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My brother went to Seton Emergency Room on September 2, 2006 in the evening hours complaining of chest pain, abdominal pain, back pain. He was not even completly evaluated instead he was given some pills and told to go home. In the early hours before 2 AM my parents arrived at home to find him in bad shape and so they rushed him back to Seton hospital. Guess what? He needed emergency open heart surgery because he had an Aortic Ascending and Dissecting Aneurysm. The symptoms he had not even twenty-fours hours earlier were the symptoms of an aneurysm. The doctor told my parents if they had not brought him in when they did he would of died within the hour. Unbelievable considering my brother went to the hospital to seek medical help and was sent home with pills. After, surgery he was in ICU and he had some really bad nurses in the evening that had terrible bedside manner, lazy, cold and unsympathetic to their patients needs and care and the patient's family. A good example is my brother soiled on himself and rather than change the bedding and clean him up the nurse left him in this condition. My mother had to coax the nurse in cleaning him so he could then be transferred to another floor. She did the very minimal cleaning lets put it this way a dog or cat is cleaner after a bowel movement than he was. She just did not want to take the time to clean him up rather send him up to the next floor and have them do the dirty work. The fourth floor nurses were more interested in keeping him drugged up on Rispedal and sedatives so he would not wake up without being in a dazed confused state of mind. My parents were very cooperative with the nurses and provided them their cell phone numbers and alternate numbers to contact as needed. Today, on September 12, 2006 in the early hours of the morning before 2 AM a nurse comes in by and manhandles my brother with a rough swab in his mouth and made the inside of his mouth bleed. Then she tries giving him more sedatives when the whole objective is to wean him off the sedatives so the physicians can evaluate my brother's condition better. Fortunately, my mother was there in his room and she asked the nurse what she was doing and the nurse told my mother and my mother said no more sedatives my son needs to wake up without being in a daze. So then she rips his other IVS out and has the IVS leaking on his bed sheets and she never changed the sheets either. My mother found a clean sheet and put it where the IVS were leaking on his bed. Another issue is the "Sitter" whom is supposed to be in my brother's room monitoring him today was told to go home when my mother arrived yesterday ( 9-11-06). When my mother asked where was the sitter going the nurse said they sent the sitter home and did not need her anymore. My brother has been running fevers and rather than run blood tests they let him stay that way until my mother demanded some blood work be done to findout what is causing the fevers and he also has an infection. The nurses like to restrain my brother rather than speak to him and tell him he just had heart surgery. My brother has had a feeding tube in him since this past Saturday because he is not awake yet to eat solids of coarse he would not be able to eat on his own when all the nurses keep doing is giving him sedatives. My final thoughts would be for any and all people to BEWARE SETON HOSPITAL is a great place to become addicted to pain pills and to be kept sedated and to see plenty of rude and uncaring nurses. THIS HOSPITAL IS NOT FIT FOR AN ANIMAL TO GET ADEQUATE TREATMENT LET ALONE A HUMAN BEING. more
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