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And that was the owner - Review by Andrea M | The Spicery

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And that was the owner 10/15/2006

We went to this restaurant because it was recommended on here. We walk in and there is no wait. We were seated within the first few minutes in a cramped dirty corner. We put our son's carseat on the floor hoping he would sleep through our whole meal. There was so much filth on the floor and the floorboards, if he had woken up, he would surely start playing in the dust bunnies and what other filth existed down there. If ever you go here, look at the floor boards and at the windows. Agreed, it is cute and charming, but it also absolutely filthy. 15 minutes goes by, 5 waitresses came in and left(one even being the owner we found out later) the room where we were seated before we even got a drink order. By this time the ladies next to us were heard complaining about how they had not gotten their food yet. So they proceeded to stop a waitress (the owner) and ask where their food was. She said she would go check. 10 minutes later they got their food. 30 minutes later, we were all handed our checks. Including us and we had yet to even get our food! It was the owner who handed us our check and the check to the ladies next us. The owner then asked how the food was to the ladies next to us. Her reply was "The food was fine but your service is horrendous". That is when I piped in "I agree, the is horrible" With a snarl we got the worst apology I've ever heard (and especially for an owner). "Well, I am so sorry. We had an unexpected party. They booked for 8 and brought 20." And with that snide "apology she storms off. So our sandwiches come after 55 minutes. We both ordered the Ham with Swiss, warm, with homemade mustard and potato salad. We got totally dry, no mustard or anything, ice cold not ever even warmed sandwiches with potato salad in Pyrex glass bowls you get from Safeway. They never came back over to give us more to drink. We paid our bill as soon as they dropped off our food and with that, we never saw anyone ever again. Now mind you, there were at least 6-7 servers for 3 rooms of people and I would guess that in total, with the party of 20, there were maybe 35 people total? A woman sat down about 20 minutes after we were seated and she sat so long she got up and got her own drink. We were also wanting to order dessert because on the back of the menu is a list of delicious sounding desserts but the people next to us were asked if they wanted to order dessert and they said sure can we see the menu. The server then states we have "chocolate cake, cheesecake, and raspberry cheesecake". They said "Oh forget it then". So their menu is not even up to date at all. Don't bother getting excited about dessert. The table behind us was reserved for 4. It sat empty for about 40 minutes. When the ladies showed up, there was one less seat than there should have been. The owner never even noticed so they woman had to go steal a seat from another table. She was clearly upset because she reserved for 4 and they couldn't accomodate her. As we were leaving a woman came in with her party of 10. The owner was SO SO SO RUDE to her. She said "oh we cancelled your reservation because we have an unexpected party of 20 whom had booked for 8". The lady, understandly was furious. She asked, "Are you the owner?" The lady said "Yes". To my astonishment as well!! The woman said "I cannot believe this, you cancelled and didn't even tell me? How can you do this, I brought my mother and 8 other people I told to be here and just cancel without telling me?". And she continued on. I would have been upset too. The owner never even called her to cancel. She never apologized NOT ONCE! It was the worst customer service I have ever seen in a restaurant. None of us got any discounts, free dessert offers, nothing. No thank you's, sincere apologies, nothing. I run my own business and I was absolutely stunned at the behavior of this owner. Stunned. She started saying how she has the right to refuse business and so on and so forth. Stunned is all I can say. We are new to this area and we wanted to go here because it was supposed to be a place we were going to put on our list of "to-do's" for out of town guests. I am still shocked at what I saw and heard. I am so shocked, I plan on writing this restaurant in every review I do. more
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