful, snowy white, and only a handful of people around. If you want you can skate on the lake, ski mobile around the trails in the woods or sled down the hills. Maybe next weekend. The first night it snowed all night(6 inches)and it came down so gentle you could see that it clung two inches deep on the trees the sunny next morning.Need shades!! Good God! I only stuck out my head from the trailer to grab another beer out of the snow and go back to the game on the tube. "The tube?", you ask?! Yea, I watched the tube that first night with a clear and unloaded mind with plenty of room in it to absorb. And absorb I did as I watched the Celtics get boo'ed out of their own building. I actually learned a lot from the tube that night, especially the commercials. There is a new Subway commercial out now with that guy that lost all that weight. This time he has a bunch of people with him that lost weight at Subway, too. I learned that all those people are proof that Subways' sandwiches are too small and over priced and leave you still hungry.But that's another review! I saw a couple of other interesting car commercials that I managed to have a good laugh to myself while holed up inside. First the Dodge Caravan "It will warm the cockles of your heart"............. Huh? I did not know that! Next, the Dodge Durango "It will get you out of TOUGH SCRAPES". .... "tough scrapes?" I thought to myself, "Wow! These are some new and creative commercials!" Not! Hey, this is what I got out of winter camping so far and I don't regret it. The brain was doing a great job of emptying the stress and responsibilities of back home and their was nothing else to think about but what the eyes and ears were getting today. Back to Jellystone park camping resort,and the intent of this review. The next day I came out of my hole (trailer) and saw a beautiful snow drenched sunny day and got a campfire going and some breakfast. After chow, it was off for a hike in the woods, some ski mobiling,and some friendly conversation with camping neighbors by the fire.There is a hiking trail around the perimeter of the lake or you can create your own in a park that's open year round but mostly deserted during winter. Plenty of tranquility. It's time for lunch, football, and a Newcastle Brown Ale. So, I retreated to the hole again drying my wet boots on the heater,and putting on my back-up shoes, I kicked back on the couch for the Patriots/Jets game never once thinking about life back in the city, except once. I thought about JB and the internet in general and what it means to me and others. I wondered if I talked about myself too much and here I am doing it again! But, I came away with this answer. The internet is all about promotion. Period. Call it advertising, recognition, selling, etc, whatever. It's promotion and, for most, it's self promotion. I'm a person that I believe is known for his concern for others,except when it comes to the internet. That's where I'm concerned about me. And most people are as well and should be. It's all about you and what your about and if others agree. What good is a review if I don't know enough about you to give me an idea what your like and what your tastes are like. Even race, creed, color, religion, attitude, etc can make the review or reviewer feel differently than another.I'm only good for a product review now-and-then. That's just how I am! Am I going off topic? Rambling? I think so. (But I wanted to share my thoughts of cold weather camping AND its affects! I went winter camping at Jellystone park camping resort in Western Mass and this is what I got out of it. And I'm refreshed and smiling. It's a beautiful thing. I recommend it to anyone that feels the need to get off the path of life. Get away alone sometime for just a bit and collect your thoughts. Especially this time of year. The new millennium. Winter camping might have a different effect on you than me. After all we are all different and that's great for you, for JB and the rest of the world. This is what "I" like about winter camping. Maybe next weekend I'll skate and sled. This time,like the review title says, just my thoughts. Good food. Good drinks. Good times and good thoughts. Jellystone park is located in the Sturbridge area and throughout the country.It is open year round.During winter. There is no water at the rental sites during winter months.There is electricity and cable tv at each site.A great place to relax and enjoy a breath of cold fresh air in the winter months.sites are reasonably priced,maintained and well spaced.General store and educated staff However........................ If you plan on going camping this winter, remember to bring proper clothes for the occasion. Bring extra clothes especially socks. Wear clothes in layers to keep warm. I brought extra foot wear that came in handy when the others got too wet. Eat properly to keep your body fueled and warm. Bring snacks on hikes. Don't forget your compass. Still smiling! more
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