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Food is good, but the service needs a lot of serious work. - Review by Kimmie Z | Arby's Roast Beef

Arby's Roast Beef

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Food is good, but the service needs a lot of serious work. 11/1/2006

Are you thinking Arby's? Well, last night Jess and I decided after watching the movie: Saw III, that we'd go grab a bite to eat instead of cooking at home. Plus is was halloween and we weren't in the mood to cook ourselves. We thought to ourselves that the four for $5 was a great deal, especially since we were really hungry. So, all I'm thinking about is that nice melt-in-your mouth deli meat roast beef melt with cheese and the special Arby's sauce. As we go up to the drive-thru we automatically know what we want. Mind you, we're having a great night and everything's gone perfectly well so far. We go to order the first 4 for $5 for me, and right as we were done with that part of the order the drive-thru chick was mumbling: "Okay, so that's two roast beef melts, one curly fry, and one small jamocha shake?", Jessie replies: "Yes, that's right", Drive-Thru quickly responded back: "Okay, that'll be $10.88 drive up to the first window". Jessie looks at me, and I look back. Jessie's like: "Ma'am, we have one more order?!, Ma'am, are you there? We have another order for the 4 for $5. Excuse me, is anyone there? Hello?". At this point we both say this is just ridiculous. I've never had a problem like this before with Arbys off Trolley Rd. Dern it if I had my business cards man, I'd chuck them So, about 2 minutes later after calling for more assistance we get a guy, not the same person who took our order obviously. I was more perturbed than Jessie was, to say the least. We get the order done and drive up, and the girl that took our order first is up there. Meanwhile our window is down and whether or not she can her me I go on about how disgusted I was with the service we've recieved especially since we weren't rude about it. So we get up there, and the girl is very non-chalant and curt. She show's no ounce of remorse for how she ignored us, and didn't give us a chance to finish our order. So because she's stuck working someone else's shift and can't be out on Halloween, she targets us as victims to horrible service. You could tell by the look on her face that she hated being at work that night and she especially didn't want to deal with polite customers. So she was rude. We say thank you, and she asks if we need any sauce or salt and pepper. We tell her the arbys sauce is preferred and we get it and our food and w/no frown nor smile she rushes us off and say's quickly "have a good night", we say you her: "Thank you, you too". No "Your welcome, and come again" or anything that we normally get as paying customers from them. I will tell you one thing though, as soon as I get my *CE Business cards I will make it known that the last time I came to them was probably going to be my last compared to the service I recieved that night, but since I have a heart that I'd give them a second chance. But I'll only wait to go there again until my cards come in the mail. I'm being patient, and I will let them know what the deal is. I was glad to have gotten all of the food we had ordered to say the least, but the reciept would've been nice. The food was fresh, and very good but the problem is that the service outweighed it all and it was just poor. So maybe next time it'll be better. Thank you all for reading, have a great night. ~Kimmie more
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