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Cleveland KeyBank sucks - Review by HAN O | Keybank


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Cleveland KeyBank sucks 12/11/2006

Opening a new account at this bank was one of the most harrowing experiences I have ever had. I could even say that Bank of America is better (shocker!). When I moved to Cleveland, my ma and I opened a joint account so I could get an apartment there. My ma already had a business account with Key, so no problem, right? Cut to two months later when I actually try to move into my new place. In order to get my keys and the lease, I needed to pay the standard 1st month's rent, blah blah in cash. I ran to KeyBank a block away to get it. Simple, right? NOOOOO. Apparently, they couldn't "verify" the addresses on the account so my assets were on hold. I had opened the account with the apartment address I was supposed to move into but my ma had used the address SHE WAS ALREADY USING FOR HER OTHER ACCOUNT! So what if she used a PO Box, it was already a verified address!!! And why did they even LET us use a PO Box if they knew it wasn't allowed?!?!? HUH?!?!?! They were asking me to send a copy of the lease (that I couldn't get UNTIL I got the cash) or a utility bill (that I haven't opened yet and couldn't even get to if I wanted since I didn't have the keys). Something about the new Patriot Act. Grrrrrrrr!! The final time I went to address the SAME issue (even after getting my lease faxed over TWICE), the account rep said "Oh, I see what the problem is, I just needed to set this address as the primary. Doo doo doo, that should be it!" WHAT THE FUUUUUUUCK?!?! I wasted all that time for a NOVICE mistake? To sum it up, I had to waste 10 HOURS (they are VERY VERY slow) over the course of 4 separate trips and 5 weeks, talked to 2 different morons, my account almost foreclosed (without getting notified), my first rent check bounced, ALL BECAUSE OF A SIMPLE CLERICAL ERROR!!!!! I hate them hate them hate them hate them. On top of all that, they have the funkiest business hours. Only open until 4:30 Mon-Thurs?!?!? Actually, when I went there last year, they had one random day in the week close at 4PM. WTF? Lazy mofos up in Cleveland, yo. Worst customer service in the country overall, I've seen. more
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