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Some of Alamo Shoes salesman are discriminated! - Review by Sam H | Alamo Shoes

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Some of Alamo Shoes salesman are discriminated! 9/3/2006

We are going to have a dinner with my wife company's executives who are from Japan. I need a nice pair of new shoes. My friends told me the Alamo Shoes store 5321 N Clark St, he also told me the price can be bargained. Price doesn't matter much to me. I am going to get a nice pair of shoes doesn’t matter what. I spot a nice pair of Clarks shoes with a price tag of $84.99. A black elderly salesman came over to me and said to me that this is a good shoe, and ask me if I am a teacher. I said “How do you know I am a teacher”. he said I look like a teacher, I know that is not true, at least not at that day because I was cleaning my house and I dressed not very nice. but I didn’t tell him what my jobs is, and I went on to try the shoes. I feel very tie in the middle of the shoes, but he said it is good fit. I immediately know he is not professional, I really don’t care about what he said. I normally like to ignore salesperson if I can. I know most of the salesman just trying to sell you the product. Back to the topic, I didn’t ask him to get my size for that shoes because I am going to bring my wife here to help me. Before I left, I ask him if the price can go down. He said no, not for those good shoes. And I said that is ok. And I went out the store. I came back to the store with my wife about 10 minutes later. The same salesperson came to me, this time, I asked him to bring my size for that shoe, I tried it, but it is still to tie. I asked him to bring another pairs, But this time he brought me a yellow one, I said I don’t like the yellow shoes, he said try it on and he will bring me a black one if it fit. So I try it, it is the same result, too tie. Then I know I can’t take the Clarks shoe for that style because my foot is thick and wide, the style doesn’t fit into my foot, not the Clarks shoes as a whole, but I don’t like other style. He asked me what I think and I said I don’t know. And my wife asked me to try a different brand, then I start to look for other shoes, But the elder black salesperson said, I have to ask other sales person, he don’t want to serve me. That is fine. Then I asked another younger black salesman who has a minor walking problem with one of his feet, but the elderly said something bad about me to the younger one. He didn’t look nice to me, but he managed to get me one pair of shoe unpolitely for me to try. My wife said it is too big, and want to try a small one, but the younger also turn away from me, he said he doesn’t want to serve me either. I said what is going on here. Then I asked a white elderly to get me the shoes, he brought me two pairs of shoes, we took a little while to decide which one we are going to pick. But during that time, my wife asked if we would try other brand. The white salesman said: “no”, he said he is not going to do it. He said the two black salesmen told him I spent two hours to trying a lot of shoes, and said something bad about me, and my wife said to hime “If we don’t try how do we know it fit”, he didn’t say anything. I said can I talk to manger. He said he is the manager. I really don’t think he is the manager of the store. My God, I keep quiet most of the time during the course, everyone know me know that I am a nice person. I look at my cell phone, I can tell I just spent around one hour there. I can swore to the God. Those two black salesmen only brought me total of three pairs of shoes. They are a jerk to me, I felt they discriminated at me. I thought the white salesmen is more profession and nicer, but he was probably mislead by those two. I think the store want to save money to hire some cheap people! I know there are probably some good sales in the store, but not the ones I meet. We have shop in Marshallfield, Nordstrom, Men’s WareHouse …….. I see a lot of salesperson. I have never seen a salesman act like this in my life, not even in some other small shop. I think my dress and my race play a big role in the Alamo Shoes store at 5321 N Clark St, I am an Asian minority. I am a software Engineer, and work in a Law Publishing company, I am sure that situation like this would be resulted into a discrimination Law Suit, not even talk about comsumer right law suit. It happens anywhere. A true story by a customer more
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