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Ryans, hmmm?! - Review by Kimmie Z | Ryan's Family Steak House

Ryan's Family Steak House

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Ryans, hmmm?! 1/25/2007

So my friend Sheena and I take off to go help get her vehicle fixed and grab some grub. We're thinking what should we eat?! Where should we go? So we're thinking we need to get something good and hearty but cheap since our, well my budget is kind of tight. Well, low and behold I see a Ryans sign just pop right into my head. "Hey, let's go to Ryans?!", Sheena says: "Hey, that sounds good!, let's go drop off my car and then we'll go". So, we go and drop off her car to get it checked out or whatever. We then go to Ryans off of Main Street in Summerville. I go in there and I can't decide on whether to give my JB card right away, or later. So, I decided I'd wait. I know now that wasn't a good Idea. However, I can't wait to tell the story. lol. So, we go to sit down and we get water. Sheena get's her food first, and then I do. Sheena said her rice wasn't cooked all the way, as I tried it ...ick. She was right. Then I had some macaroni and cheese, that should be fine right?! Wrong, it was hard and crusty underneathe all that cheese. There was a hair in my mashed potatoes. I was even more than grossed out then. Sheena and I weren't paying a $1.00 you know I mean we were paying good money for the hot bar and salad bar. It wasn't that cheap. Then we're sitting near the back where you could see the cooks and all. I see a tall black lady hitting the other lady (playfully mind you) over the head with a bowl that holds food. Now talk about UNSANITARY. However I refuse to disclose that hideous information to the Manager who is selling his business. He's under enough pressure as it is. I saw corporate managers there, him, his head cook, and some other managers. It was a serious meeting. And not to mention Sheena and I were only 45-50 feet away from where they were talking After waiting a while on our waitress to know that we needed more water came to be very aggravating because I kept saying "Excuse me ma'am", and still nothing. She was rolling silverware so that meant she was about to get off work. Still, she could've been more attentive. We were like: "What does it take to get some water around here?!". So, at this point we're thinking no tip for her. I then decided to grow some brass ones and tell the Front Cashier that I needed to see her manager. At this point the service was just unbearable for me not to get this over with. The Cashier tells me to wait and she see's her GM and points to him, he's talking to a cop and then comes back in towards the front. The Cashier calls him over he says "Hi", I say hi back and say "Sir", and he proceeds to walk off. I look at her and she looks back at me and she says: "Don't worry I'll get him for you!" walking away and shaking her head, no less. So Finally I explain to him two times what I do as a City Editor, and I told him I just wanted him to be aware I was reviewing his business, the quality of the food, and the customer service we recieve. His eyes got really big. Obviously he has a lot going on already because he told me that the business was being bought out by another company. I then started to feel uncomfortable, or well overwhelmed rather with the detailed information he was sharing with me. Then He says to me in front of my friend: "Yes, Ma'am I will introduce you to some GM's and Assistant GM's and our Head cook, and what was your name again Ma'am?", Notice I never mentioned my name. I said: "It's Kimmie, and no rush really". So I don't even have a bite of my salad and the New GM and the Head Cook comes over to my table. The head cook can't even look me in my eye when we we're talking to each other. Her mind was else where. She said: "If you need anything from the kitchen, anything at all you just let me know and I will take care of it for you!", and the other GM is asking about my job being a CE. I was like: "No, this is just something I do in my spare time I am a Global Reservationist for Intercontinental Hotels Group" and their eyes got big. After they were done chitt chatting with us. I felt a relief to finish my food, and I felt for my friend. I was wondering what was going through her mind at that point. All in all we enjoyed some of the food, the service needs work, and the food needs to be properly looked over more often than it is played with. I was suprised at the end though when all those managers and head cooks and whoever else came to my table to discuss what I was doing. Insane, but nice. Well, thanks for reading. more
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