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Poor Customer Service!! - Review by Dawn P | Sonic Drive-In

Sonic Drive-In


Poor Customer Service!! 9/27/2006

The food & drinks are always great....when I get what I actually ordered!! I've had NUMEROUS experiences where I pay for a large Sonic Sunrise & get a small, my boyfriend always orders me a route 44 size Sonic Sunrise and gets it but when I do, one day I'm told they don't offer it in that size then the next time I ask for it I'm told they'd have to "make up a price" (which the girl helping me that day came up with some insane amount over $4.00) because they don't "offer" that size for that drink but could do it, not to mention I ALWAYS order plain cheeseburgers & half the time they don't end up coming to me that way. The topper of my frustration was this morning...I ordered the same thing I do every time I go to this particular Sonic just about every other morning for breakfast on the way to work. I get a large Sonic Sunrise (since i can't seem to get the route 44 size like I would prefer) & a sausage, egg, & cheese breakfast burrito. Now mind you i'm on my way to work & hate the fact that it has sometimes taken 20 min to get that order out to me (which has made me LATE to work on numerous occasions) with only one car in front of me, but this morning I was just about to pull back out into traffic & realized the drink i had in my hand was not what I ordered! So, after already spending 15 min there (with 1 car in front of me when I pulled into the drive thru) I proceeded in backing up & pulling into a prkg place so i could go up to the doors & tell them of their mistake. The girl took my drink & proceeded to (well it looked like) start to make the drink I ordered. Then after waiting for a couple MORE minutes, she came out and said "i'm sorry, my manager made that drink, but I'm unable to make the Sonic Sunrise you ordered due to the fact that we are out of pineapple & we're waiting for our truck to show up any min with our delivery." At that point I ask for my money back (which I received). While she was getting my money together I asked her "so if your manager knew you were out of what you needed to make a Sonic Sunrise, & he made that drink that you gave me, did he think that I wouldn't notice I didn't get what I ordered? What's he trying to pull??!" Needless to say, the girl I was talking to was speechless & honestly didn't have a "come back" for that. In my opinion that is real dishonesty to the customer (ME!) to ring up an item & take the customer's money, knowing you don't have that item availabe to sell. Even though I continuously keep getting some of the poorest, most inconsistent service at this Sonic, I just keep giving them one more chance....and every time this location just keeps letting me down. So, I think I'm done! I'm not going back!!! more
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